Ancient Dragon Lord
39 Sexy Clothes Announcemen
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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39 Sexy Clothes Announcemen


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Bai Qian and Su Yijun saw the bulge in his underwear and said to him, "Dear, we can take care of this for you. Don't worry about it. Don't do something bad to this girl." Lin Feng chuckled as he heard their words and said, "Just sit back and enjoy. She is going to be my maid, whether she likes it or not. Now, the first thing that a maid must do, make sure that their lord is satisfied and comfortable enough. SO, LET'S START YOUR TRAINING NOW!"

This didn't make the Qui Xue get startled as she didn't know anything about it. She was already feeling very embarrassed about being seen in her naked body by Lin Feng, a boy. She covered her breasts on instinct and also closed her legs so as to prevent Lin Feng from seeing anything.

Lin Feng just coldly said to her, "Your father and mother or...." This caused her to think and slowly release her bountiful breasts as Lin Feng fondled them. He said to her while holding her tits, "Use these for something good and make these things touch every part of my body."

Qui Xue didn't know what he meant but she tried to use her breasts and touch every part of his body. Her movements were very awkward and it was very obvious that she was doing this for the first time and she wasn't comfortable doing this to Lin Feng.

At first she only felt shame for doing something so lewd and perverted but after a while, strange feelings started to emerge in her heart. She felt excited as her soft body and breasts kept touching his hard and manly body. She started to enjoy this manly scent.

In the end, she couldn't stop her excitement and licked his skin to get a taste of his manly scent, much to Lin Feng's surprise. He was really aroused by her licking, he held her hairs in his hand and shoved his large dick inside her small mouth.

She felt suffocated for some moments as she wasn't able to take breaths for some few moments and finally started to move her tongue around his hard dick. Soon, Lin Feng cummed inside her mouth and was finally satisfied a bit. He then said to her in his dark and overbearing voice, "From now on, you are my maid. My thing. I will use you whenever I want, wherever I want. Understood?!"

Qui Xue didn't answer for some moments and the said, "Yes, Lord. I shall obey." Lin Feng nodded as if he had expected this response and then ordered her, "Now, OPEN YOUR LEGS YOU MAID." Just what could the poor girl do other than obey his words…

She opened her legs in front of him and her virgin pussy was in front of his bright eyes. He shoved his Dick inside her pussy in one-go and make her scream very loudly in her voice full of pain. Nobody heard her voice because Lin Feng had made it that his energy would stop any voice to go outside.

Lin Feng enjoyed his dick inside the pussy of a virgin and even though the pleasure didn't reach near his first time. It was close to the time when he first did with Su Yijun…

He didn't stop his hands and fondled Qui Xue's breasts. He pinched her nipples which caused her to almost forget her pain and release a moan. Lin Feng started moving inside her. She was his maid so he just fucked her senselessly. Gradually his dick started to be squeezed from every directions. Lin Feng finally received the stimulation in his dick and released a large amount of Semen in her pussy.

He said to her, "Alright, again but in different position." This continued until evening, till Lin Feng was finally satisfied with her body. He had fully explored each and every part of her sexy body. He continued to fuck her senseless…

After that Lin Feng looked towards her body and said to her, "From now on do your best. I am going to train you to be my proper maid!" Qui Xue hatefully glared towards him as this man forcefully taking her first time.

He also wasn't satisfied with just one time, no, they had done about 10's of rounds before she was released from his evil clutches. Lin Feng saw her sexy body and suddenly realized that she was his maid and remembered one of his fantasies from his previous world.

A perfect busty maid-like beauty, wasn't this girl perfect for that role? He had a mental image of her wearing a maid uniform which showed off her cleavage and wore a short skirt and if he tried, he could see her panties. This caused his blood to rush up into his head as he knew that he would have to order someone to make these types of clothes.


The next day, he just did that and asked someone to make the clothes of those sizes. His memory was quite astounding and remembered Qui Xue's sizes and ordered a top with one size less. He wanted to see her tight cleavage through those clothes and also see her milky white legs with a very short skirt.

Qui Xue was sitting alone in her room assigned to her by Lin Feng in the inn. Bai Qian and Su Yijun didn't even talk to her because Lin Feng had forbid both of them. They did want to talk with her but they also didn't want to disobey Lin Feng so they sighed and didn't get out of their rooms.

However, Lin Feng went inside Qui Xue's room without even knocking. The creaking of the door caused her eyes to turn towards Lin Feng and she was disappointed to see him. Lin Feng threw some sets of clothes towards her and ordered her, "These are the clothes that you are going to wear from now on as my maid."

Qui Xue was silent as she heard his words and didn't reply. She just held those clothes with a blank expression on her face. Lin Feng was tired of seeing her blank expression and suddenly reached near her body and held her face and turned it towards him.

"Listen and Listen well. If you still think that someone is going to come and save you. Then sorry to disappoint you, you are going to be my Maid for forever. Your father doesn't have the background or the power to save you and if you are holding onto the hope that the Nature Palace would send some men for you then be prepared to feel despair because I will cut them into pieces."

He ordered her while clearly displaying his domineering intent, "Just get ready in a minute. It won't be a big deal…" He didn't have to speak ahead as Qui Xue started to remove her clothes and wear the clothes that were provided by Lin Feng.

She was very frightened that Lin Feng will actually follow through his threat and kill her whole family, she knew that she was the only one who could save her own family. As she saw the size of her top, she frowned as she looked towards Lin Feng and said, "This top's size is too small. I think a larger one would be fit…"

Lin Feng had a perverted expression, "That is the whole point. WEAR THIS!" His overbearing expression and voice caused her to obey his order and tried to wear that top. And as she suspected, this Top was too small for her as a large amount of her cleavage was visible from above and it just covered her nipples.

Her midriff was also exposed as this caused her to look incredibly sexy in that top. Lin Feng's whole body's blood went towards his face as he saw that body. He thought 'Isn't this too erotic? Too sexy? Just what would happen when she wears that mini-skirt.

Lin Feng saw her wearing her panties and raised her hand and said to her, "Noo, you will not wear panties for today." This caused her hands to shake slightly as she dropped her panties on the ground. She almost couldn't process what he just said. Did he just tell her to spend a day without wearing panties?

She still questioned her if she really heard it alright. As a girl from Nature Palace, such thought didn't even cross her head. But still for her family, she straight away wore the Mini Skirt that he had give her!

It was also very tight for her large ass and made her ass look even larger than before. Lin Feng devilishly smiled as he saw her complete figure which was complimented by her clothes that she wore. Lin Feng licked his lips as she looked more than what he expected.

He said to her, "Alright then, let's move out now. I have a lot of work to do." She didn't understand why she had to go with him if he had a lot of work to do, specially with this clothing but she nodded her head as she was his maid right now. Even though she was reluctant, she would do anything to keep her family safe.


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