Ancient Dragon Lord
15 Information about the Sec
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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15 Information about the Sec

Strangely, Lin Feng and Bai Qian slept soundly that night without any actual activity. Lin Feng didn't just want to use his woman to vent his sexual desire. He also want to express his love in other ways too. It's just after coming to this world, it was extremely hard for him to control his sexual desire.

Also, he noticed he had an high amount of lust otherwise he wouldn't have forced himself on her at that time. From what he deduced it should more or less connected with his Bloodline.

Bai Qian slept a comfortable night in the arms of Lin Feng as both of them hugged each other till morning. She woke up before him and made a breakfast for him. She felt like his wife and savoured the sweet feeling in her heart.

He woke up in the morning and stretched his arms and his legs. Hearing his voice, Bai Qian knew that he had woken up and brought him breakfast and both of them started to eat the breakfast.

After eating the Breakfast, Lin Feng looked towards Bai Qian and asked her, "Qian'er, tell me, what is the procedure to enter the inner court of the sect?" Bai Qian started speaking without much delay, "Any outer disciple can enter the inner court when he reaches the Core Formation Realm and a recommendation from an Elder. The other way is to enter the test taken every six months."

Lin Feng smiled towards her and started speaking, "So, I can enter the Inner Court now. I have already reached the Core Formation Realm and I am at the peak of that Realm while you are an Elder and you can recommend me."

Bai Qian was surprised but his words and then smiled as she said, "Of course I will help you dear. Muahhh..." She brought her lips together to his face and pecked on his lips.

Lin Feng licked his lips as he savoured her taste on his lips. He said, "Alright then, recommend me today. I don't want to take part in a bullshit tournament between outer disciples. It is time wasting for me to take part in such a tournament."

He then started thinking of the Inner Court of the Sect and realized that he didn't know much about the Inner Court of the Sect, he asked her, "Also, can you tell me about the Inner Court of the sect?"

Bai Qian nodded as she started speaking, "Of course dear, unlike the outer court, the Inner court consists of just 50 disciples and all of them are at the Core Formation Realm. The strongest among them is at the Peak of the Core Formation Realm and I think her name is Zhao Yuefeng. She is a disciple that entered the sect 5 years ago and is 18 years old, this year."

"She is just on the verge of entering in the Core Expanding Realm and I believe that she can become a core disciple very soon."

She took a breath as she started talking about the Core Disciples, "Core disciples are mainly the descendents of the elders in the sect and they receive much more resources than anyone can even think of. Only very talented disciples can even hope of adding themselves in the list of Core disciples. Right now, there are only 4 core disciples in the sect and also the future pillars of the sect."

Lin Feng nodded as he expected that much, he then asked her in a confused voice, "What is the requirement for becoming an Elder?" Bai Qian looked at him and said with a smile, "Only someone who has made a second core in the Core Expanding Realm and has made his foundation for the third core is qualified to be made an elder."

"The Cultivators in the Core Expanding Realm are the elders of the Outer court that manage the outer court and all the disciples in the outer court are under their jurisdiction."

"Only the cultivators of the Nascent Soul Realm have the right to become the elder of Inner Court. Inner Court Elder's naturally have more control on and responsibilities than Outer Court Elders. Although, I would be still able to support you inside the Inner Court, my powers are still limited in the Inner Court. And there are Supreme Elders that help the Sect Mistress manage the whole sect, they are cultivators of King Realm and have the maximum control in the sect other than Sect Mistress."

Lin Feng thought for a moment 'I could actually act however I wanted within the outer court with Qian'er as my backing. I will see what I can do in the inner court?'

Seeing his thinking expression, Bai Qian started speaking, "Don't worry dear, if the sect mistress knows that I have already reached the peak of the Core Expanding Realm then she will favour me even more and no elder in the sect will try to go against me."

Lin Feng heard her words and smiled as he knew that she was worried for him, he said, "You are cute when you worry for me like that." His words made Bai Qian blush as she heard his last question, "Tell me, at just what realm is Sect Mistress?"

Bai Qian started thinking for some time before she said, "I don't know for sure but I think she has already reached the 7th Stage of the Emperor Realm." Lin Feng sighed as he realized that he had a long way to go before he was stronger than the Sect Mistress and become the Strongest existence in the sect.

But for a talented being such as himself, he only needs time before reaching that realm. He didn't target to become strongest of the sect. His target was much higher. He wanted to be higher than those of the higher realms. He will go beyond anyone have seen and become the overlord of the whole world. Whether Mortal or Divine.

He had read many novels and found one thing that he clearly despised of the characters, it was that even though they had a great amount of talent, they would just hide their power and remain like a normal person and show off their power in something like a tournament of some kind.

He didn't want it to happen to him that some random person comes and challenges him off to a duel because he looked weak. He wanted to live a comfortable life, and he knew that the sect won't grant him that.

He looked at Bai Qian and asked her in an extremely serious tone, "Tell me Qian'er, are you willing to leave the sect together with me?" Bai Qian didn't expect him to say that and remained shocked for some moments. She slowly nodded as she didn't want to separate from him.

Lin Feng smiled as he saw her response and pulled her into a hug, he said to her, "Don't worry about your cultivation. I will help you advance in your cultivation. Besides, since you have past ties with the sect, I will help the sect in the future if it's on the verge of being destroyed."


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