All Returns to Dusk
1 Prologue: Sky
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All Returns to Dusk
Author :nothingisit4me
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1 Prologue: Sky


When I look up to the sky, I often see things that I have never noticed before. Behind the towering skyscrapers and the smog, one can always witness a stunningly beautiful sky.

From a mellow blue to a creamy orange and from reddish orange to a luminous starry black, the sky incessantly changes.

Long before my teeth emerged, I had once asked why the sky changes so much to my mom. In response, my mom answered that the heavens were originally a perpetual blue with no change.

But, one day, the demons became weary of the bright sky and eternal order of the heavens. In order to be free from the system, the demons raged beneath them, painting the skies black.

In a rage, the heavens began to battle the demons. And, because of that, the skies were colored a red hue.

After hundreds of years, the sky became what it is today as the souls lost from the dragged out wars became the stars. Occasionally, during dusk or dawn, one might encounter something unusual left behind from battles of the skies.

It was a rather dark tale that my mom told me while ignoring my toddler status.

Nevertheless, as I grew slightly older, I soon came to understand something called science and that, the sky only reflected the colors of the sun.

While it's a tad more boring than my mom's explanation, I would rather know the truth than a parent's fairy tale that was fabricated to simplify complex topics for a child.

By the time I became a high schooler, I no longer remembered the tales of the sky my mom loved to speak about.

However, when I soon encountered my fate, I recalled the tales from long ago.

As everything, no matter how brilliant or horrendous, is returned to dusk.

So, the darkness can envelop it all. @@


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