Ancient Dragon Lord
17 Telling Su Yijun
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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17 Telling Su Yijun

Su Yijun saw a very unfamiliar thing in front of her eyes, it was an 11 inch dick of Lin Feng. She was a bit scared of the size as she wondered 'Will I be able to take this monster inside of me?' Lin Feng didn't directly put it inside her, he looked at her perfect body and started massaging both of her breasts with his hands.

After some time, he pinched her nipples, causing her to scream in pleasure, "...don't...pinch...them...Ahh…." Lin Feng ignored her words as he once again pinched her nipples causing a wave of pleasure to pass through in her body.

He put his mouth near her right breast and licked her nipples with his mouth. His tongue touched her nipples and Su Yijun's eyes turned white as she felt such a large amount of pleasure that her mind wasn't able to handle it at that moment.

While he was sucking her right breast, his one hand was comfortably fondling her left breast while his other hand was holding her ass tightly. His Hard dick was pressed against her stomach. After sucking her breast for 5 minutes, he started to suck her other breast for another 5 minutes and then saw her pleasurable expression.

He wanted to enjoy a titty fuck so he put his dick between her breasts and held her breasts as he started grinding his dick from both sides. Her erect nipples caused a wave of pleasure to pass in his body as he slightly shivered from the large amount of pleasure.

He started thrusting in between her breasts and Su Yijun loudly moaned, "Ohh.... Brother Feng… you are making me good…" Lin Feng continued to thrust his dick without any signs of stopping and finally said, "TAKE MY LOVE!"

And he sprayed a large amount of his White Cum on her mouth and her hairs. She licked it from her tongue and her eyes brightened up as soon as she tasted it and said, " tasty." Lin Feng brought his dick covered in his white sperm near her mouth.

He said in a slight dark grin and voice, "Since you found it so tasty, then clean this with your mouth." Su Yijun brought out her tongue as she licked his White Sperm on top of his dick and her eyes brightened up as it was indeed very tasty.

She cleaned his dick by using her tongue and licking the sperm on it. Lin Feng grabbed her soft and big ass, he was extremely attracted of her ass. Although her boobs were smaller than Bai Qian, her ass definitely surpassed by a huge amount.

He squeezed them a little and his finger completely buried in her soft warm flesh. He felt his dick twitching. He can just squeeze it for days and never get bored. He moved his fingers and made them take different shapes.

She moaned as he fondled her ass, " Feng...don't play with them, it's embarrassing..." Suddenly, he slapped her ass.


"Ah!" Su Yijun let out a surprised moan. She didn't expect Lin Feng to suddenly slap her bountiful ass and it took her by surprise. Lin Feng smirked as he said, "Oh, so my Yijun is sensitive on her ass? I will definitely enjoy them. Let's get to main event. I have to warn you, it is going to be very painful initially but after that all the pain will convert into pleasure."

She lightly nodded her small head as he pressed his hard dick against her Pussy, he noticed her pussy was very wet right now. He gently entered her pussy and Su Yijun let out a painful moan in a loud voice, "AHHHHH....." Lin Feng expected such a large pain and started to thrust inside her pussy for quite some time.

In this time, while it was painful for Su Yijun, it was very pleasurable for him when his dick was covered by her tight pussy. As he went faster, the grinding of her pussy against his dick caused him to feel a heavenly pleasure, meanwhile, the pain for Su Yijun also started to convert in the pleasure as she started to moan, "...faster...even faster…"

Lin Feng fulfilled her wishes and went even faster than before and finally both of them released their load together and Lin Feng's load was so much that he filled her pussy with his ridiculous amount of cum.

He took out his dick from her pussy in a short while, even though he was still hard, he didn't continue sex as he knew that she won't be able to take any more of this. He didn't want to completely break her body and just laid down on the bed with her in his arms.

Although he wanted to taste her ass, unlike Bai Qian she couldn't take more than that for now. But now she belongs to him, sooner or later he will naturally taste this sexy piece of ass!

She started kissing his chest multiple number of time as she said with very much love in her voice, "I love you Brother Feng. I love you so much." Lin Feng replied, "I also love you very much." He stayed completely silent for a few minutes before he asked her, "Can I ask you something my dear Yijun?"

Su Yijun nodded as she heard him, "Anything dear! You can ask me anything." Lin Feng asked her, "First of all, I wanted to inform you that you aren't my only woman. There is one more right now and many more will join later." Su Yijun was disappointed as she heard that.

She suppressed the disappointment in her heart and asked him, "Who is your woman right now, Brother Feng? Do I know her?" Lin Feng nodded his head and said, "Bai Qian is my woman, you know her as Elder Qian."

Su Yijun was surprised when she heard that Elder Qian was his woman, she bitterly smiled as she didn't think she was a match for Bai Qian's beauty and her talent, she said to him in a jealous tone, "Brother Feng is so talented, it is no wonder that you will have multiple woman. I do not have a problem with you having multiple woman Brother Feng."

Her eyes betrayed her words and Lin Feng was quick enough to recognize that, he held her face in his hands and turned her face and looked into her eyes, he said, "You do not have to fear that I won't spend time with you. You are my woman, I won't ever neglect you in my entire life."

He pecked her on her lips as she asked him in a very low volume, "Do you promise? I want you to forever love me." He nodded his head and said, "I promise." She smiled brightly as she heard his words and asked him, "Alright then, so what was it that you wanted to ask me?"

Lin Feng took a calm breath as he said, "I wanted to ask if you would be willing to leave the Ice Phoenix Sect with me. I do not think that you are receiving any obvious benefit by remaining here, instead we can find some place in the outside world with a dense Qi and cultivate peacefully in that place without anyone to disturb us. I will ensure your fast cultivation speed. I promise that."

Su Yijun hesitated for some moments before she started speaking, "Brother Feng, I am ready to go anywhere you want but the problem is that the sect will inform my parents that I have run away from the sect and my father won't be happy about that fact."

Lin Feng smiled as he said, "Don't worry about your father, he definitely won't be angry at you for a long time and we will explain the situation when we meet him in person. I will explain to him that it was my idea for a quick advancement so that he won't be angry at you."

Su Yijun quickly shook her head, "No, I don't want him to be angry at you, Brother Feng. I will convince him myself, my father loves me a lot, he will definitely listen to me."

Lin Feng smiled at her words and said, "Alright then, but if he remains angry at you. I will step forward and explain the whole matter to him." Su Yijun nodded her head as she understood that this was the best that she could get from him.

She then put her head on his chest as she asked to him, "Brother Feng, can we remain like this for some time?" Lin Feng mischievously smiled as his hand went to her ass and lightly fondled it in his hand. He said, "Yup, we can remain like this for many hours."


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