Ancient Dragon Lord
9 Going out with Su Yijun
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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9 Going out with Su Yijun

After half an hour of practising these Divine Techniques, he was good enough to use them and sat down on the ground and started to cultivate once again. This time, it took him another half an hour to enter the Core Formation Realm. But the core was not even half finished and he was reluctant to leave as it was and didn't stop his cultivation.

He continued to cultivate for 2 hours and finally formed the whole core and reached the peak of the Core Formation Realm. He opened his Azure Blue Eyes and started to practise those abilities with his increased strength and cultivation and felt that he could use a greater amount of power and increase his range of the formation of the Icicles.

After the evening came, he entered the house of Bai Qian and saw her sleeping in her naked form. He didn't want to do it with her sleeping like this and disturbing her, so he went in another room and started sleeping. The next morning, both of them woke up and Bai Qian was good enough to be able to walk on her own once again.

She looked down at her body and saw that she was still naked and entered her other room where she saw him waking up from her bed. Lin Feng saw that she had woken up and actually came in his room and said to her with a smile, "So, you want to do it so soon."

Bai Qian blushed hard as she listened to his words and shook her head and said, "No-no, I just came here to wear my clothes." "Ohh… Alright then. I also have to go and meet some other disciples." said Lin Feng.

Bai Qian hmphed as he said, "You just want to meet some beauties and have them in your evil hands." Lin Feng grinned, "You are absolutely correct. Didn't I have you with these Evil hands?" He then suddenly pecked on her lips and then left the room.

Bai Qian pulled out some clothes from her closet as she started to wear them. She had to go to the Elder's office so she wore a bra and met up with Lin Feng also going out of the house. She removed all the scent of the Love nectar with the help of her Icy Wind Technique.

Lin Feng went towards the outer court of the Ice Phoenix Sect while Bai Qian went to the Elder's office of the outer court. She had the task of supervising the outer sect disciples and she couldn't just skip on this task everyday.

Lin Feng reached the outer court of the Sect and started to look around and saw a familiar face in front of his eyes. It was Su Yijun standing with some of her friends. He shouted from far, "Hey, Su Yijun."

Su Yijun was surprised to hear a male voice calling her and turned her head in that direction, she saw it was Lin Feng who was waving at her. She waved back at him and said, "Ohh, so it is Brother Lin Feng."

Lin Feng approached her and started speaking, "It seems you have been well sister Su Yijun." Su Yijun nodded her head and said, "Yup, I am well. I wanted to ask you, when would you call me to the training session that you and elder Qian promised."

Lin Feng smiled as he already thought of this solution and said, "Well, Elder Qian had give me a task of killing 20 beasts from the nearby forest. She said that she wanted to know if I could complete this task which tested my combat ability."

One of the girls behind Su Yijun said, "Then wouldn't it be bad if you entered alone. Because I have heard that there are some beasts on par with a Core Formation Realm expert. I think you should take someone who is strong and knows about the forest."

Lin Feng said, "Oh… you are correct." He then looked towards all of them asked, "So, who is the strongest among all of you? I cannot ask anyone else as I do not know anyone else in the entire sect." He rubbed the back of his head as he told them this little information.

Another girl behind Su Yijun said, "Well, Su Yijun is the strongest and the one who is most experienced about the forest in the outer court of the sect." Lin Feng turned towards Su Yijun and said, "So, sister Su Yijun, are you willing to help me?"

Su Yijun thought about it for a moment and nodded, "When should we depart?" Lin Feng grinned as he said, "I think we should depart right now."

All her friends said, "Well, we will meet you later Su Yijun." A mysterious girl among the group of girls handed her a handkerchief. She said, "You forgot it at my house Su Yijun. I am returning it back to you."

Lin Feng frowned as he sensed a mysterious smell on the handkerchief but he wasn't able to distinguish what it was. Su Yijun took the handkerchief and turned towards Lin Feng and said, "Let's go. It will take around a day to reach the forest from this position."

Lin Feng nodded as Su Yijun started to lead the way to the Forest, they were about to step out of the sect that two elder disciples of the sect came near them.

They saw the beauty Su Yijun going out of the sect with a random boy and were annoyed because this sexy beauty wouldn't accept their advances and was actually roaming around with a random boy.

All three of them neared Su Jiyun and Lin Feng, one of them said to Su Yijun without even turning towards Lin Feng, "Where are you going Junior Sister Su Yijun? And why are you taking a new disciple with you." Su Yijun turned towards them and said to them with a smile lightning up her beautiful face, "Senior Brother, I was just taking Junior Brother Lin Feng to the Moonlight Forest and help him kill beasts."

All three of them looked towards Lin Feng and observed that he seemed an average novice disciple with 6th to 7th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. They turned towards Su Yijun and Wei Fu said, "Junior Sister Su Yijun, one of us can take him to the Moonlight Forest. You do not need to trouble yourself for this new disciple."

Lin Feng smirked as he already found out about their intention, he didn't even turn towards them and looked towards Su Yijun and said, "Sister Su Yijun, I don't want to go with them. I don't even know them, I want to go with you."

Su Yijun heard his words and smiled and turned towards Wei Fu and said in a clear voice, "Elder disciple, I also want to help Brother Lin in his task. We shall meet again." She and Lin Feng started moving out of the sect and all three of the disciple had an ugly expression on their faces.


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