Ancient Dragon Lord
3 Enjoying the Elder
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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3 Enjoying the Elder

Lin Feng said with a dark and evil expression, "You have trapped them for so long. Let them experience their freedom." The Elder tried to resist but she felt her strength slowly leaving her. Lin Feng licked the drool with his tongue and grabbed her breasts once again.

This time, the elder tried to move but she couldn't, Lin Feng kept her mouth closed as he didn't want to let her speak and made her stand up and licked her nipples.

The elder tried to oppose him and use her great cultivation base but she felt a strange power suppressing her Cultivation base she also felt a strange pleasure being dominated like this. She felt as if her will was on the verge of breaking down and heard Lin Feng's words, "Let's see the body you are hiding behind your clothes."

He put just a slight amount of Dragon Qi in his finger and slid down his finger from her neck and tore apart her clothes and threw them away on the ground. The shame and the embarrassment that the elder was feeling right now couldn't be imagined and she saw the expression on his face.

It was as if a wolf eyeing his tasty prey. She closed her eyes as she knew her fate was already decided, she knew that her purity that she had saved up for such a long time was going to be taken away by this boy. Inwardly she already accepted it. Feng slapped her ass as he commented, "What a great ass with such a great bounce. Once more."


Some tears started to leak out of the Elder's face, Lin Feng saw her tears and wiped them away and said, "Oh… don't cry. I won't **** you as long as you follow through my conditions."

A hope reignited in her heart as she listened to his words, she didn't want to be raped by this boy and she said, "What...are the c..conditions?"

Lin Feng started speaking in a nonchalant expression, "Nothing major, just that you will keep this event completely secret. Even from the sect master. And if I learn you didn't keep it secret, just know being raped will be the least of your worries."

The Elder nodded as she definitely wasn't going to tell anyone about this, how could she tell that a young body nearly took her purity. Lin Feng continued, "Also, introduce me to the beauties in the outer sect and support me whenever I need your help. It will be troublesome if I killed an elder who goes against me just because I don't have a great background."

The Elder nodded as she could indeed support him against another elder. She was also one of the greatest talented elder of this sect so there were very few people in the sect who would dare to go against her. So supporting Lin Feng wouldn't be a problem.

Lin Feng stared at her buxom body, "Good, now let me enjoy this erotic body of yours." It took some time for the elder to register his words completely before she saw his hands snaking their way towards her navel.

One hand went towards her breast, massaging it very comfortably while the other hand went near her clit as he put a finger inside of her clit and made her moan, "Ah… Ah…"

After some moments, he felt his finger getting wet and he commented in an evil smirk, "Such an erotic body. You got wet just from my messaging, so fast." She gasped out as she looked towards his evil smirk, "Please, don't do this anymore. I am about to lose it."

Lin Feng widened his eyes as he heard this and started to massage her breast more strength and even licked her nipple on her left breast causing it to get erected. Lin Feng held that nipple in his hand and pinched it which caused the Elderl's body to start shaking.

He kept fingering her pussy and before long, she moaned and started speaking in a lewd voice, "I... I... Am… Cumming…" And a white sticky liquid came out of her pussy drenching Lin Feng's finger in her love nectar.

Lin Feng glanced at her satisfied expression with a smirk. He looked at his fingers, now drenched with love nectar of this woman. And then commented to the Elder, "Such a large amount of cum. Is this your first time experiencing orgasm?"

The Elder didn't reply as she was lost in her world. Lin Feng took her silence as yes.

Lin Feng then looked at her naked figure and said, "Alright, I think that's enough training you for now. Wear some clothes, the people outside will get suspicious of us."

The Elder glared at him as she thought, 'Hateful! You were the one who tore apart my clothes and made me cum, now you want me to wear them!' Unknowingly after this event, her thinking about him changed a little, without her realising.

The Elder stood up and used her Spatial Ring to pull out some clothes for herself. She wore a White Top and a pants for herself and Lin Feng couldn't stop himself from whistling as she was looking very erotic in such a dress.

He put one of his hand on her ass as he pulled her near him and whispered in her ears, "If we could have time, I would have eaten you right here and now. But alas, we don't have the time."

Hearing his words, the elder sighed in relief but inwardly she also felt slightly disappointed. She didn't even know that such a feeling had emerged inside of her heart and was just going to get stronger by time. She saw Lin Feng leaving the room and soon enough silence filled inside of the room once again.

Lin Feng had a soft smile on his face as he went out of the Elder's Room and looked at the nearby disciples. After some moments, the Elder came out of her room as she looked at all the disciples with a monotonous expression on her face. She started speaking, "I am an Outer Elder in the Ice Phoenix Sect. My name is Bai Qian."

Every disciple was confused as to why she was introducing herself but Lin Feng had a small smile on his face as he knew that she was introducing herself because she wanted him to know her name.

Bai Qian continued speaking, "So, the entrance exam for the Ice Phoenix Sect is that you must be able to comprehend a basic ice technique in the time it takes for four incenses to burn and must also have entered 4th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm."

Everyone of the disciples nodded at her words which signified that they were confident that they were in the 4th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Lin Feng didn't know if he was in it or not but he was confident that his realm was definitely above the 4th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.


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