Ancient Dragon Lord
45 Qui Xie“s Master
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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45 Qui Xie“s Master

Lin Feng left the room with a smile on his face, he went towards the Lion Eagle Inn to let his wives and his slave to relocate in this Villa. It was because, it was much better than the Inn and it was his own personal thing, nobody would be able to disturb him at this place.

He also wanted Bai Qian, Su Yijun to meet up with Ximen Chen and Ximen Bing. And as for his slave, Qui Xue, he didn't want that girl to be far away from him. He could want a quick sex at any time and she would be very useful at that time.

He reached in his own room of the Lion Eagle Inn and saw Bai Qian and Su Yijun sleeping while Bai Qian was in perfect position with respect to the bed but Su Yijun was sleeping while protouding her ass towards the door. Lin Feng walked towards Su Yijun and suddenly hit those large buttocks and said, "Don't sleep this this Yijun."

A cute moan was let out by Su Yijun, "Ah~" Lin Feng looked towards Bai Qian and saw that she was still sleeping, he grabbed her boobs and fondled them as he said, "Both of you wake up. Your Husband has come back now." Both of them ignored his words and continued to sleep.

Lin Feng had a perverted and evil smile on his face as he threw away his pants and his boxers and was standing with his hard dick on full display. He called out to them one last time, "This is your last chance, Wake up. Otherwise, my actions will speak louder than my words."

It seemed as if they ignored his words once again, he looked towards Su Yijun and felt as if it would be great to have her ass right now. He was turned on by this large ass suddenly teared apart her pyjamas. Even her top was torn apart by him because he felt that it was a pain to remove them.

He pushed Su Yijun a bit towards Bai Qian and made a space for himself and laid down on the bed. He grabbed her boobs and started to fondle them. He kissed her face as he softly said to her, "I am entering now…" He then pushed his dick inside her ass in one full go.

Suddenly, Su Yijun's eyes shot open as she felt a huge pleasure in her body. A strong hand fondled her breast as she felt the hard dick inside her ass. They had enough sex that she knew who it was just by his dick. She touched his hands and moaned, "Ahhhhhhhhhh......…"

Lin Feng thrust his dick inside of her and started to move his body in a to and fro motion and receiving huge pleasure in return. Both of them continued to have sex and released his cum inside her ass. He pulled out his dick which seemed to have been satisfied by her body and then turned his head towards Bai Qian.

He turned to Bai Qian and slapped her ass with force. Bai Qian's eyes suddenly opened as she felt her ass being struck by Lin Feng. She even moaned a bit, "~~MORE~~" Lin Feng smiled as he said to her, "No, not now. Get ready. We are moving to our new villa. We will be living there for a good amount of time."

Bai Qian was a bit surprised as she found out that he didn't want to have sex right now and turned her head towards Su Yijun. She finally understood the reason. She saw Su Yijun's expression which was slightly unsightly to see right now and instantly knew Lin Feng had fucked her and was in her own little world.

She stood up from her bed and went in the bath and changed her clothes. Su Yijun followed her while Lin Feng went out of the room and started walking towards Qui Xue's room.

He didn't even knock and straight away opened up the room. He saw her sitting on the web while she was surrounded by the wooden vines and it seemed as if she was cultivating with every bit of her will power. Lin Feng went near her and touched her shoulder as he sent some of his Dragon Qi inside her body.

Her body suddenly glowed in an emerald light as her speed of cultivation was boosted by 10 times of her normal speed. Even Qui Xue didn't know what had happened but she was very happy with this change. She didn't think of anything else and just continued to cultivate.

After an hour, her body was saturated with the Qi and was completely filled to the brim. She knew that she wouldn't be able to absorb any more and had to slowly digest it inside her body and convert it into her own Qi. So, she opened her eyes and felt a hand touching her body.

She saw that Lin Feng was touching her shoulder and was sending his own Qi inside her body. She didn't understand as to why he was doing this. She didn't know that this was the mystery to her heaven-defying cultivation speed.

She still didn't like him and thought that she had an opportunity to attack him and used her Wood Technique: Strong Bind. Suddenly, some vines started to appear from both of her hands and wrapped around Lin Feng's body. Lin Feng opened his own eyes as he felt something trapping him.

He saw Qui Xue using her Wood Affinity and binding him with the Vines of the tree. He smiled as he slowly used the Divine Ice Hands and made his hands completely cold, it was like his hands were ice. The Vines surrounding him froze and Lin Feng used just a slight amount of force and broke apart the Vines binding him.

He said to Qui Xue, "A good try but it is useless. Don't try anything like this again or else I won't just forget it like today." he then turned around and reached near the door and said to her, "Follow me to the villa. From now on, you are going to stay there as my personal maid."

Qui Xue had a very angry look in her eyes as she said, "You will regret this soon enough. My master from the Nature Palace is going to come here searching for me. I would like to see how you would deal with a King Realm Expert at that time."

Lin Feng heard her words and didn't mind them much, he himself was thinking of some way to deal with the disciples and the elders from the Nature Palace. He knew that they shouldn't hurry much right now and would take their time to reach the village.

He thought ' it possible for me to reach the King Realm before her master is able to come here. Nah...I don't think it will be that easy unless I find something related to the Dragon God's Legacy. So, I guess I can do two things for intimidating him, killer intent and my flying skill. Only an Emperor Realm Expert can fly up in the air, I can extend the time that way.'

As he was thinking, he didn't notice a green light on top of his cores in his Dantain. That green light was as if it was giving life to the Cores which caused them to slowly vibrate in to and fro motion. It was so minute that Lin Feng didn't even feel this change in his body and was unconsciously ignoring it.


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