5 Chapter 5
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Author :Ali_Ashter
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5 Chapter 5

Acnologia pov

I went back to my cave. it was still same even after years have passed. I think those beast didn't dear to trespass here knowing who's cave this was.

Acnologia: system show me my status

system: Yes host

NAME: Acnologia

AGE : 1037

RACE: Dragon

MAGIC: Chaos

STRENGTH: 20,000






Acnologia: I'll be sleep, wake me up when someone come here.

system: yes host

Acnologia started to close his eyes as he was going to sleep.

World started to move on years passed away in the long stream of time. haguromo had two sons namely ashura and indara. Indra got his sharingan and ashura got powerful healing factor and strong body. Haguromo also thought tail beast. time passed away and now he was on his death bed. ashura and indara have started to fight them self and started there own clan. indra wanted more power while ashura wanted to keep his loved one safe. both saw each other as threat.

As he knew he was dying soon so he called all the tail beast and his two sons. When everyone was in front him, he saw that indra and ashura were cautious of each other.

haguromo: Follow me

Then he led tail beasts and his sons to courtyard. when they reached there he told them to stand in courtyard and he him self went toward stairs. He asked them do they know why called them. They said they didn't. He told them that he was going to die soon. They were shocked to hear this. Be it tail beasts or his two sons they were crying.

Then he became serious.

haguromo: Listen me carefully. You guys know I'm powerful so much so I can defeat you all easily. Now I'm going to tell you about a man or should I say a dragon. He is strongest. He can destroy the world by his roar or aura. So becareful of him. See in my eyes I'll show you his human form and his dragon form. as I am going to pass away so I'll give you my last order as a father. Don't provoke him no matter what. he is beyond our league and our mind can't even begin to think what kind of power he has. Tell your clan younger generation that if seen just bow there head and don't interfere no matter what. He is called by many names but I'll tell you some of his names. some call him dragon king, some call him dragon of Chaos and some call him dragon of doom ACNOLOGIA. pass this information to your younger generation. you can go.

Every one in courtyard, be it tail beasts or his sons looked baffled. Who wouldn't be. The one they thought to be strongest told them that he can't even imagine the level of this monster's power. They left as baffled as before.

After they left haguromo stood there quietly for sometime. Thinking about something that only he knows. After sometime he looked around.

haguromo: you can come out I know u r there. No need to run away I wont do anything I'll be dying in sometime so u better ask whatever you want.

As if hearing him a black liquid started to pour from the ground and started to take shape of human with no gender. He has yellow bead like eyes and sharp razor like teeth.

He looked at haguromo for some time and then said in a creepy voice: Did you say truth about the dragon??

haguromo replied: Yes I did.

haguromo: Acnologia is stronger then our mother, our mother respected him and more so fear him.

???: how strong is he from mother??

haguromo: I dont know exactly but I can say, if I am a mountain and mother is mt.tia, then he is sky.

???: I see, i shall go now.

haguromo didn't do anything and let him go. after sometime he sighed.

Time passed and haguromo died. more time passed and Acnologia became from warning to a lagend.

hashirama and madara final battle came and madara lost. after he sacrificed his eye and revived back. He travel and created his copy black zetsu and white zetsu.

It's been 30 year since his fight with hashirama. he was trying to find a hide out when he stumbled upon a cave. with curiosity he went ahead to see what was in there.

when saw what it was, at first he was baffled . what he saw was a majestic and beautiful black dragon with blue marking sleeping there peacefully.

Then he remembered a legend. A legend about a Black Dragon who is called Dragon of doom Acnologia, strongest in the world, so strong that even sage of six path was afraid of him.

He didn't even know what to do. He was just standing there. Then he made up his mind to leave but looks like luck was not on his side.

Acnologia pov

system: host wake up?!?!!!! HoSt WaKe uP?!!!!HOST WAKE UP?!!!!!!

acnologia was sleeping peacefully when system alarm started. Then he opened his eyes only to see a human standing in front of him. He narrowed his eyes and bought some pressure on the human. he saw human kneeling in front of him with difficulty to breathe. Then he took his aura back and spoke.

Acnologia: human with little kid haguromo eyes, who are u and what r u doing in my cave.

he knew who the human was but he still asked. madara looked stunned and then he started to shake but still spoke

madara: My name is madara uchiha, and I was in search for a hideout. I have walked to many places but never found one. and when I was walking I saw a mountain so I went near it. That's where i stumbled upon your cave.

Acnologia replied: Hoho why arent you afraid when you know how powerless are you in front of me. and why do you want to hide, why dont you live with other humans.

madara: I should be a part of history but I used a special power to revive me. So I can't go outside.

acnologia: I see. Then I allow you to build you hideout here. But when u r fighting take it away, I don't want my mountain to be destroyed. Do YOU UNDERSTAND??

Madara grew excited, to be able to build hideout here was his luck. But he knew that he has to stop this mountain from destruction or it'll be end for him and his men. He bowed a bit and Then said: I thank u for giving me this place. I should go and start on it

Acnologia: sure go Away

madara went away. now in cave acnologia started thinking of ways to become much stronger and he got a way by which he can grow stronger without fighting or practicing and it'll also improve his control on his magic. so he decided that he'll do it.

acnologia: I should see my status before starting it. system show me my status.

system: Yes host

NAME: Acnologia

AGE : 1287

RACE: Dragon

MAGIC: Chaos

STRENGTH: 22,000






bye guy see u on next chapter


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