Ancient Dragon Lord
2 Meeting the Elder
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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2 Meeting the Elder

Very soon, Crimson Emperor felt another presence near him and turned towards the West Direction and saw a man with long and curly hair coming towards him. This was also one of the Emperors of the Demons, Jade Emperor. Both of them looked towards each other and the Crimson Emperor asked him after some moments, "Did you sense that great amount of power that was released here."

Jade Emperor nodded as he had indeed sensed that great amount of power. He knew that even his hard body wouldn't be able to take on such a great attack head on without using any of his secret techniques. He spoke with a serious expression on his face, "Crimson Emperor, we will have to investigate about this case seriously. And when we find out this person, we have to make him enter one of the Demon Sects and make him loyal to us."

Crimson Emperor nodded as he understood the severity of the situation, he knew that this would decide the fate of the whole Demon Clan. The Crimson Emperor looked towards Jade Emperor and said, "Alright then, let's use our information network and tell them to stay alert for any information they can find out about any suspicious person or beast."

Both of them went back to their respective sects and ordered their subordinates to search for any suspicious persons or beasts in the nearby towns or cities. They theorized that the beast or the person shouldn't have gone too far after releasing such a great amount of power.

While these two were instructing their subordinates about this, Masaru was already on the nearest town. He found some obvious information, according to them he deduced currently the world he is in was a cultivation world. As he determined from this world's standard his named seemed weird, he decided to change it.

Feng, that's what the woman, which was mostly likely 'his' mother called him. He will respect it and take Lin Feng as his name. As he settled the problem with his name, he searched for his current options.

From the information he gathered, he learned there was 5 sects in this world which were fairly popular. The Xiao Sect, Sword Sect, Ice Phoenix Sect, Dual Essence Sect, Nature Palace. Lin Feng wanted to enter the Ice Phoenix Sect as this was the only place where the Female had a larger proportion than the males.

Although, Dual Essence Sect seemed just right for what he wants, he didn't get a good feel from the Dual Essence Sect. Neither did he want to do it with some random women in the sect. He only wants beauties he likes, they will one with thousands!

Feng entered the city where the sect was located by lowering his speed and altitude. He further suppressed any overflow of energy inside his own body. He didn't want alert anybody. Although, this place seemed too weak and low levelled he didn't want to alert some hidden experts in this town.

He had already seen Ice Phoenix sect when he was flying up in the air and walked his way to the sect. He met up with the guards and smiled at them, "I heard that the Ice Phoenix Sect is recruiting disciples, I wanted to enter the sect."

The Guard nodded as he said, "Let me go and ask the Outer Sect Elder about this." The guard then went inside and knocked the door of the room of the Elder's door,

He asked the outer sect elder, "Elder Qian, there is a young boy of 14 years of age wanting to join the sect. Should I ask him to enter the sect or leave."

He heard a soft and clear voice, "Let him come in. He can fill out his registration and also line up with other disciples wanting to enter the sect."

The guard nodded and went back to inform Lin Feng about this. He said to Lin Feng, "You can go in there and fill your registration to Elder Qian."

Lin Feng nodded as he followed the guard, he saw many girls practising with their sword and some were even using Ice Elements as sword. Some were dueling with each other. His eyes roamed around their chests as their breasts bounced up and down when they jumped.

He thought 'kekeke… my girls are going to have even larger breasts than them. Can't wait to put my hands on them. I am going to enjoy them. I wonder how soft they would feel, muhahahaha..' He came out of his delusion as he wiped the non-existent drool from his mouth.

The Guard took him to a place where he noticed another 12-17 people waiting. He instantly knew they were also waiting to get tested. Finally his time came, after around 4 hours of time.

He went inside the Elder's room and saw that the outer elder was a Woman of around 23-25 years of age. The women had a clear skin with not a slightest bit of stain. It was as if she was made of porcelain, and the god took some great amount of time Curving her buxom body. He deduced that she was definitely a beauty of top-level!

His eyes went down and noticed the buttons of her shirt were very tight and it seemed as if they would break with just a slightest amount of force.

The Woman had a very mature and calm voice as she spoke, "I heard that you wanted to enter Ice Phoenix Sect." Lin Feng nodded his head and said, "Yes, I heard that the Ice Phoenix Sect was recruiting some disciples and I also wanted to try my hand here."

The Elder nodded her head as she asked him in a monotonous tone, "Alright, tell me, what is your name?" Lin Feng replied to her, "My name is Lin Feng." And the Elder calmly started to write on the page in front of her. He was mesmerized by her breasts and beauty. he quietly neared her and released some pheromones of his body which he learned earlier. A strong male scent spread inside the room.

The Elder felt air inside the room had suddenly become very hot and the pheromones in the air reacted to the hormones inside her body making her feel a strong desire.

Lin Feng wanted very much to eat her but he disliked being intervened in the process, so he didn't plan to eat this beauty right now, but he felt it wouldn't be bad to enjoy this beauty in front of him sitting in such seductive clothes. He quietly neared her body and suddenly covered her mouth with his hand and released the full power of his Dragon Qi.

He knew even though this elder might be a couple of Realms above him, his Dragon Qi's denseness and power was more than enough to supplement that. Besides, he felt his own Realm was not so small as he initially believed. It seems as if the previous host of this body also had an impressive talent.

It surprised the woman as she didn't even know when he came so near of her as she completely let her guard down and she wasn't able to react in time. Lin Feng whispered in her ear, "Just Submit to me and Enjoy!" His words were filled with domineering intent. At the same, he used his other hand to squeeze her chest which sent some of the buttons flying in the air, scattering in the room.


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