Ancient Dragon Lord
41 Ximen Chen“s story
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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41 Ximen Chen“s story

Ximen Chen nodded as she heard his words and said, "Yes, lord. I shall do that." She got lost into her own thoughts and started speaking, "I come from a village which is around 20 Kilometers away from here with the name of Wulong City. It is the place where I lived for around 5 years after my marriage but a very unfortunate death caused him to pass away 4 years ago."

Lin Feng internally smiled as he heard her words, he thought with some evil thoughts forming in his head 'So, this woman is single now. Kekekeke...' He pulled out a bit of his cock from Qui Xue's mouth letting her gasp without making any sound. It was surprising how there was no change in his expression. He asked her with a calm and collected voice, "So tell me, what happened for you to come here and request me?"

Ximen Chen stayed silent as she was slightly reluctant about speaking this but Lin Feng leaned forwards as his dick once again entered deep inside of Qui Xue's mouth. He made had a curious expression on his face as he asked her, "Ximen Chen was it? If you want me to help you, I need to learn more about your situation. As the Town Lord at such a sensitive location, it would be very foolish of me to not know about the situation. Please understand my situation here…"

His words were the last straw that held Ximen Chen back as she nodded her head in understanding. No ruler of a place like this would just help her without at least knowing about the situation, the Lord of the Town had the duty to protect his Town.

She started speaking, "Yes, Lord. I shall trust you with me and my daughter. Actually, after my husband died, I was always approached by my husband's brother. He seems to see me with those lustful eyes and even tried to get me *coughs* in his bed, his own sister-in-law."

Lin Feng seemed angered by her words, his eyes were full of anger as he looked towards her sad expression and said, "Such a garbage! What does he take relations for? Just after his brother died, he actually started harassing his sister-in-law! This kind of garbages should be killed immediately!"

As he was saying this, his left hand went under the desk and carrassed Qui Xue's face very gently as if he was consolling her. He pushed his cock even more and it caused her back of the head to hit the desk. It made a *THUD* sound which caused Ximen Chen to be very surprised.

She looked towards him and was confused due to the sudden sound and was about to ask him that Lin Feng started speaking, "I apologise, I got a bit too angry over your words. Please don't mind it."

Lin Feng said those words indeed because of anger but he didn't became angry because of her fate. He became angry cause he already had his eyes on this woman and how dare someone else had his eyes on her? On the other hand, looking at Lin Feng's angry expression Ximen Chen started having good impression about this Lord. As he seemed to be really a good man. If he took her daughter and herself, she could finally be at ease.

Lin Feng then looked towards Ximen Chen and asked her while containing the anger in himself, "So, how come it took you 4 years to run away from there. How did you spend your time in that hell for 4 years?" Ximen Chen shook her head and said in her angelic voice, "It wasn't bad as he couldn't do anything to me with Father-in-law watching over him. He was a good man and restrained him. He didn't want his son to sully his family's hard earned reputation."

He expression turned sad as she started speaking, "But due to an unfortunate event, he has passed away a week ago. Before his death, he had asked me to run away from the family. I knew if something happened to him nobody will be able to save me from my Brother-In-law."

Lin Feng just said, " this was the case." His eyes narrowed as he listened to her voice and could sense the high level of respect she held for that old man. Ximen Chen continued speaking but with a trace of anger in her angelic voice, "But my brother-in-law had become a devil in human's skin as he found out that Father-in-law's disease was getting stronger and he confronted me about the marriage. I, of course refused but instead he started shouting at me "Your refusal is the reason I am going to take one of the most important thing from you. YOUR DAUGHTER'S HAPPINESS!"

"I was too shocked to even say anything back and his body glowed in a Dark aura and he hit my daughter with a strange power. I tried to oppose that power but I couldn't manage anything with my cultivation base of 5th Core of the Core Expanding Realm."

Some tears started to drip out of her eyes as she said, "My father-in-law stepped in and kicked him away but it seemed that even Father-in-law wasn't able to completely defeat him and he ended up running away to save himself. My father-in-law ordered me to move out of that place and I thought of my daughter and reluctantly moved out of the place. I searched for a place where even my brother-in-law would be reluctant to step into. And I have finally found this place."

A few veins popped on Lin Feng's head from outside, he had a face which indicated he was extremely angered. If Shao Dong and others were to see his face right now, at the very least, they would have pissed their pants. This was something that was beyond his bottom line.

He thought he was a scum but he now realized that there was a heaven beyond heavens. The heavens that he wished would just be destroyed. He thought 'I would have been angry if you had raped her...I know that this is the place where power is revered so the **** isn't so rare but you actually used your cultivation base against such a small child. CONGRATS on being the first guy to make me utterly furious!'

At the same time, he also released his warm semen in Qui Xue's mouth and filled her whole stomach with his semen.

"Gulp... Gulp... Gulp..."

Ximen Chen heard some noise of gulping something but just shook her head as she thought she must be hearing things. Only the Town Lord, her daughter and herself were in this room and obviously no one was drinking something. Lin Feng controlled his moan as he looked towards Ximen Chen and said to her, "Alright then, please wait outside... I will think about it for some time and then tell you the most optimum place to stay."

Ximen Chen as she held her daughter's hand and led her out of the room. As soon as the door of the room closed, Lin Feng backed away from the desk as he pulled out his dick from Qui Xue's mouth and saw her sitting there greedily gulping his semen.

After licking her own body of his semen, she surprisingly started speaking, "I know that you were lying about some of the things at that time but I want you to promise me a single thing…" Lin Feng had a devilish smile on his face as he thought 'Do you truly think that you are qualified to say anything in this type of relation? You are just a maid for me."

She had a bit of angry voice as she said, "...I want you to promise me that you will make that man suffer for all eternity." She was saying this as she knew what it was like to suffer under a man. She was able to relate with that woman but what she didn't expect that since that man couldn't get her, he actually attacked her daughter.


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