Ancient Dragon Lord
49 Mirage and Illusion Clans
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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49 Mirage and Illusion Clans

Ximen Chen nodded as the reason why she didn't want Ximen Bing to go near Lin Feng was because she didn't want him to disturbed, she didn't want him to be disturbed because of Ximen Bing. She didn't know much about the Auction but she didn't think that it would be a good thing for her daughter to disturb him at this time.

Well, he was the one who called out for her so she didn't really think much about this. Lin Feng picked Ximen Bing and let her sit in Bai Qian's lap as he wanted her to sit besides him. Ximen Bing was also pretty excited as she held his hand while she sat in Bai Qian's lap.

She had a large smile on her pure and innocent face. Suddenly, he heard some persons arriving in the balcony besides his own and saw that there was a young lady with 5 guards around her. From her noble appearance, he knew that she was from a good family and wasn't from his town.

He asked Shao Dong sitting beside him, "Who is the one sitting beside this room?" Shao Dong looked towards that room and recognized the Young Miss and turned back towards Lin Feng and said, "Lord, that young miss is the daughter of the Illusion Mirage Town's Lord. This town is about 1000''s of kilometres away from our town and is one of the main town among the empire. The Mirage clan and the Illusion Clans reside within it."

He asked Shao Dong, "So which family is in dominance right now?" He knew that since there were two families, then there would be some sort of hostility between them. The saying was true that two tigers cannot stay together on the same mountain.

He knew that there must be some sort of differences and one of the family must have suppressed the other family. He was thinking as to how he should use this girl in his scheme of expanding the prestige of his town… But contrary to his expectations, Shao Dong said, "Sir, those two clans are in peace with each other."

He saw Lin Feng's confused expression and further explained his words, "Actually, a very huge fight broke out between this clans during the Ancient Times. That fight actually occurred during a war which caused uncountable losses and nearly caused the humans to surrender to the Demons. We were fortunate that we were able to avert that tragedy…"

"But from that moment, the ancestors of both the clans promised each other that they would never fight against each other. Whenever some sort of ambitious person appears who wants to suppress the other clan, all the elders decided to kill that person… This news is something that's known by the whole world."

Lin Feng heard his words and coldly smiled, he knew that this was just some sort of bullshit, there was no way that either clan was able to tolerate each other. How could a clan tolerate another power in it's own area? No, it can't, it would never tolerate it.

He knew that something must be happening in the background, some scheme among the elders or the older generation. He knew that a war would break out in that town once again. A dark thought emerged in his mind 'Well, if the fight didn't emerge out, then I will start it.'

He wanted to conquer the world, he had to kill off some clans and one of these clans was the price for it. His next question was, "So, which clan is she from?" Shao Dong replied with utmost respect in his voice, "She is from the Mirage Clan…"

"What's their speciality?" Lin Feng didn't even bat his eye before he started questioning Shao Dong again. Shao Dong didn't know too much about the clan but he started speaking about the things that they were famous and known to everyone in the word, "It is said that the Illusion Clan members are extremely talented in Illusion Technique. But their Illusion isn't realistic at all, that is, anybody can detect that they are caught in an Illusion but... but it is very hard to get out of the Illusion!"

"While the Mirage Clan, the Mirage Clan is different, they can show such a Realistic Illusion that the opponent can't differentiate between the Illusion and Reality. Sometimes if someone is caught in their Illusion, they can even fight for days and not able to differentiate between their real or fake opponent! But if the opponent knows that he is caught in an Illusion, they can easily get out of it."

Su Yijun had a confused expression on her face as she heard that, she curiously inquired, "Then why is the Mirage Clan on the same level as that of the Illusion Clan? From this perspective, the Mirage Clan should be far weaker." Shao Dong lightly smiled as he heard her question and responded, "No... in fact, the Mirage Clan is the one which is a bit stronger than the Illusion Clan."

His words further confused everyone sitting there and he further spoke to clarify his words and explained them, "It is because, why would a person try to get out of the Illusion when he don't even know whether he is in a real or mirage world. Besides...the Mirage Clan members are the better fighters as their Bloodline seems to give them a greater vitality and strength than the Illusion Clan members. All the Illusion Clan members have is their Strong Spiritual Energy…"

This let everyone understand about the strength of these two clans, Lin Feng inquired with a casual expression, "Since you know so much, tell me her name?" Everyone turned towards Shao Dong as they wondered if he knew her name…

Shao Dong nodded as he didn't feel that it was a big deal and said casually, "She is famous throughout the world by the name Ye Yan ." Lin Feng understood as he thought 'So this was the reason he said that the Mirage Clan was slightly stronger. The Town Lord is from that clan, it is expected that it would be stronger than the Illusion Clan…'

Lin Feng turned his face towards the centre of the Auction Hall as he was curious about the items. Soon enough, the Auction was completely full with all the 1000 seats filled. Lin Feng saw a seductive woman on the stage as she fake coughed a twice to gather everyone's attention as she started speaking in a heart robbing voice, "I, Mu Quan would like to thank all the gentlemen and women who had come to our Auction Hall, we from the Sharp Eagle Auction Hall are very honoured to receive you all and showcase our items…"

Everyone in the audience gave out a round loud of applause and she moved on to the next subject. She turned towards the VIP Room No. 1 and pointed out, "And there is seated our Town Lord with his beautiful wives! Please give our a round of applause for him…"

Nobody gave out an applause as the Audience followed her finger and turned towards Lin Feng and everyone sitting in the VIP Room no. 1. Each of them had different thoughts as they gazed at him, some thought that he was very lucky to be married to such beauties. Some had seen his strength when he fought against the Tiger Eagle Gang and idolized him.

Some criticized him in their minds as they thought that he was just one of the kids with a good family background and didn't have any power whatsoever. Many even thought that he was some weak kid and they could just kill him and stop his 'Town Lord Game' and while they are at it, they might as well enjoy his sexy wives.


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