Ancient Dragon Lord
8 Divine Techniques
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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8 Divine Techniques

She opened her eyes and noticed that his dick was just as large as before and there was no noticeable change in the dick. She looked up and saw the unsatisfied expression on his face and knew that it will take a long time to satisfy him.

He ordered her in a domineering voice, "Turn around your whole body." She surprisingly obeyed and turned her whole body for him.

Lin Feng stared at her large ass and groped it in his hand and slapped it some few times. Her ass jiggled before it settled down and he pushed his hard dick against her ass and slowly entered her.

He felt that her ass was just as tight as her pussy and he felt a great amount of pleasure due to her tightness. She started moaning very quickly and loudly, "So… much pleasure. Do it! Do it faster, Lin Feng….Do it faster."

When Lin Feng heard her words, he started thrusting even faster and faster and went beyond her expectations. She was feeling so much pleasure that she couldn't even speak properly, only some muffled voice with her moans leaked from her voice.

After some minutes, Lin Feng unleashed his great amount of load in her ass and filled it to the brim. He got his dick out of her ass and similar to the time with the pussy, some semen dripped out of her ass as he pulled out his dick.

Both of them started continuing their activities for the whole night in different positions. In different places, every place inside the house was used for fucking her. She was fucked when her face was against the wall, her back against the wall.

She also sucked him off and let him do anything he liked with her body with his hands.

The next day, both of them woke up and saw the condition of the house. Everyplace was littered with their love nectar that they released in the night. The thick smell could still make them horny. Bai Qian looked towards Lin Feng with a lovestruck expression. Lin Feng smiled towards her and said, "What a lovely expression you have Elder Qian?"

Bai Qian pouted as she listened to him calling her Elder Qian and said, "Don't call me Edler Qian. Call me Bai Qian or Qian'er when we are alone." Lin Feng just smiled at her words as he spoke, "So, Qian'er it is then. I think that you shouldn't wear your bra when we are in this house. Alright, it come in between me holding those breasts and make me annoyed."

Bai Qian nodded to his words and said, "Alright, love. I won't wear bra in this house from now on." Both of them laid on the bed comfortably and Lin Feng felt sticky all over the place and picked up Bai Qian and went to her shower. The whole time Bai Qian stuck to him and refused to leave as she kissed him on his lips.

Very soon moans started to come out from the bath. After another two sessions of making love. Both of them finally left the shower and entered their room once again. Bai Qian in the end couldn't walk straight, so Lin Feng had to princess carry her on the bed.

Lin Feng had a light smirk on his face as he said to her, "Looks like you won't be able to walk for some days." Bai Qian jokingly glared at him and said, "Whose fault is it?"

Lin Feng countered her words by saying, "Who was the one saying 'Lin Feng, I want more.'" Bai Qian looked at him with love in her eyes as she pulled out the ring from her finger and gave it to him. She said, "Go and learn the techniques inside of them, love. You can learn as many techniques as you want."

Lin Feng grinned as he heard her words and said, "Since my woman will get in trouble if she teaches my more than 3 techniques then I will only learn three techniques, alright." Bai Qian looked in his eyes and was happy that he cared for her. Even thought it was late because she loved this rascal too much.

Lin Feng knew that he won't be able to learn this techniques if he remained here and just kept on looking at her naked body which was just perfect no matter from which angle he saw it.

He went out of the house and the first thing he did was pull out the Black book from her Ring. He tried to read the contents in the book and it seemed as if Bai Qian was right, he wasn't able to read anything in the book. He was not willing to accept this and he used his Dragon God's bloodline, a strong oppressing aura was released from his body.

His eyes widened as he saw the characters changing in the language which he could easily understand. It was traditional chinese. The name of this technique was Divine Ice Phoenix Formula.

He thought 'A good name….looks like I wasn't wrong when I chose this book.' This was a cultivation formula which let him cultivate much faster than that of normal person and also increase the Ice energy within his qi. There were also some abilities mentioned in this book and he knew that these abilities were more than enough for him to fight against anyone in the Core Expanding Realm.

He started to use the Divine Ice Phoenix Formula and the air around him was automatically compressed and converted into a pure Ice Energy and then enter his body. He could feel the Ice energy increasing within his qi.

He finally found out about his cultivation, it was at 8th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. But, as soon as he started using the Divine Ice Phoenix Formula, he instantly entered the 9th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

It took him some minutes to enter the 10th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. From the cultivation novels he had read, he knew it wouldn't be a good idea to directly enter another Realm just after a breakthrough. He should settle down his own Realm and then attempt the breakthrough.

He picked up the Black Book once again and started to read the 1st technique. It was the Divine Ice Hands technique, a large amount of Ice energy would be infused within his hands and he would be able to freeze them.

The second technique was Divine Icicles, this technique allowed him to form Icicles in a range of 100 metres around him. And one technique was a restricting technique, Freezing Bones, as it's name suggested, this technique allowed the user to freeze the bones of the opponent.

He browsed through the ring for any good technique and didn't find any even half of these Divine Techniques. He knew that he would have to teach her some good techniques because if these were all she knew then her combat ability were very low.


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