Ancient Dragon Lord
31 Reaction across the Realm
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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31 Reaction across the Realm

Unknown amount of beasts lost their sense in this event unfolded. A Red Winged Tiger God opened its eyes as it sensed a strong resemblance of the Aura of the Ancient Dragon God in the world. It's eyes and it's whole body was filled with heartfelt respect towards the Dragon God.

It had a very happy expression on its face as it thought 'The Ancient Dragon God had finally descended upon this world. Looks like the time has come to completely exterminate the humans. While my power and the power of that bird and that tortoise is very strong, us three cannot go exterminate those large legacies that these humans have inherited from the gods. They have continued to indiscriminately kill our kind. Now the time has come. The DRAGON GOD has descended. The War against the Humans is just on the corner hehehehe….''

The Beasts respected someone only if that individual had a very strong Beast Bloodline and that individual was very strong. Sometimes, even the strongest people of the world were viewed in disdain in the beast's eyes.

The Dragon God had both the Strongest Beast Bloodline that existed and also the Strongest Beast in the whole cosmos. There was not a single Beast in the world that didn't respect the Dragon God. There was another beast that awoke from their cultivation, it was a Purple Scaled Python that was in it's human form.

A beast could have a choice of having a human body when it has reached the cultivation base of the Emperor Realm. It would regain half the amount of power as it had in it's beast body but the Qi would be extremely pure and the Beast would gain a small amount of intelligence.

It's human form was in the form of a very Fair Skin Lady with a very pure body. She had purple hairs whose length reached upto her thighs. She had a great bosom, neither too small nor too big. Her ass was also very good which was just the right size. She also had that perfect face whose smile would kill many men.

She had a light smile as she sensed the Dragon God's Aura from the south direction. She even bowed in that direction. Even though she was one of the strongest among the Beasts, she didn't have a great bloodline and was looked down by her beast companions.

She bowed towards the Dragon God and prayed 'Dragon God, please hear my pray and evolve my Bloodline and make everyone respect me. The pain that I have suffered on the path to become this powerful is something that must be known by you. Please bless this small snake and let it have a chance to become a false dragon.'

As expected, the Dragon God didn't have a response for her and she continued to pray till she was finished and touched the ground with her head. This wasn't just her, this prayer was done by almost all the beasts all over the Realm. It was their request, request to the Dragon God to bless them and let them have a chance to evolve.


Yang Emperor stood up on top of his own statue, he was a young man with Natural Red Hair fluttering in the air. He had a kind and a cool expression on his face. His face was very handsome and one of the most beautiful faces in the world. He also had a gentlemanly feel around him that was loved by women, who fell in love with him.

He ruffled his own hairs as he felt this aura, this aura that made his hairs stand. He was astonished when he could also feel another aura clashing with this aura. Since, he had experienced the Heavenly Tribulation, he was able to distinguish these auras and knew that one of these auras was the Heavens Aura.

He thought 'So, another expert is having his own Heavenly Tribulation. Looks like this one is a very strong Expert joining the ranks of the Emperor. Just how many years has it been since I have become the Emperor…. Thousand years, Thousand and fifty years. Perhaps this new expert will provide a challenge to me. It's useless to fight against the Crimson Emperor…'

He had a slightly disappointed expression as he wasn't able to fight to his fullest for some years. He wanted someone strong to come and challenge him, someone who was able to make him fight to his fullest. For these thousand years, his cultivation base didn't rise. It was not because his talent was insufficient. No, he had a good talent but what he was lacking was a pressure.

A pressure of someone stronger than him, he didn't have a very large ambitions like the Crimson Emperor or the Jade Emperor. No, what he wanted was to keep on getting stronger and stronger and reach the peak of the world. His Emperor comrades always thought that he was without any ambition and that was the reason for constant cultivation base.

He would lightly say, "Just what would I need this cultivation base for. To fight against someone in the world. I can defeat anyone in the world. Is there someone who can challenge my title as the world's number one expert? I will think about raising my cultivation base when I require it."

And now, he was beyond excited because he now sensed the power, the power which gave him goosebumps. It let him have an urgency within his body, he wanted to raise his cultivation base fast. He wanted to fight against this expert and win.

He felt rejuvenated as if he had found his motive to live. A very light smile with a strong challenging intent was displayed from his body. After a long time, he finally went inside hs cultivation room inside his own sect and started to cultivate with full concentration.


Lin Feng was watching the Dragon engulfed in the Red Lightning and suddenly he heard the Dragon God speaking in his mind, "Dragon God's Heavenly Art: Golden Extinguishing Lightning" The Red Lighting that had covered the Dragon suddenly dispersed in the air.

The Dragon God opened its mouth. The dispersed energy slowly gathered before Dragon God's mouth and completely condensed it. Slowly Golden Qi from the Dragon God's body also started to infuse with this Red Tribulation Energy. Suddenly, the Dragon God opened its mouth as a Red Golden Beam shot toward the sky in an unimaginable speed!

A large hole formed in the sky, it was as if the beam had cut apart the sky! This had a very strong energy which wasn't directed at anyone other than the heavens and it was mainly used to cancel the aura of the Heavens.

Lin Feng had a dumbfounded expression as he saw this attack, he was struck by the beauty and the power of that attack. He felt a great desire to rise up in power. he knew that he wouldn't have to fear anyone when he had grown this strong.


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