Ancient Dragon Lord
19 Running Away
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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19 Running Away

Bai Qian searched for any high level of Qi energy around them, but she failed to detect any powerful aura. She said to Lin Feng, "No, I don't feel anyone monitoring us. It is the perfect time for us to run away." Lin Feng looked towards Su Yijun, he held her hand tightly and said, "Let's go."

They stepped out of the Ice Phoenix Sect and were about to enter the nearby forest to disappear in the forest that all three of them heard a loud laughter coming from the forest. "Looks like Sect Mistress was indeed correct that there was something wrong going on with you Bai Qian. I wonder where are you going at this time with these two disciples."

As soon as Bai Qian heard this voice, she frowned as she knew the owner of this voice, it was one of the inner court elders and also one of the strongest among them. Her name was Qiu Lan, she was in the 5th Soul of the Nascent Soul Realm.

When they heard her voice, Bai Qian frown deepened as she thought of her cultivation. The difference between Nascent Soul Realm and Core Expanding Realm was huge. Looking at the grim expression on Bai Qian's face, Su Yijun also frowned as a look of worry surfaced on her face.

Only Lin Feng's expression remained calm and he started speaking, "I seriously don't get why an elder like you is so free to ask another elder's matter. Elder Qian is free to go wherever she wants, why would she have to tell anything to an elder like you. Besides, what's the proof that Sect Mistress sent you. Do you think we are so naive enough to believe your words?"

Qiu Lan looked towards the disciple in front of her that actually dared to question her, she said in an arrogant tone, "Boy, you should know how to respect your elders. I am older than you and with a much stronger cultivation base than you. If I want, I can kill all three of you with my finger."

At this time, Lin Feng coldly smiled, he said, "Really, you think you can defeat us. Alright then, I close my eyes and believe that fact but what about this…" He suddenly brought both of them into his embrace as he released the power of his Dragon God's Bloodline.

The Air started to get heavy and Qiu Lan's eyes widened as she felt an unimaginable pressure on her body, she tried to shake off this huge pressure with her Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base and looked towards that position once again.

What she saw surprised her even more, she saw him flying up in the air, she rubbed her eyes at this disbelieving sight as she couldn't believe that this disciple could actually fly in the air. It was very disbelieving for her because if someone wants to fly in the sky they need to be at least an Emperor, expert of Emperor Realm.

(A/N: Emperor here is more like a title given the Emperor Realm Experts, like Emperor Lin Feng, Emperor Bai Qian)

Were this boy, whom she thought a random disciple of the sect, an Emperor Realm expert? How was this possible? What kind of heaven-defying talent one needed to become an Emperor Realm Expert. Besides, his age was the next most shocking matter. She formed her own delusions within her head, without needing anyone to explain anything.

She knew that she would have to return back to Sect Mistress and explain this matter to her. Even if the Sect Mistress was an Emperor Realm Expert, she can't possibly offend another Emperor Realm expert. Not to mention when the other party was a heaven-defying talent. He might possibly have a unimaginable background behind him.

While she was making her own delusions, Lin Feng was comfortably flying with both Su Yijun and Bai Qian in his arms. They were both surprised when they saw that he could fly and only a single question emerged in their head "When did Feng'er/ Brother Feng become an Emperor Realm expert?"

Su Yijun was the one who was more excited and she asked him, "Brother Feng, when did you become an Emperor Realm Expert? Were you lying about your Realm all along?"

Lin Feng heard her question and shook his head, he bitterly smiled and answered her question, "No, I am not an Emperor Realm expert. If I was an Emperor Realm expert, I would have killed her then and there, without even leaving a body. I just have an unusually strong Qi which contains both Yin and Yang attributes as Qian'er must have told you."

Su Yijun was a bit surprised by his answer, his words seemed like he was disappointed in himself for having to run away from Qiu Lan. She wanted to get close to him but it only pressed her breast against his chest, as she looked into his eyes with an innocent expression on her face, she said, "Don't be disappointed in yourself Brother Feng. I think you are wonderful, if you didn't have this flying ability then we would have been caught and monitored for a long time. We don't know what punishment we might have gotten either."

Lin Feng looked towards her as he smiled at her attempt to cheer him up. He slightly nodded as he felt another nudge to his right arms which Bai Qian was holding, he felt her grinding her chest against his own chest. Such a strong stimulation caused him to disbalance and they started to fall down on the ground.

Lin Feng used his own body as a cushion to prevent Bai Qian and Su Yijun from hurting their bodies. He had shielded his entire back with his Dragon Qi and fortified his muscles for the crash.

The Dragon Qi certainly protected him and his body to prevent him from getting injured, all three of them stood up and he jokingly glared at both of them. He lightly coughed as he gathered their attention and said, "You know, you both shouldn't have done that to me."

Bai Qian mischievously smiled as she asked him, "Done what?" Lin Feng deviously smiled and said, "You want me to show you." He stretched his hand and it went to her cleavage and lightly pinched her nipple. An unintentional moan leaked from Bai Qian's mouth, "Mmmmnnnn…"

He stopped pinching her nipples after some seconds and said, "We will continue this afterwards. For now, we have to reach the nearby city." Bai Qian was feeling very hot right now but she held her lust and nodded, she knew this was no place to make love.

Su Yijun looked towards both of them and said, "Hmph… if we keep on going in the East direction. We will reach the Eagle Cliff Town which is on the outskirts of the Yreka Empire. It's boundary closely touches with the Galaellon Empire causing several small conflicts to occur between the soldiers there. These are so small skirmish that the Empires didn't even interfere in these small conflicts and just ignored this Town."

Lin Feng darkly smiled as he heard her words and said, "So, the rumour states that the Empire ignore this town. Interesting… very interesting…"


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