Ancient Dragon Lord
44 Villa
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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44 Villa

Ximen Chen didn't want to trouble Lin Feng and raised her voice, "Please do not be troubled by this. Just hide us somewhere with minimum care. I believe that is enough of protection that we would require." To this, Lin Feng shook his head.

"No. Just now, I have already promised your daughter that I would protect her, I will also protect you so you both will stay with me. You can live in my villa as I and my wives haven't moved in there yet." Lin Feng was looking towards Ximen Bing with a loving expression on his face.

"But-" Ximen Chen was a little surprised when she heard he said wives, but thinking again, it was nothing strange. Even if he looks young, in the end he is the Town Lord. Having one or two wives and multiple concubines should be nothing special.

Lin Feng didn't let Ximen Chen continue as he cut her at once with a sharp expression, "I have already decided and promised to take of Bing'er. Do you want to say, I should break my promise? It's already decided, follow me." Lin Feng didn't wait for her response as he neared Ximen Bing and carried her in his arms.

He felt her light body in his strong arms and Ximen Bing also hugged him back as she took in his scent. She felt a bit sleepy since the extraction of the Demon Emperor and put her head on top of Lin Feng's chest and started sleeping in his arms.

From the tone of his voice, Ximen Chen knew it was impossible to change Lin Feng decision. She started to follow Lin Feng to the villa in the town. Lin Feng went outside the office room and called out to some random man in his gang and asked him to lead the way for the villa.

He didn't know which was the Tiger Eagle Gang's leader's villa. Ximen Chen walked behind Lin Feng as she glanced at his young but broad back from time to time. He exuded an Aura which makes her feel she is being protected and nothing can possibly harm her.

Lin Feng went inside the Villa and saw that it was pretty cleaned. The Villa had two floors with one being filled with many normal and guest rooms. The floors seemed to shine as if made anew. Lin Feng wondered whether it was a normal villa or not.

On the Second floor, there were Nine Bedrooms excluding the Master Room. Lin Feng naturally ignored the other rooms as he was going to use the Master room. The Master Room had a King Sized bed. The sheet used on the bed looked extremely soft. Just feeling the softness with his hand made him feel a little lazy.

There was a long bathroom connecting with the room. After checking everything on the room Lin Feng felt satisfied and decided to live in this Villa before he finds a better one or move to another city. One the first Floor, he found a bath which looked like a Royal Baths from his world. A scene involuntarily came to his mind.

A Royal Bath, filled with Royal Beauties, some washing their body while some washing his body. Blood rushed to his face as he had that thought and he controlled himself in front of Ximen Chen and Ximen Bing. He looked around and saw that this Royal Bath was connected to Five Rooms nearest to his Master Bedroom.

After a whole tour of the Villa, he decided to make the rooms nearest to his Master Bedroom for his wives as he wanted to be near them every night. He even thought of setting up some more beds and letting his wives sleep with him every night. He also thought of the rooms for Ximen Chen and Ximen Bing, their room was just slightly away from the Rooms that he chose for his wives.

It was also one of the rooms that was connected with the Royal Bathhouse, even though Ximen Chen knew about that, she didn't complain and just went inside the room. She held her daughter and went inside the room as she slowly put her down on the bed.

She then turned towards Lin Feng and bowed her head as she said with some tears in her eyes, "Just can I ever repay you? You have saved my daughter and at the same time saved me from the torturous pain. You have also agreed to let us stay with you while protecting us. Just can I ever repay these favours?"


Lin Feng smiled as he wiped away her tears and put his hands under her chin and slightly raised it. He looked into her eyes and said, "You are a great beauty... tears doesn't suit your face. As for returning my favour, Just give me a smile, I will think I was repaid for the time being. But you will have to pay for the future favours, ok?".

She looked in great thought and heard his peaceful voice once again in her ears, "Besides, who knows when you would be able to return it. So stay here and just take care of Bing'er from now on. Even I like her that is why I promised her safety. So, just relax in this place."

He then suddenly remembered something and said, "And if you have any problem, tell me. Don't think of doing anything by yourself, like running away to make sure that I won't have to fight against that Brother-In-Law of yours. I have to kill that piece of shit anyway! Trash like him doesn't deserve to live." His eyes went cold as he said those last words, "If you ever leave me, I will never forgive you."

She stayed silent as she felt that if he didn't say all this, she would have indeed done something on her own, like surrendering on her own to protect Lin Feng and the others around him. She stepped back some few steps as she heard his cold voice, she knew that he meant what he said.

He won't ever forgive her! She was a bit scared at that thought. She looked towards her daughter's peaceful expression and remembered her words when she was with Lin Feng. It seemed as if she really thought of him as her father, she knew that she won't be able to take it if she split up with Lin Feng.

She nodded to his words and said, "Alright, I promise. I won't ever run away from you. No matter what the circumstances." Lin Feng nodded as he hugged her while releasing some of his Yang Energy around him. He felt the soft body of Ximen Chen against his own masculine body.

Her soft body was against his body and she smelt his scent and she was a bit turned on. It wasn't her fault, she was a woman and had her needs, besides, she didn't have sex in these 5 years. She felt her pussy getting a bit wet and bit her lips as she tried to control her feelings right now.

Lin Feng touched her ass and fondled it for some seconds and his hand reluctantly left her body. He looked towards her and said with a perverted smile, "That was just a small interest that I took. Perhaps, you would be able to pay that favour." Ximen Chen blushed like a young teenager as she heard his words and covered her face.


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