Ancient Dragon Lord
25 Cultivation Starts
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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25 Cultivation Starts

Lin Feng went around the Eagle Cliff Town as he wanted to understand and remember this whole town. He knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to be ignorant about the place where he was going to stay for the next 2-3 years. As he was roaming in the town, he found out that this town had a large market which was known as Black Market.

Black Market, as the name suggests, there were items that were stolen from the sects or rare materials, slaves and other things. He also found out that they also had alchemy pills, he knew that these alchemy pills were the true cheats in a cultivation world.

He knew that even a Heaven Defying Genius would need some pills to increase their cultivation base with a great amount of speed otherwise he would just have to sit down and cultivate for many years before having a major breakthrough in the cultivation in the later realms.

He knew that the alchemic pills contained impurities and he would think about that later as he knew that there were some herbs that would be able to remove all the impurities from his body so he was pretty much relaxed about that.

He took a random black hoodie from the side shops. Like the name suggested, the Black Market, everyone kept their identities hidden here. The items sold here is non-refundable. The auctions here were especially such things. Sometimes, they would auction many exotic things. Specially, since this city was a border city, different items appeared on Black Market Auction.

He went in the market and saw some Alchemy Pills, there names were Body Refining Pills, they were pretty useful for someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm as at that realm. They would let the user experience a small increase in their realm.

He found some other pills like the Qi Refinement Pills and Core Stabilization Pills, he looked towards the merchant selling those two items and asked him, "Old man, is there something going to happen in these days. The market looks dead right now."

The merchant was an old man of almost 50 years of age, he didn't look like he had any cultivation whatsoever, the old man looked towards Lin Feng and said in a cheerful voice, "Hoh, looks like you are new here. Didn't you hear about the auction taking place in a few days?"

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes as he heard this piece of information, he said to him to fish more information, "Indeed, Old man, can you tell me about the Auction taking place?"

The old man nodded his head and started speaking, "It will take place in 10 days in the Sharp Eagle Auction Hall. This time there will be even more people in the auction due to the new items. The Flesh of a 4th Level Beast (Nascent Soul Realm Beast)."

Lin Feng just let out, "Ohh…." He said after some moments, "So a Flesh of a 4th Level Beast huh…. I wonder which expert was able to kill the beast. It would be a pleasure to meet him." He had a slightly dark smile on his face but it didn't seem that the old man notice his smile and continued speaking, "Indeed, we people can only hope to meet these experts."

It seemed as if the old man wanted to meet this expert, the old man said after some time, "The policy of the Sharp Eagle Auction Hall to not leak the identity of the supplier has let the people put trust in them. They have never gone back on their word or their prices. They value their reputation very much…"

Lin Feng ignored these talks of the old man, he knew that this was what the common people thought of the Auctions, only those nobles had the connections inside the Auctions and would be able to get any information they wanted. Otherwise, why was that many strong experts with a strong potential were recruited by the nobles very easily.

Why were they never brought to light in this world? Why was their talent not appreciated by the world? It was because they were already recruited by the nobles, the court of the Empire or the Emperor. Just how could they be able to reach their full potential when they were restricted by the power of their Nobles and their masters.

He shook his head as he thought he was thinking too much on this topic and went away from the shop. He returned back to the room in their inn and was a bit dumbfounded as he entered his room. This was because Bai Qian had thrown Su Yijun on the bed and was sitting on her stomach with a sadistic expression on her face.

Watching him enter the room, they were pretty embarrassed and quickly got away from each other. They were actually cultivating for about an hour and then suddenly Bai Qian looked towards Su Yijun and wanted to prank her. Now, in the middle of her prank when she was just about to Slap her ass, Lin Feng entered the room and both of them got away from each other.

Lin Feng knew that something must have happened and smiled towards Bai Qian and Su Yijun, he said to them in a teasing voice, "You naughty girls. Just what were you doing when I was outside." Bai Qian and Su Yijun's faces turned red as Lin Feng had witnessed them playing with each other.

They had a very innocent expression on their faces just grabbed their chest and hugged them tightly in his chest. As he had spent much of his time outside the room, he knew that the time had now come to start cultivating.

He said to both of them, "Alright, since we have had enough fun for the day. Let's start cultivating now. I will support both of you and increase your cultivation speed." All three of them sat together with Lin Feng in front and both of them holding each of his hand.

On his Left side was Bai Qian while on his right side was Su Yijun. He was holding their hands as he started to cultivate using his Divine Ice Formula. A very cool aura started spreading in the room and the Qi around them started going inside Lin Feng's Body.

The Divine Ice Formula that Lin Feng was using converted that impure Qi into a very pure Qi and then started to spread all over his body. After the Qi reached his hands, some of them were transferred to both Bai Qian and Su Yijun. Their speed of cultivation suddenly accelerated with the speed of the rocket.

They were shocked at the quality and quantity of the Qi being supplied in their body. Suppressing their shock they slowly started to absorb the Qi supplied inside their body. Bai Qian just split the Qi into seven different parts and started solidifying her Seven Cores inside her dantain.

While Bai Qian was solidifying her cores, Su Yijun started to form her own core with the pure Qi supplied by Lin Feng. She felt as if the core made from this pure Qi would be the most stable and with a great amount of power.


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