Ancient Dragon Lord
42 Illusion Emperor
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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42 Illusion Emperor

She knew that even though Lin Feng had threatened her with her parents but he had not done a single thing against anyone of this whole town... that is if no one went against him personally. Even though she knew him from a very short period of time, she knew that he won't do anything to her family just because of what she said or if she refused.

Lin Feng nodded his head as he kept his devious smile and asked her, "Alright I will do it, but what is my reward for that?" It caused her face to turn red as she thought about what she had thought of rewarding him, she said in a very low voice which could only be heard by the mosquitoes.

Lin Feng did hear her words due to his enhances senses and asked her, "Repeat it again, I couldn't quite hear you." She said while slightly raising her voice, "I will willingly become a maid for you from then on." Lin Feng's eyes widened as he heard her words.

He looked down towards her sexy body and realized that she was becoming more pleasing to the eye. He gave her an eye smile as he agreed to the condition. He said to her, "Alright now, I think that the time for you here is over. I will make you get out of this room through that window."

His eyes turned cold as he said, "You already know the inn, go back to the room that you have been assigned. I will meet you soon enough in that room…" It caused her to nod her head as she knew that she would have to go there and she couldn't disobey him at this point.

She picked up the buttons on the floor and made it stick to her shirt with her Wood Qi and closed her buttons of the top once again. After that, she went out of that room through the window that Lin Feng pointed out and landed safely on the ground by using her Wood Qi as a cushion.

She started to move back towards her room in the Lion Eagle Inn while Lin Feng pulled up his pants and used his Ice Qi and cleaned off the place with a cold wind. He then called out for Ximen Chen, "Alright then...come in once again." Ximen Chen heard his voice very clearly as she was sitting on the benches out of the door. She was quite nervous about the Town Lord's decision. She herself knew her position seems indeed dangerous, no one would extra trouble on their shoulder.

She knew that whatever was his decision, she would have to follow through that decision. She went inside the room with her daughter and saw Lin Feng sitting on top of the desk with one of his leg on the chair and a bright smile on his face. The wind flowed in and fluttered his Pure Black hair.

She found that moment a bit captivating as she found him very handsome. She lightly shook her head as she entered the reality once again and asked him in a pleading voice, "So, what have you decided Town Lord? Will you let us stay in this town or do we leave?"

Lin Feng looked as if in deep thought, "You can stay in the town…" These words caused her to feel excited as she knew that even her Brother-in-Law wouldn't anger a Town Lord over her. It would be quite foolish do so.

Lin Feng continued his words, "...but I have a single condition." This caused Ximen Chen to be taken back, she was a bit cautious as she thought the worse and thought that even he wanted her body as the condition. Lin Feng didn't let her continue her thoughts as he spoke his condition, "I want your permission to examine your daughter's body about that aura and the power. I feel as if I can cure your daughter…"

Ximen Chen's eyes started shining brightly as she heard his condition, she hurriedly held his hands and said, "Please do. I would do anything if you are able to cure my daughter of her condition!" She spoke carelessly without giving much thoughts to her words.

Lin Feng heard her words and smiled as he said, "I shall try my best." He then bent down on the level of Ximen Bing and held her hand as he concentrated for a few seconds and used the Dragon God's Aura. The Dragon God's Aura was the qi with a strong amount of Yin and Yang Qi.

He knew that the devil energy was Yin Qi so he should be able to counterbalance any type of aura or effect with his Dragon God's Qi. His warm aura flowed into her tiny hand.

The change was not noticeable at first but slowly it seemed as if some life was pumped into Ximen Bing once again. Her pale skin started to glow with a golden light and few moments later, it disappeared leaving her fair skin on her body. Her skin was as fair as her own mother's and Lin Feng could see from where her cuteness came from.

He pulsed more of his Dragon God's aura inside of her that suddenly the whole room was filled with a Dark Aura that was forced out of Ximen Bing's body. This was an Illusionary body of the Illusion Emperor among the Five Demon Emperors.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised to see a dark spirit inside of Ximen Bing's body and heard the cold voice of the Illusion Emperor, "Who are you kid? How could you throw me out of that young and delicious body?" Lin Feng's eyes widened as he suddenly wrapped his hands around Ximen Bing and shouted, "GET OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING LOLICON!"

This caused the Demon Emperor and Ximen Chen to have a sweatdrop as they heard his words, both of them simultaneously thought 'Is that the first thing you say after seeing me/it?'. Lin Feng didn't notice their expressions and hugged Ximen Bing even tightly as he said in a caring voice, "Don't worry Bing-Bing, I will protect you from this Lolicon."

Ximen Chen was surprised at what she saw next, she saw her daughter smiling! This made her very shocked because for the whole week she was waiting to see that smile on the face of her daughter. She heard her daughter speaking her first words after a week, "Father, will you protect me and mother from this weird uncle?"

Ximen Chen blushed a bit as she heard her daughter say that, she knew that this wasn't the fault of her daughter. Her daughter was just an year old when her father died, she had also said to her that her father was still alive and would always protect her.

In this situation when Lin Feng had protected Ximen Bing, she must have thought that he was her father. She didn't say anything as right now wasn't the time. Illusion Emperor said in some moments, "It is a nice moment. Nice dialogues you got there but now, now the time for jokes has ended."

Lin Feng carelessly said, "Just a pipe you are… just what the fuck can you do to me. What? Blow a large sound…" His words angered the Illusion Emperor as he had a very thin body. He hated when someone pointed it out and suddenly raised his hands in front of Lin Feng and started to move them in a mysterious manner.


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