Ancient Dragon Lord
27 Leader of the Tiger Eagle Gang
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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27 Leader of the Tiger Eagle Gang

All of them went towards the Tiger Eagle Inn so that they could harass the members of the Tiger Eagle Gang. In the meantime, Lin Feng had a large smile on his face as he thought about the challenge he was about to face right now. He was about to face a small division of one of the main empires in the world, the Galaellon Empire.

Lin Feng caressed his sword with a gentle expression on his face as he said, "I will make sure that each one of you do not forget this scene in your entire life." His words were filled with a strong passion and it ignited the now dying passion of Shao Dong and his hundred cavalry men.

This was almost like a parade in the Eagle Cliff Town which caused the entire street to turn silent and went inside their own homes and watch the drama from the windows. They knew that such a army must have come here to create a big incident and a fight was about to occur there.

As a city near the borders, this kind of scene although rare happened now and then. Many people had died but at the same time some benefitted from these type of incidents. Many thieves were already prepared to take advantage in this ruckus. Rogues also didn't want to let this chance slip.

Shao Dong and Lin Feng were moving in the same line while the hundred cavalrymen were riding their horses and following them. Lin Feng, who was in front of the Tiger Eagle Inn and suddenly stopped. His abrupt stop caused everyone behind him to come to a halt.

Lin Feng, noticed a midget man coming out of the Tiger Eagle Inn with a very cunning expression on his face. He looked besides him and saw that another man was coming with him and had a simple and honest expression. The midget said with a smile on his face, "So, what brings Shao Dong, the member of family of the generals to my humble abode."

Lin Feng heard his words and frowned as he started speaking, "Cut the Bullshit… we are not here for some talks or anything. We are here to fight. Call all your men, I want to see what this Tiger Eagle Inn is made up of." The Simple and Honest man looked towards Lin Feng and smiled with a gentle expression, he said, "Please calm down, I think it will be a good idea to discuss this with a cup of tea--"

He wasn't able to say anything after that because he felt a cold object passing through his neck, a shower of the blood started flowing out of his neck and he had an astonished expression on his face. It was like he didn't expect Lin Feng to do this even in his worst nightmare.

It wasn't just him that was shocked, Shao Dong and the midget man were shocked too. They didn't think that he would actually kill someone like this. Shao Dong thought 'What the fuck? Just what is this guy, he killed that person without even blinking. Even an experienced general would have faltered for a second and why does his eyes not have any trace remorse in them? In fact, he seems to be happy that he killed the son of the leader of the Tiger Eagle Gang. At a first glance, even I, his nemesis thinks he is a honest person. Just what kind of mentality does this child have?!?'

While he was thinking this, the midget man was thinking completely different, he was instead very scared, he was thinking 'Did this guy just kill the son of the leader of the Tiger Eagle Gang with a single slash? Wasn't he said to be some high level expert that was reaching the same level as that of his father? Isn't this too unfair for me? Just what am I going to go and say to the Tiger Eagle Gang and his father?'

Lin Feng looked towards the midget man and just from observing his expression, he could guess that the midget man was thinking of getting out of this place and stay hidden for a long time. He had a ruthless expression on his face as he thrust his sword towards the midget's hand.

Suddenly, a loud scream was resounded in the whole area, this was the scream of the Midget man under the pain which he was feeling right now. His loud scream almost startled everyone in the area, a loud sound of footsteps was felt in the area.

Shao Dong felt like everything in his vision was shaking, this sound was very familiar to him. He had heard this many times and felt his blood boil with excitement. He felt as if he was back in those days where he was fighting in the front lines against the Galaellon Empire forces.

This sound of footsteps caused him to reminisce about his glorious past where he had the control of the army multiple times and led his army against the Galaellon Empire. He knew that right now, Lin Feng had just angered a Tiger in the forest by killing it's only son.

He knew that there was no chance of forgiveness and only death would greet them with such a stunt by Lin Feng. It didn't seem as if Lin Feng was scared by this, it was like he had expected this and looked towards the east direction with a cold smile on his face.

As soon as the Tiger Eagle Gang reached near Lin Feng, Shao Dong and the other Cavalrymen. The leader of the Tiger Eagle Gang around the place and saw the midget man screaming loudly but when he slightly turned his eyes, he was shocked and horrified by what he saw.

He saw his own son's body laying down on the ground with a hollow look in his eyes, a large amount of blood was flowing out of his neck and from the state of the body, anybody could tell that his son was dead. The leader of the Tiger Eagle Gang's eyes turned red as he glared at Shao Dong with a very hateful expression.

He said with hate dripping from his voice, "SHAO DONG! Even though we do not see eye to eye with each other. How dare you kill my son in my absence? I SHALL KILL YOU AND CUT YOU INTO PIECES!!"

Lin Feng started clapping as he heard his words and then said with his voice dripping with sarcasm, "WOW.... what a great logic. First you say that you are enemies and then you ask as to why he dares to kill his enemy. You are such an intelligent person, perhaps some scholars should start learning their education from you."

Suddenly, his eyes turned cold as he said, "Besides, you are asking the wrong person. I was the one who killed your son. If you have any problem then come at me." Zou Zexian, the leader of the Tiger Eagle Gang looked towards Lin Feng and saw a sword in his hands.

It was completely covered with blood and he saw some strokes of blood on top of Lin Feng's clothes too. He felt his mind going blank and just said a single word to his Gang of almost 1000 members, "CHARGE!!" Every single men in the Tiger Eagle Gang started to run towards Lin Feng, Shao Dong and the 100 cavalry men.

From the front, an army of 1000 persons were rushing forwards with a ruthless expressions on their faces, and from one side, Lin Feng started to run towards that army with a calm and cold expression on his face. The people watching this event unfold were curious as to how this would end.


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