Ancient Dragon Lord
12 Selecting his Weapon
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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12 Selecting his Weapon

Lin Feng was surprised as he heard her words and said, "Oh… so what is your cultivation realm right now?" Bai Qian thought about it for some time before she started speaking, "Actually, it is a funny thing. Before you came here, I had just formed the 3rd Core of the Core Expanding Realm and since we started doing sex, my speed of cultivation has become really fast. I have already reached the peak of the Core Expanding Realm in just two days after we had sex."

Lin Feng smiled as he heard her words and said, "Heh… so you received such a great benefit because of me. Maybe you should thank me more." He then put his mouth on top of her lips as he held her hand with a lot of care. This wasn't all the advantage that Bai Qian received, she couldn't sense it but her Mystic Yin Body evolved to that of Three Yin Body.

It was a very rare body found in the cases of woman who were born on the day when Yin Energy is at its peak. Only the Nine Yin Body was above it but it was something from the legends. Her Three Yin Body made her Yin energy extremely pure and pushed out all the impurities from her body.

Her Cores inside her dantian radiated a faint amount of Ice Energy signifying the huge amount of condensed power in those Cores. After Lin Feng enjoyed her body again, he said to her, "Let's go to your office now. Go and change your clothing and I will do the same after a bath."

He went inside the bathroom and took a bath to clean himself of any impurities and sweat that were sticked on his body. Both of them wore their clothes as they started moving towards the Outer Elder's office.

Lin Feng smiled as he saw a girl with huge breasts waiting outside the office for him and Elder Qian. It was naturally Su Yijun. They reached near her and Bai Qian looked at her with a calm expression and said, "Come inside."

Lin Feng had naturally told her about the excuse he used to meet up with Su Yijun and Bai Qian understood what she had to do. All three of them entered her office and Bai Qian went behind the desk as she sat down on her chair while Lin Feng and Su Yijun remained standing in front of her.

She said with a calm expression, "Alright, show the beasts head to me." Lin Feng looked towards Su Yijun and nodded and pulled out her ring from her pocket from her skirt.

She closed her eyes for a moment and 20 heads of the beasts were displayed in front of Bai Qian. She looked surprised as she saw the 20 beasts head, she didn't think that even the Black Striped Panther was among the beast. It was a strong beast which was nearly at the Core Formation Realm.

She looked at Lin Feng and saw that a small smile pasted on his face said, "Alright, since both of completed this task. I will give you the contribution points for this task." She paused for some moments and then said, "Lin Feng received 2000 contribution points as this was his task and since disciple Su Yijun helped him, you will receive 500 contribution points."

Su Yijun's face was filled with happiness as she knew how hard it was to earn 500 contribution points in the sect and here, she got these contribution points without even doing anything much. Lin Feng said, "So, what can we do with these contribution points."

Su Yijun turned towards him with a slightly confused expression as she said, "You can take your choice of Weapon from the Weapon hall in the sect and also have a Technique from the Phoenix Pagoda."

Lin Feng said, "Ohh…" He then turned towards Bai Qian and said, "Then Elder Qian, I will go and select a weapon for myself. Let's go Sister Su Yijun." Su Yijun nodded and bowed in front of Elder Qian before she led him to the Weapon Hall.

This Weapon Hall's roof was made up of ice and had a small statue similar to that of a Ice Phoenix looking down at the disciples entering the Weapon Hall. Lin Feng entered the weapon hall and marvelled at the weapons set up in the store.

He saw many different types of sword, spears and sabres. He looked around as he wanted to have a sword for himself. An old man stepped forwards and said, "Hello, young disciples. I am the caretaker of this hall. Give me your Badge and I will take you to the place from where you can choose your weapon."

Lin Feng and Su Yijun nodded as both of them handed him their Badges, the old man widened his eyes as he saw the number of points that both of them had. Lin Feng had 2000 contribution points while Su Yijun had 2560 contribution points.

He looked at both of them once again and said, "Follow me." He led them to a secret room in the Weapon hall. Lin Feng was surprised to see only 10 weapons there.

3 of them were spears, 4 were sabres and the last 3 were swords. He glanced at all of these swords and saw that almost all of them had the same cost of contribution points with some minor difference in the cost of contribution points. He didn't really have any preference in using a weapon as he knew that he would have to train any weapon he picked up.

He looked at the weapons in front of him and saw a Dark Sword which seemed good and sharp enough to him. He casually picked up the sword and swung it. It seemed as if the Sword was light weighted and was used for speed attacks. He also felt as if there was some sort of element in the sword and if he guessed correctly, that element was Pure Yin in nature since his Yin Qi inside his body was reacting to the Sword's Element.

He looked towards the Old man and said, "I will choose this sword. You can deduct my contribution points for this sword." The Old Man nodded as he touched the badge and deducted 1800 contribution points from the badge and looked towards him.

He said in a calm voice, "You still have enough contribution points for Qi refined Clothes. Do you want them?" Lin Feng was confused as he didn't think that he even had Qi refined clothes in this Weapon Hall but he nodded his head.


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