Ancient Dragon Lord
40 A beauty comes by
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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40 A beauty comes by

As Lin Feng was walking, he had a large smile on his face as his left hand went around her slim and sexy waist which was exposed by her midriff. He would also fondle her ass whenever he wished. As they were outside of their inn, Lin Feng thought that it was too inappropriate to fondle her breasts in front of anyone and just kept himself satisfied by fondling her ass.

Lin Feng reached the centre of the place which was earlier the base of Lion Eagle Gang. He had taken over their gang so their headquarters was also going to be his, he went inside the Headquarters. Qui Xue was very silent over the whole trip and didn't speak a single word other than lightly moan all along the way.

Lin Feng met up with Shao Dong and Lin Feng and Qui Xue were given two seats to sit. Lin Feng kicked the other chair and threw it away as he said to Shao Dong, "There is no need for her chair. She is going to sit here." He sat on the chair and pointed to his lap.

Qui Xue swallowed up her shame and went forwards in her sexy attire and sat on his lap. She felt her ass being grinded against his dick and felt a bit aroused by this. Lin Feng's hand snaked around her thin and sexy waist and touched her midriff exposed due to her small top.

Lin Feng had a calm expression while he did this and said to Shao Dong, "So, tell me. What was the things owned by the Lion Eagle Gang and the Tiger Eagle Gang. Don't make it sound very good, I want to know the exact things that were owned."

Shao Dong nodded as he listened to his words and started speaking, "As requested by the lord. The Lion Eagle Gang own 4 bars where we sell our own wine made by our workers. There were also some shops under the Lion Eagle Gang while the Tiger Eagle Gang had Tiger Eagle Inn under them and some other shops. There were also 2 bars and a large Villa under the Tiger Eagle Gang."

He then bowed his head as he didn't dare to look into Lin Feng's eyes and said, "These all things are now under the Lord and he can use them as he pleases." Lin Feng smiled as he already knew what Shao Dong was thinking but he didn't really care about him.

Lin Feng looked towards him and said, "Alright then, you are dismissed." Shao dong nodded his head and went outside the room and let both Lin Feng and Qui Xue alone in that room. Lin Feng had a dark smile on his face as his hands reached up and grabbed her breasts, "Oh, did you two erotic bunnies miss me? Well, here I am to give you plenty of attention."

This caused her heart to get a little excited, Lin Feng slowly made his fingers enter her drenched pussy through her mini-skirt. This was the reason he didn't let her wear her panties, he didn't want an obstruction at such a point. He wouldn't sex with her in the office but it was impossible for him to not play with her body.

He pressed her breast one more time and the button on her tight shirt finally broke. It wasn't just a single button, two buttons went flying in the air which caused her breasts to be on full display with those pink coloured and erect nipples. Lin Feng used his tongue and licked her nipple with his tongue and it caused her to be strangely very excited.

Her body started to release a sweet smell as she was very horny right now. She bit her lips as she didn't want Lin Feng to know about this and forcefully tried to suppress her feelings. Lin Feng satisfiedly licked her breasts and put them in his mouth and continued this for an hour.

In this hour, he had licked her whole body and had made her very aroused, he then said, "Alright then, let's return. Looks like this was all here for today." She didn't say anything and just went below the table to pick up those buttons of her shirt. She could still keep them on her shirt with the help of her Wood Qi.

As soon as she lowered down, Shao Dong said from outside the door, "Lord, someone from a nearby village has come to request help from the village." Qui Xue was startled as she heard this and Lin Feng suddenly had a mischievous smile on his face as he gently caressed her face.

Lin Feng asked Shao Dong, "Who is it Shao Dong?" Shao Dong immediately replied, "Lord, it is a woman with her daughter." Lin Feng was a bit angry that the woman had a daughter but he sighed as he said, "Alright, let her come in."

He said to Qui Xue in a low volume, "Start licking my cock now." Qui Xue didn't have a choice as she knew that he wouldn't let her stand up and said, "Alright!" Lin Feng was a bit surprised as this was the first time since she had spoken to him since yesterday.

He knew that this meant that she finally started surrendering and didn't even have the will left to fight against him anymore. It seemed as if she had realized that she was just going to be destroyed even more. Lin Feng put his hand over her head as he gently played with her hairs.

The door of the office opened and a Woman of 27 year old entered the room with a young child in her hand. Lin Feng analysed that the child must be that of at least 5 years old. He then turned his vision towards the lady. This lady was absolutely beautiful with the same level of beauty as that of Bai Qian and Su Yijun.

Her figure was even more astounding as even though her breasts were just slightly smaller than Bai Qian and her large ass was just slightly smaller than Su Yijun's ass. She still had the one of the most mouth-watering and dick hardening figure in the world. She had those beautiful eyes as she fluttered them in front of him.

Lin Feng pulled his chair towards his desk where Qui Xue was sitting and licking his dick. As he moved in front, his hard dick shoved right into her mouth. Qui Xue didn't have any choice as she swallowed as of that dick which was shoved right into her mouth.

On the other hand, Lin Feng had a pleasant expression on top of the table as he said to the lady with a smile, "Please sit. And tell me your problem…" The lady sat down on the chair in front of the table and let her daughter sit besides her. Her daughter seemed very good mannered and didn't move here and there and just continued to sit there quietly.

Her expression was dull with no hint of life in it. It was as if something had sucked the life inside of a child. Even Lin Feng felt a bit sad after watching her expression as this kind of expression didn't suit a child. It was like she was brainwashed from such a young age. He was evil! Very evil to have forced himself on a woman but he wasn't ever going to brainwash or torture a young child. He also had his own bottom line.

The lady started speaking, "My name is Ximen Chen. And this is my daughter Ximen Bing. I wanted to request you to let us stay in this place and hide us." Lin Feng narrowed his eyes as he heard her words, he realized that this was an interesting case and asked her, "Please tell me the whole story as that would help me in making my decision quickly."


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