Ancient Dragon Lord
11 Pleasurable Nigh
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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11 Pleasurable Nigh


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After killing 20 beasts and taking their heads, 18 of them being the wolves that were together in a pack. Lin Feng easily killed all of them with his Divine Icicles and destroyed their head and killed them easily.

When Su Yijun saw his techniques, she knew that either they were the secret techniques of Elder Qian or these were the techniques of Lin Feng that he must have acquired from a legacy. It was rare for someone to inherit a legacy but it wasn't impossible and she believed that this was precisely the case.

She didn't ask anything about his techniques as it was a taboo in the world to ask someone's secret techniques. It depended completely on the user whether he wanted to give someone his secret techniques or not. Before it turned dark, they started walking their way back to the Ice Phoenix Sect.

Lin Feng walked behind her as he stared at her ass which was moving up and down in complete harmony. He wanted to touch it so much but he controlled his inner desire as it was still not yet time. It turned dark as they finally reached the Ice Phoenix Sect.

Lin Feng looked towards her and said, "Sister Su Yijun, come in Elder Qian's office tomorrow. I want to show her that I completed the task she assigned to me." Su Yijun nodded as she heard his words as she was thinking the same thing in her mind.

She started to move towards the house assigned to her by the Sect while Lin Feng started to move towards Bai Qian's house. He was going to release his lust with her body.

It only took him 5 minutes to reach Bai Qian's house, the gate was open and he entered the house and went in her room as saw that it was empty. He heard the sound of the water flowing in the house and went in the bathroom and opened the door and saw Bai Qian standing there naked while fully flaunting her body.

She turned around and saw that he entered the bathroom and put on an embarrassed expression. Lin Feng removed his pants and his Dick was very hard and was already dripping a liquid.

Bai Qian licked her lips as she saw his Dick and bent down but Lin Feng shook his head and said, "This time, I want a titty fuck." And he pushed her on the ground and put his dick in between her tits. He started thrusting in and out similar to the way he does it in her pussy.

Bai Qian's nipples hardened as those hardened nipples touched his dick, it caused him to have a huge amount of pleasure. After doing this titty fuck for 5 minutes, he said in a lustful voice, "I...can't...hold….back...anymore…." He released his White Sperm on her face and spraying it around the bathroom.

A lot of sperm was on Bai Qian's face as she used her finger and licked it with a blissful expression on her face. It was like she was in heaven right now.

She then said to him, "Dear, why don't we go to the bed now. I am with you for the whole night~" Her expression turned very seductive as she said this in his ears and he nodded. He carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

"Now, let's start." He said with a large grin on his face as he slapped her ass. He put his dick against her ass and started to thrust in her ass with a greater speed than before.

She moaned his name, "...oh...Lin Feng….I love you….I love you so much….make me feel even more pleasure." Lin Feng Smiled as he heard her voice and slapped her ass once again, he said, "Such a slutty voice, You want to feel even more pleasure. Kekekeke….This lord naturally won't hold back! Prepared to be fucked until you can't think straight! Here, TAKE THIS!!!"

He released his sperm in her ass. Then turned her body as he saw her bountiful breasts on display and stretched his hands as he started pinching her hard nipples. Bai Qian moaned in a very pleasurable voice, "Ahhhhhhh...…..." Lin Feng fondled her breasts for some more time before he released them from his hands.

Bai Qian took a breath of relief but it wasn't for long as he opened her legs and rubbed her pussy and commented, "Such a wet place…." He pushed his Dick inside her pussy and he was remarkably surprised as he felt that she was still as tight as before.

Infact, the pleasure that he was feeling right now increased much more and he fondled her breasts once again. He continued to fuck her till dawn and both of them at least did 30 rounds with each other.

After she was fucked till dawn, she was finally able to satisfy his lust for today and both of them started to sleep on the bed with their naked body.

When they woke up the next day, Lin Feng looked towards Bai Qian and said to her in a domineering voice, "Go and make some breakfast for me." Bai Qian nodded as she got out of the bed and opened her closet to wear some clothes, she was about to wear her bra that Lin Feng hit her bottom and Bai Qian replied, "ouch~, why did you hit me now."

Lin Feng said in a lustful expression, "You seem to have forgotten, you won't wear bra when I am in this house." Bai QIan remembered his words and then nodded as he had indeed told her about that.

She was a bit hesitant but she obeyed him and threw her bra away and just wore a Top. She also wore a mini-skirt chosen by Lin Feng and went in the kitchen to make some food. Lin Feng whistled as he saw her figure with those sexy long legs and her great bust and ass.

He asked Bai Qian in a curious tone, "Tell me Qiane'er. Didn't someone ever propose to you? You are such a great beauty, I don't believe that you don't have any suitors." Bai Qian mischievously smiled as she said, "What? Are you worried that someone will come and steal me away from you?"

Lin Feng shook his head as he fondled her breasts on top of her clothes and said, "Why should I be worried for them? I just wanted to know about you. Won't you tell me about this?" He pinched her nipples at the end of his words and she moaned in a slutty voice, "Not there~ I am still sensitive there."

She then cleared her voice and started speaking, "I did have many suitors but I rejected all of them without a second thought. And Sect mistress supported me at that time as she said that I needed to keep my mind focused on cultivation and advance quickly. She wants me to become the next Sect Mistress of the Ice Phoenix Sect."


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