Ancient Dragon Lord
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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36 Announcemen

@@Good news and a Bad news for everyone...

The good news is that I am gonna write this novel ahead and continue it but this is going to be at a different website. I actually wrote this novel because I wanted to go premium but I found out about the contract from my friend and recommended me not to go premium, I have found another website that won't treat the authors like that.

I am gonna add this novel on the Isohungry Translations Website. I will also re-write it and make the story clearer and better than before. Besides, since I will also release many many chapters... Like I have many chapters for all of you... Don't worry about it. I just want my view count to look nice because that site's genre isn't cultivation novels and all.

I am gonna be the first Original Author if my application is accepted which it should... I really want you guys to support me there. Besides, I am writing novel to improve my skills and to earn money, I mean I want to become a pro writer but my parents won't support me before I earn a particular threshold amount.

And I am not asking for donations this time, just asking you to read this novel on another website. This novel should start in a week's time on that website. I will release another announcement chapter at that time... So Have fun everyone...



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