Ancient Dragon Lord
29 Chapter 29
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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29 Chapter 29

This mysterious creature seemed to have a very ancient aura which transcended anything that the world had ever felt. Two large red coloured eyes were formed in the air observing the whole world as if it was it's garden. Lin Feng's body started to lighten even more brightly as he started flying up in the air guided by a mysterious force.

Shao Dong and his men saw this scene of Lin Feng's exhausted body flying up in the air. He flew about 50 metres up in the air and finally stopped when those red eyes were right behind his head. The Golden Aura started to coil around him and slowly and slowly condensed itself into a thick body.

Lin Feng was unconscious so he didn't sense anything like this but Shao Dong and his men were shocked by this change. No matter how much experience they had, no matter how much ruthlessness they had seen in war. They had never seen such a phenomenon in their life.

This was similar to witnessing a GOD. They felt a supreme pressure descending upon their bodies, it was the presence of a god in front of them. But they weren't the only ones feeling such a pressure, it was felt by the whole town, including Bai Qian and Su Yijun too.

But unlike the other people what they felt wasn't the great suppressing Pressure of the Dragon's Aura. No, their backs started glowing with a silver colour and they started feeling intense pain on their back. Unknown to them, a silver print of a Dragon was forming on their bodies.

Both of their physiques and body constitution was undergoing a huge change, it was almost unrecognizable from before. Even though Bai Qian's body had evolved when she and Lin Feng engaged in sexual activities, her body was evolving towards the Six Yin Physique.

Su Yijun was the same, her body directly evolved to the Six Yin Physique and a very pure Yin Qi entered her dantain and started making the foundation for her Second Core for the Core Expanding Realm. Bai Qian's cores were all extremely pure and were already full of pure Yin Qi, she made a bold decision, she thought 'Let's attempt it now. With this amount of pure Yin Qi, I should succeed in the Nascent Soul Realm.'

She moved the cores in her Dantain and made them collide with each other and broke them apart leaving a large amount of Pure Yin Qi in her dantain which started to spread in her body. She started to revolve her Ice King's cultivation method that was made by the Ice Phoenix's Sect Master herself.

She let the Pure Yin Qi from her surroundings to enter her own body and started to compress the large amount of Yin Qi in her dantain. It was a bit difficult for her to condense such a large amount of Qi without any sort of practise but she didn't give up. Her expression was cold as she revolved the Yin Qi from outside her body to its maximum capacity and thought 'CONDENSE.'

A large amount of Yin Qi exerted the pressure on the Qi inside her body and slowly-slowly it condensed into a small body. Suddenly, Bai Qian realized something was wrong, her speed of gathering the Energy from her meridians was very taxing and it was making her very tired at the moment.

She was so tired that she was about to give up then and there but suddenly felt a cold hand touch her shoulder. She also heard Su Yijun's innocent and kind voice, "Sister Qian, don't give up right now. I will help you direct your energy to your dantain."

Her mind snapped open as Bai Qian registered her words, she was very warm-hearted because she knew that if she had stopped right now with all her cores destroyed, she would have degenerated back to a Foundation Establishment Cultivator with no hope of entering the Core Establishment Realm.

She would have to find a Spiritual Herb to be able to cure the problem in her body, she didn't want to become a trouble in Lin Feng's life so this was perhaps the best way she could help her. Su Yijun started to supply the Qi in Bai Qian's body because she observed her body suddenly relaxing in the middle of her cultivation.

And just before some time ago, she had felt Bai Qian's aura suddenly increasing by a large amount and she knew that Bai Qian was attempting her breakthrough at the moment. She observed that Bai Qian's body suddenly relaxed and it was a taboo for a cultivator to give up mid-way when he/she was attempting her breakthrough.

She thought 'What has happened to Sister Qian? Is she tired? If this continues then her cultivation base will suffer a lot.' She took a deep breath and put her hand on the Bai Qian's shoulder and started transferring her own Pure Yin Qi to Bai Qian's body.

She could have used this Qi to make her own Second Core of the Core Expanding Realm but she chose to sacrifice her own Cultivation for Bai Qian. Even Bai Qian realized this as a very determined expression formed on her face, her adrenaline rushed inside her body as she started to force her own body to absorb the Yin Qi from the surroundings and reduce Su Yijun's pressure.

Their tired bodies continued this for 30 minutes, after which, Bai Qian suddenly felt a very rejuvenating Qi inside her own body. She felt relaxed and all her muscles relaxed as if she had just taken a bath in the hot springs. A small silver dragon opened it's innocent eyes inside her dantain.

This was her Nascent Soul that was the indication that she had entered the Nascent Soul Realm. Ordinary cultivators had their own Avatars as their Nascent Souls and at a higher realms, they could call out their Nascent Soul to come and battle alongside them.

The Nascent Soul avatar also gave them a very great advantage as they could use it to gather the Qi from the surroundings and let it automatically convert into the pure Qi that the body could use. The low quality Nascent Souls were very weak and wouldn't be able to completely convert the Qi and they wouldn't be able to use those Souls for a long time.

After some particular time, the Nascent Soul would be tired and it would start to sleep to regain its own energy from the surroundings. Bai Qian turned around her head and saw Su Yijun leaning towards her with her eyes closed..

Bai Qian let her head fall into her own bosom and softly caressed her head, she had a very soft expression and a kind voice, "I will never forget this Junior Sister, thank you." Su Yijun's looked completely worn out as she started to sleep comfortably.

While this was happening, they didn't know that outside the Inn a Dragon God had descended upon the world!


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