Ancient Dragon Lord
38 A maid
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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38 A maid

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She suddenly felt him pinching her ass cheeks and held her scream as the door opened up, it was a middle aged man who seemed to be in his 30's. He wasn't surprised to see them like this and had a monotonous expression on his face.

He looked towards Lin Feng and saw that same cold expression towards him, he bowed in front of all three of them as a way to show respect since Lin Feng and his wives were the rulers of the Town. He slowly spoke, "I wanted to request Lord Lin Feng to let me go out of the village and gather the supplies for my crops."

Lin Feng straight away denied as he said, "No, you won't go out. I can send one of my men to go and buy those supplies for you. Go not disturb me." The man lowered his head as he spoke once again, "Actually sir, I wanted my Daughter to leave the town to return back to her sect."

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes as he knew that even if the man was telling the truth, he couldn't absolutely let the information reach any of the sects that someone had managed to conquer the town and they would come and free it from his rule. He did want to gather the information about he sect and said, "Where is your daughter? Call her here…"

The man was a bit reluctant and called out his daughter who was standing outside the door. She was nervous to meet with Lin Feng since he had just massacred some people in the morning. She entered the room and Lin Feng's eyes brightened up as he saw the girl…

She was a beauty, not on the same level as that of Su Yijun and Bai Qian just slightly below them. If both of them were rated 10 then he would rate her 8. He said to the middle aged man, "Why send this beautiful flower back? She can stay here as my maid…"

The girl's expression turned cold as she heard his words, she said to him with a hint of pride in her words, "How dare you say those words to me? Me, a maid? You sure dream big. Don't you know who I am?" Lin Feng had an uninterested expression on his face, he casually guess, "Let me guess, your master is some top shit in your sect and you are a genius. Right?"

Her eyes widened as Lin Feng's guess wasn't too far of the truth. She was surprised because just a moment ago, it was like he didn't know anything about her then how could he guess this so easily… She took a deep breath and pumped her chest as if she had gotten a great amount of confidence just now and said, "Since you already know then let me go already, otherwise, nobody will be able to protect you."

Lin Feng stood up as he looked towards her into her eyes and said, "Please! Like I need someone's help. Which sect are you from?" The girl's large breasts which were quite large for her age shook as she slightly shook her body and said, "I am from the Nature Palace."

Lin Feng widened his eyes as he heard her words. It was because this was completely in his favour. If an Emperor Realm Expert didn't want to come then he would have about 2 weeks before any expert arrive in the town. The person whom they would send out for inspection would most probably be Nascent Soul Realm expert. As the King Realm was quite rare and was counted among the experts.

They wouldn't just send a king realm expert for inspection. He slightly used the Dragon God's bloodline inside his body and let his body release some very addictive energies. Ever since the Heavenly Phenomenon, the energy inside his body had further evolved that even manipulated the opposite gender to some extent.

He released the domineering Dragon's Aura in the air and it caused the girl's body to caused a reaction to it. Lin Feng saw her father standing near the door and suddenly released an abrupt aura and threw him out of the room while saying, "You are interrupting this Lord… Get the Fuck out of here!"

This huge aura was enough to make the man crash against the walls and become unconscious. He had never cultivated his own body and was quite weak. He didn't expect that Lin Feng would release his aura and blast him towards the wall. The girl was frightened as she saw this and stepped backwards.

Lin Feng saw her stepping back and had a very lustful expression on his face. It was as if he was going to swallow her whole right now. This caused her to be frightened as she turned around and tried to push the door behind her.

Suddenly, she felt her own body pressing against the door with a very hard thing pressed against her ass. As a young virgin, she was curious about this hard thing and ended up touching him with her hand so that she could remove it. But Lin Feng found her touch so arousing that he had decided then and there that she was going to be his maid.

He moved his head near her ears and said to her with his hot breath full of lust, "Listen well, it is impossible for me to let you go back to your sect. Your father's life is in the palm of my hands, not just your father's, your entire families lives are in the palm of my hands."

"If you are able to run away today then I will find out about you in the morning and kill every single person in your family. Hmm...maybe not your mother if she is half as beautiful as you. She could be a great entertainment as a dancer and bed warmer. Hahahaha….So, tell me now..."

Some hot tears flowed out of her eyes, "NOoOOOoo, please don't do that. I will obey you, do anything you wish. Don't drag my family, they are not even cultivators, I beg you not to touch my family. They won't go against you and I will completely obey your wishes."

She started to cry even more as she knew about the thing that was about to happen to her. She was going to lose her virginity after saving it for so long. She knew about herself, she knew how much she was treasured in her own sect. Many junior and Senior disciples were willing to just follow her very single order no matter how taxing.

She had taken full advantage of those moments but didn't give them a single reward. She just used every single one of them. Her name Qui Xue was quite famous in the Nature Palace. She was one of the only disciples with the greatest affinity with the wood.

Lin Feng saw her unbuttoning her shirt and found out that she was too fucking SLOW. He tapped the ground with his foot and when he had enough, he released a low growl and said, "Too slow. Let me help you!" His words alone were enough to make her blood go cold.

She suddenly felt a hand grabbing her clothes and tearing apart those clothes which covered her body. Her breasts bounced up and down as Lin Feng pushed her body down making her face on the same level as that of his dick. His masculine scent seemed to make her even more scared as he suddenly removed and threw away his pants.


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