Ancient Dragon Lord
7 Taking Bai Qian“s Body
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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7 Taking Bai Qian“s Body

Lin Feng looked at Su Yijun and said, "If you want, you can come and train with Elder Qian. I don't think she will oppose my request." He then looked towards Bai Qian with a small smile that she understood very well.

She nodded her head and said, "Yes, you can come and train with him. But I won't be able to train you too much." Su Yijun was shocked when she heard this. She really wanted to be trained by Bai Qian because she was her idol.

She looked towards Lin Feng and gave him a large smile and said, "Thank you. You don't know how much this means for me." Lin Feng Just said, "No problem. I am happy to help you." Bai Qian then turned towards Su Yijun and said, "Forgive us as we have to go to the third floor and select a book for him."

Su Yijun nodded and all four of them cleared up the way as Lin Feng and Bai Qian started to go towards the 3rd floor of the Pagoda. Lin Feng entered the 3rd Floor and didn't feel any mysterious aura inside this floor and knew that the techniques inside here were not very good and were also just trash.

He didn't want to accumulate some trashy techniques and turned towards Bai Qian and said, "Let's go out of this Phoenix Pagoda. I don't want these techniques. You can give me some better techniques than those on this floor."

Bai Qian frowned as she said, "I cannot give you any high-level technique as your contribution points are still not enough to have these techniques." Lin Feng smirked as he said, "Really… then what about the fact that you drank my semen with such a satisfied expression. That ought to count as contribution for satisfying an elder."

Bai Qian blushed hard as she remembered the taste of that heavenly semen. Lin Feng smiled as he knew that he should strike when the iron was still hot and spoke, "I think that should make me be qualified to know at least 3 of the main techniques of the Elder Qian."

Bai Qian hesitated for some moments and then said, "Only 3 of my techniques, but you won't use them inside the sect unless it is an emergency. I will teach you other techniques that you should learn."

Lin Feng was surprised as he didn't think that she would actually agree to this. He went out of the Phoenix Pagoda and both of them started to walk towards her room assigned to her by the sect. It was away from most of the houses inside the sect and was one of the quietest places for cultivation.

Lin Feng saw the location of the house and whistled at his good luck as he decided to take her body inside her house. Both of them entered the house, a lavender scent entered his nose.

Lin Feng didn't control his lust at that moment and jumped towards Bai Qian and pushed her on the ground. He looked at her seductive body which was releasing a strong scent which attracted him a lot.

He said to her with a smile on his face, "You have brought me to a perfect place. Or did you bring me here, expecting this? Nobody will hear us here, we can take our sweet time to enjoy each other!" Bai Qian turned her head away as she heard his words.

How could she reply to his words? She wasn't as shameless as him. Lin Feng took her silence as yes and had a feral grin on his face.

He was happy that she wasn't opposing him this time. He looked at her breasts and was slightly annoyed that her clothes were coming in between her naked body and him and preventing him to thoroughly enjoy her body. He tore apart her top and freed her breasts from the tight top.

Bai Qian complained to him, "Don't just tear my clothes. They are expensive." Lin Feng replied, "Don't worry about that. I will buy better clothes for you. So, don't worry about that for now."

He claimed her lips and pushed his tongue inside her mouth. She resisted for some moments before she started to enjoy the kiss and kissed back with full force. Lin Feng held her right breast in his right hand as he started groping it.

After some time, Lin Feng's mouth parted with her mouth as both of them gasped for breath. He put his fingers near her pussy and they were already drenched in a liquid.

He smirked and said, "So… you are already this wet. What a horny woman?" He finally had enough, standing up, he removed his pants and his underwear and throwing them away in the room, a familiar thing was seen by Bai Qian. His 11-inch-dick.

Bai Qian opened her mouth as she said, "Wooaahhh…. It seems to be slightly larger than before."

Her mouth watered up as she saw his dick again and opened her mouth as big as she could. Lin Feng shook his head and said, "This time it won't be the mouth. It will be your pussy." And with that he pressed his dick against her pussy and slowly entered her.

Her eyes went blank as she felt a great amount of pain in her pussy. Lin Feng was also surprised by how tight her pussy was but he felt a great amount of pleasure as his dick was grinded by her pussy from all directions. Her insides felt really hot. The wet sensation, soft flesh grinding his dick and the burning hotness. He could just stay like this and never get enough of this feeling.

But he didn't want to stop and wanted to feel much greater pleasure. For a moment, Bai Qian failed to comprehend anything because of the huge amount of pain she felt, but Lin Feng didn't stop and started thrusting in and out. After some time, Bai Qian felt her pain going away and she started to feel pleasure from his thrusting.

She started moaning, "Ah… ah… so much pleasure. It feels like I cannot take anymore of this pleasure."

She said in a lewd voice, "…" Lin Feng felt her cum on his dick and he was excited as he felt this, he pinched her nipples in his excitement and also released his great load in her pussy. It was so much that it filled her whole pussy and some of his semen started to drip out of her body.

He pulled out his dick from her pussy and saw it being drenched in a white liquid and some of his semen spilled out during the process. It seemed as if Bai Qian was fully satisfied by this and had a satisfied expression on her face. Lin Feng noticed this and said, "This is just the beginning. Don't think that it will be over so soon."


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