Ancient Dragon Lord
4 Entering the Phoenix Sec
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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4 Entering the Phoenix Sec

All 13 of them stood in front of Bai Qian and she looked towards them and said, "Listen, I am only to say this one time, so listen carefully." She took a deep breath as she started speaking, "Try to comprehend this Technique. This is Ice Phoenix Sect's basic level technique, the Icy Wind Technique. Everyone within the sect knows this technique. Be it a disciple or an Elder. You can try to comprehend this technique before four incense burns out."

After this, she threw 13 scrolls towards each of them and all 13 of them caught the scrolls and started to comprehend the technique. "Your time starts now!" by the time she said this, everyone started to comprehend the technique.

There were 8 girls out of 13 of them, they were reading it with full speed as each one of them wanted to complete it before the other as they had a sense of competitive spirit in them.

Feng, on the other hand, relaxedly started to read the technique as if he was reading a novel. He contained the purest of Yin and Yang Energy inside his bloodline.

Learning Yin based technique was obviously far easier to him than to everyone else there. He raised his hand after some moments of reading the technique and a sharp chilly gust of air was felt by everyone near him.

When Bai Qian saw what he did, she was shocked as she didn't expect him to comprehend this technique so easily. Previously, in the room, she sensed a great amount of Yang Energy being released from his body and thought that he would fail this entrance exam.

But here she was watching him use the Ice Energy as easily as he used his Yang Energy and a terrifying thought emerged inside her head 'Does he have the Yin-Yang Physique from legends? The Physique which only appears once in a trillion years.'

She didn't know that his Bloodline was even rarer than that Physique with all of it's benefits, his Bloodline was the Dragon God's Bloodline, The Dragon of Creation and Destruction! The only one in the entire cosmos and existence.

Lin Feng stared at her shocked expression and smirked as he started thinking 'She must be thinking about why I can use both the Yin and Yang Energies and making her own theories about it.'

She looked towards his face and saw him mouthing some words towards her. She shook as she understood his words, they were, "You won't be getting away from me this easily."

From this entrance test out of 13 only 8 passed, being all the girls. Boys are mostly not suitable for Yin techniques as their body mostly contains Yang energy. Of course, there were some special cases like people with high affinity to Yin element or special Bloodline related to Ice.

After that, A senior from the outer sect assigned them to their room. Lin Feng naturally wanted to eye her but shook his head as she lost out by a far margin from Bai Qian's level.

He got a badge from her, with this he could take a cultivation technique from the sect and also take different missions. Completing those missions, he can get contribution points, and with those contribution points he can get higher levelled cultivation technique. Obviously the technique he will get for free will be only normal ones.

Maybe, he can get some good techniques from Bai Qian later, but that's something he can only find out later.


The next day, he went inside Bai Qian's room as he wanted to know about where to find the cultivation techniques. He could ask someone else but he wanted to spend some time with this Erotic Elder. He slowly opened the door to her office and saw her sitting on her chair with her eyes closed.

He could faintly feel the energy inside the room to be rushing towards Bai Qian and understood that she was cultivating at the moment. He wondered if he could use his Yin Energy within his qi to help her in her cultivation.

He quietly reached near her buxom body sitting straight on the chair and touched her shoulder and remembered the feeling of the Yin Energy when he used the Icy Wind Technique and pushed the Yin Energy inside her body.

After some moments, he felt a change in the rate of the absorption of Energy in the body of Bai Qian, it seemed as if her expression eased up even more and she quickly absorbed the Energy in her body.

After 10 minutes when she felt she couldn't absorb any more, she opened her eyes and felt a cold hand touching her shoulder, she quickly turned towards it and saw that it was Lin Feng standing there with a tired expression on his face.

She finally understood the reason for that increase in the rate of absorption, it was because he was using the Yin Energy inside of him to help her cultivate faster. She was worried as she saw his tired expression and he suddenly fell down on the ground.

She quickly took him up and theorized the reason, 'It must be because he supplied all his energy inside his body to me and helped me form up my 4th Core and make me reach the 4th Realm of the Core Expanding Realm. Otherwise, with my speed, it should have at least taken me about another month to form an incomplete core but right now, the core that I have is much more complete and sturdier and stronger than the other cores.'

She tried to supply her Yin Qi inside his body but it all seemed to be in vain as all the energy was expelled from his body. She understood this much, his body was special and rejected her Yin Qi because of the impurities inside it. She started to panic as she didn't want something to happen to him because of her.

Although he was no one close to her, if he died because of helping her, it would cause her to have an inner demon and she won't be able to advance in her cultivation. As she was panicking, she didn't notice Lin Feng had opened his eyes as he was absorbing the energy in the air and filling up his Yin Qi once again.

Lin Feng started speaking, "There is no need to panic, beauty. I am fine and kicking." With that he stood up by using her as support. It made Bai Qian think that he was still extremely weak right now and didn't let go of her hand.


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