Ancient Dragon Lord
6 Meeting Su Yijun
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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6 Meeting Su Yijun

Lin Feng seemed surprised as he said with a dark smirk, "Heh… so you aren't against it. I wonder what brought this change." He then grabbed her breasts on top of her top and said with a smirk, "What can I do? I am feeling so much pain due to you that I can't hold it in. You have to help me to take care of this pain, now."

" do you want me to take care of it?" She asked as she gulped, staring at the 11 inch dick. Lin Feng pushed his dick near her mouth, "You can use your mouth and tongue to make me relieve my pain."

Bai Qian hesitated a little bit. She opened her mouth to say something but Lin Feng pushed his dick inside of her mouth. Lin Feng's expression was full of bliss right now as such a great beauty was sucking him off. She used her tongue very unprofessionally but it still caused his blood to race around.

This was his first time feeling something like this. Although he watched it many time in videos and knew many techniques. It was still his first time to enjoy this heavenly bliss. Not to mention by such a beauty, which he might not find in his previous world even after searching with all resources.

He held her head as he was watching her body reaction while she was busy sucking his dick. Some sweat was leaking from her body and the sweat caused her cleavage to look even more erotic.

Finally, after some minutes, he was close to ejacuating his load and readied himself and said, "Drink it all. No drop of my precious semen should fall on the ground."

He then ejacuated inside of her mouth with his White Semen coming out like a missile and Bai Qian drinking as much as she could. The Semen was so much that it caused her stomach to completely fill until she could take no more.

He then pulled out his dick from her mouth as he saw her mesmerized expression, she seemed to be lost in her own little world. Bai Qian licked her lips as if she had never drunk something so tasty and something which contained so much energy. It's taste was sweet and it was much sweeter than any honey she ate before.

She felt a great desire to drink it more and looked towards Lin Feng once again. Lin Feng's dick did get smaller but it was just by half inch, meaning that it still wasn't emptied. Lin Feng was about to put his dick in her mouth once again that he suddenly heard some voices nearby.

It seemed as if a group of girls were entering the 1st Floor of the Spirit Pagoda. Lin Feng quickly made Bai Qian stand up and said to her, "Don't behave abnormally. It seems as if someone is coming on the First Floor."

His words caused Bai Qian to return from her lost world and once again enter the reality as she looked down and saw her loose clothing. She set her clothing while Lin Feng quickly pulled up his underwear and pants and went near bookshelf and picked up a book and started reading it.

It seemed as if Bai Qian was still slightly lost in the heavenly taste of his sperm and quietly asked him, "Will I be able to have that again?" Lin Feng was shocked by her question, he stared at her body and felt as if she was becoming even more sexy than before.

Even Bai Qian herself felt shocked by what she said, she hurriedly tried to rectify saying, "That's not what I meant. It contained such mysterious taste that I just wanted to have another taste."

Lin Feng, "..."

Bai Qian knew she messed up again so, she just wished to hole herself for the rest of the day. She was saved from further embarrassment as she heard voices of some young disciples entering the 1st Floor.

Lin Feng turned towards the group of young maidens that had entered the 1st floor and saw that there were 4 girls together. All of them were beautiful but only one among them managed to make his heart race. She was the second tallest girl in her group and but her breasts were the largest.

Even her ass was the largest in her group and it didn't help that she had a really cute face. He immediately decided that he would definitely have her as his woman.

She said with an embarrassed expression on her face, "Stop it you two!"

The other girls said, "But Yijun, isn't it true that you are the strongest amongst all the outer disciples." Su Yijun shook her head as she said, "But I am still no match for Elder Sister Zhao Yuefeng."

A girl besides her nudged her as she said, "She is Ranked tenth in the Inner Court. Of course, you won't be a match for her. You have only entered this sect for around an year."

Su Yijun didn't say anything against it as she also believed that with enough time, she could also surpass her. She had faith in her abilities and in her future potential.

Lin Feng heard her words and looked towards Bai Qian and asked her, "Who is this Su Yijun? Tell me about her." Bai Qian nodded and started speaking, "She is the only daughter of the town lord of the River Forest Town, Su Yun. She is said to be a genius with a Mystic Yin Physique which helps her absorb the Yin Energy twice the speed than that of a normal person. She is about 15 years old and has reached 10th stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm."

Lin Feng nodded as he heard her information and then turned Bai Qian, "Well, I guess you will have to introduce me with them." Bai Qian was a bit surprised as she didn't know how to introduce him but she nodded as both of them went towards Su Yijun and her group of friends.

Bai Qian looked towards Su Yijun and complimented her, "Congratulations, Su Yijun. You seem to be one step closer to entering the Core Formation Realm and also the Inner Court of the Sect."

Su Yijun blushed as she heard Bai Qian's compliment, she knew that Bai Qian was also a genius of the sect and she felt very wonderful hearing her compliment.

Bai Qian looked towards Lin Feng and said in a calm voice, "Meet him, his name is Lin Feng. It seems he has the Pure Yin Physique and his comprehensive talent is unmatched in the entire sect. Seeing his qualities, I have decided to take him as my personal disciple."

Si Yijun opened her mouth as she said, "Oh….." She didn't think that Bai Qian elder was going to take a disciple for herself. She looked towards Lin Feng and saw as she noticed that he was quite handsome.

He had Pure Black hairs with his Azure Blue Eyes whose colour was as deep as the sea. He had a kind smile graced over his face which made him look extremely attractive to her. She finally started speaking to him, "You are very lucky to be a disciple of Elder Qian. She is the youngest elder in the whole Ice Phoenix Sect and has a high position in the sect."

Lin Feng looked at her and said with a smile on his face, "Indeed, I am very lucky to have her…"


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