Ancient Dragon Lord
28 Massacre
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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28 Massacre

The army of thousands started rushing at Lin Feng and gang before them. Out of the thousands only around a hundred of them had horses and were quite ahead of the infantry running behind them. Every single one of them had a ruthless expression and were staring at Shao Dong.

They didn't think that Lin Feng was any match for them and thought of him just as a stepping stone along their way. They felt as if their true match was against the Members of the Lion Eagle Gang

A layer of ice covered Lin Feng's sword. Cones of ice started to form in the air. "Members of Lion Eagle Gang, witness this bloodbath and know that your time as a Lion Eagle Gang has come to an end." With that he suddenly threw those cones towards two horses and made them fall on the ground.

The horses had widened eyes as they fell down on the ground with a THUD! The person sitting on top of the horse jumped when he felt that the horse was about to fall down on the ground and started running towards Lin Feg.

This caused the speed of the approaching enemy to be slowed down as they were slightly cautious against those Ice Cones that were rotating in the air. It was like any one of them could pierce their hearts at any moment.

Still many of them pierced their body, some horses fell. At the same time the troops behind them had to slow down. Lin Feng used this chance and entered their army. His sword clashed with Zou Zexian's sabre. After each blow, Zou Zexian was pushed back by two steps while he himself was pushed back by a single step.

He was pushed back because of the positioning in which he was fighting, he was at a very disadvantageous angle and also wasn't really using the true power of his cultivation base. He knew that this was the perfect chance to get his reflexes even better and make his body react faster.

Only on the true battlefield could he improve his battle sense. He knew that even great geniuses needed real life and death battle for achieving greater battle power. WIth a greater battle sense, he could react even faster than normal cultivators. Only with life and death battles can he surpass himself.

So, he was countering every single attack of his enemy with some basic sword moves that he had thought of himself using his Dragon sense. His moves weren't graceful and his movements were awkward but he was still doing better than he expected from himself.

Suddenly, he felt his hand getting slashed by something and right after, a kick on his stomach threw him very far on the ground. He skid on the ground with his arm under his body which caused him to get some bruises on that arm. He looked down towards his shirt and saw that it was nearly completely torn apart.

He ripped apart his cloak and was left standing there with his dark Black Shirt which also had some holes in it. Lin Feng coldy smiled as he felt the pain in his hand, he said, "Alright then… the time has come now." He closed his eyes as he readied himself.

A cold energy spread in the area which made everyone in the Tiger Eagle Gang to slow down their movements. It wasn't because they were scared or cautious. No, it was because Lin Feng had used his Divine Technique: Freezing Bones but on a larger scale which made the technique suffer in it's effectiveness.

This was the reason why every single one of them was feeling a freezing cold energy on their very bones. They felt some difficulty in movement but they didn't stop their movements. Lin Feng looked towards their slow movements and said, "I have had enough fun with all of you. Now, Sleep!"

He then used the Dark Sword with his Ice Qi Coating and started to kill every single person there. They were all pretty easy to kill with their slow movements. While, he was swinging his sword in a high speed, he didn't notice the Sword being soaked by his blood coming out of his hand and a faint golden light started to shine.

As Lin Feng was killing the Tiger Eagle Gang, the members of the Lion Eagle Gang were looking towards his actions with a very nervous expression on their face. They had been on the battlefield. They had won some of them, they had lost some of them.

What they were witnessing was nothing like a battle, no, it was almost embarrassing to call it a battle. It was a massacre. They saw the blood sprinkling on Lin Feng's face and saw his Demonic smile as he killed more of them.

The men of the Tiger Eagle Gang were indeed the men who had seen hundreds of battles, even when they were witnessing this scene, they didn't lose their mentality and continued to struggle against Lin Feng. Each one of them were still fighting as if their life depended on it.

Well, technically their life did depend on it. So, perhaps they were right in giving their all against Lin Feng and fighting with every bit of their strength. Lin Feng saw blocked three people slashing towards him from different directions. He bent down and used his sword and countered them above his head and pushed them away.

Each of them was pushed in different directions and Lin Feng quickly slashed 2 of them and killed them. He turned around to face the 3rd one and suddenly felt a cold object invading his skin, he knew that someone had slashed his back.

Some more blood spilled out of his mouth but his face didn't changed and still remained calm. A golden light was suddenly released from his back which pushed away his enemy and Lin Feng turned towards that person and looked at him with a hollow expression in his eyes.

He said just one word, "Die!" It was like it was an order for that man and he smiled and said, "As you wish my lord." He then suddenly detonated his own cultivation base which killed many other people near him. Even Lin Feng didn't know that he would detonate and was thrown back by the shockwave of the explosion.

He felt the strength leaving his body as he saw some 10's of men still coming towards him. He knew that he would have to act fast and made 10's of Divine Icicles Technique and threw them towards each of the person coming towards him. All of them were kill with the throat being the Icicle's target.

Lin Feng fell down on the ground as he felt his eyes closing due to the extreme exhaustion that he was feeling right now. He didn't know that his blood was flowing inside the sword at this moment and it was undergoing a huge change. The golden light grew brighter and brighter as it engulfed the whole area.

Shao Dong was in the middle of his thinking about whether he should kill this ruthless, now defenceless child or not but suddenly he saw a Golden Light being released from the sword near that child. He was astonished as this Golden Aura started to gain a shape in few moments and started condensing it's aura into a very mysterious creature.


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