Ancient Dragon Lord
24 Discussing Terms
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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24 Discussing Terms

Lin Feng saw his stern expression changing to that of a hesitant look. It was like he was hesitant about how he should feel about all this. Shao Dong knew that the Empire had abandoned them and didn't care about their lives. For the Empire, they might as well be dead, it wouldn't matter them in the slightest.

It really caused him to be angered by the actions of the Empire. He knew that he wouldn't be able to serve such an Empire and right now, he was watching someone giving him an option. The option whether he will continue to serve the Empire which didn't think much of their lives or will he abandon the Empire and serve lin Feng who will give them a new life.

A new way to start their lives once again. But they didn't know either if this new 'ruler' will care about their life. Although the Empire didn't care about their life, they still grew in this Empire. It's the place they became young man from childhood. If someone just tells one to betray your country for me, that would be ridiculous..

Lin Feng looked at his hesitant expression and spoke, "Your loyalty towards the Yreka Empire is indeed very troubling. Alright then, you can do one last task for the Empire and I believe that task will be enough to wipe out your Guilty conscience."

Shao Dong was a bit absent minded as he heard his words and asked him, "What do you mean?" Lin Feng continued to smile as he said, "I will train you, do one thing which will make you pay back a huge favour for the Yreka Empire."

His eyes burned with a great amount of determination as he started speaking, "In a month, you all will be strong enough to completely annihilate the other gang from the Galaellon Empire. That will be the last mission and the task that you will do for the Yreka Empire."

Shao Dong's eyes widened as he heard that and looked back towards his men and made a decision at that point, at this point, he had two paths, oppose Lin feng and let his men and him be tortured and then be killed ruthlessly without even doing anything for the Empire or support Lin Feng and live a comfortable life while annihilating the Tiger Eagle Gang.

The reason for their inconciliable hatred towards each other was that after the 4th Great War between the Empires, a cold war continued to exist between the Yreka and the Galaellon Empire. Many Border villages became the main centres where the war was held and this Eagle Cliff Village was one of them.

Shao Dong's family was the family of Generals that supervised this whole area, the position of the General was passed down from one generation after another and each one of them in their family had astounding records in the Military. This was also one of the reasons why people were willing to follow him and work under him.

Shao Dong had a calm expression on his face as he started speaking, "If you can make us achieve this then I can take command of our Lion Eagle Gang and put down our weapons and take you as our commander. But till this task is completed we wouldn't be working under you."

His words were firm and were like there was no option to back away from this. Lin Feng frowned a little as he heard his words. He lightly glared at Shao Dong and said, "That is not an option… You think I am going to train you for free? I don't do charity, you will have to pay the price if you want something, it's your choice to make."

Shao Dong still had a calm expression on his face as if he had expected this from Lin Feng, he knew that no man would agree to train a group just for free. He slightly nodded his head and started to speak, "Alright then… I and my men will serve under you for a month. We will do anything you ask as long as it doesn't go against our morals. But if we cannot annihilate the Tiger Eagle Gang in a month then you will have to leave this town."

Lin Feng chuckled as he heard his words, he said, "You think you are qualified enough to tell me to leave. I have already defeated a small part of the group."

Shao Dong stayed silent for a few moments before he started speaking, "Indeed you could defeat our group because we just have 40 men come here. Imagine if I had our whole gang come here, a full 1000 men of our Lion Eagle Gang. I don't think even you would be able to get away unscathed."

Lin Feng stayed silent as he wondered if he could fight against a thousand of them. His Dark Sword vibrated in his hands as if it was indicating its excitement. He smiled a bit as he thought of another awesome thing, he thought 'Why don't I just go and annihilate the Tiger Eagle Gang or whatever and get these guys under me? I will get a good fight and these people will come to know my strength and would be somewhat loyal to me. Either by fear or due to respect they would remain loyal. I can just train them later when I have their loyalty.'

Lin Feng looked Shao Dong's eyes and said, "There will be a change of plans now. I will go ahead and annihilate the Tiger Eagle Gang, the conditions have changed now. If I return after killing everyone in the Tiger Eagle Gang then you and all your men will work under me without any questions."

Shao Dong started to think about his proposal and then looked back towards his men, he them looked back towards Lin Feng and said while looking in his eyes, "I will discuss this proposal with my men and then answer you about this."

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes as he said, "Alright then, I will give you another day. If you do not answer me in this day then I will make other plans…" This sentence caused Shao Dong to be slightly shocked as he knew what those other plans were.

He knew that he was being slightly threatened by Lin Feng, it was as if Lin Feng wanted to say that if Shao Dong doesn't wish to cooperate with him then he will go to the Tiger Eagle Gang with this same proposal. Shao Dong was pretty nervous as till now he thought that Lin Feng was a fellow resident of the Yreka Empire and that was the reason he chose their gang, he didn't want to forget his roots, that is why Shao Dong was very calm and relaxed when dealing with Lin Feng.

But here, his guess seemed completely wrong, he could change side at any moment, it was like they were just lucky that they were chosen first for cooperation. There was no special reason to choose them. But since he was a General, he was quickly able to calm himself and slightly nodded.

Shao Dong looked towards Lin Feng and said, "Alright then Lin Feng. We shall answer you within a day…You can find us at the Eagle Park in the backside of this Inn by tomorrow afternoon.."

He knew that he would have to give the answer in a day and delaying the time wouldn't work on Lin Feng. he turned around and went towards his men and started returning towards their base. He gathered all the men in his base and started discussing with them about the matter of Lin Feng's terms and conditions.

He wanted to discuss this matter with everyone of them as he didn't want them to be under someone they didn't want to obey, it would just make the commander angry but the task would also be delayed or wouldn't be completed.


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