Ancient Dragon Lord
50 The Auction Starts
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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50 The Auction Starts

When he was pointed out by the Anchor, even Ye Yan slightly raised her head to see him as his VIP Room no. 1 was situated at a higher floor than her own Room. She saw that it was a 14-15 year old boy with 3 Women with him. He even had a five year old girl sitting in the lap on one of his women.

She felt disgusted as she looked towards him and understood that he was just some kid with a good family background in this backwater town. She didn't think a real prince like guy would arrive at this Backwater Town where it was a big deal for someone to reach a Core Expanding Realm.

She herself was a 3rd Stage of the Nascent Soul Realm. She had the greatest talent among her generation in her Clan...only the young master of the Illusion Clan was able to match her Talent. The more she looked towards Lin Feng, she more she hate it and she once again lowered down her head as she gazed at the Stage and waited for the Auction Item to be displayed.

Soon enough, a man came while pushing a case covered with an opaque black coloured cloth. Mu Quan gazed at the Audience as she twisted her waist letting some men have a chance to see the skin exposed...their lustful eyes were completely focused on her body while the men who had come here for the item were gazing at the Black Cloth.

They were curious about the item it held and wished that they wouldn't have to wait so much and rip it to shreds! Mu Quan voiced out in a tone which was audible for everyone in the Auction, "This is the first item which will be auctioned, the name of this item is a Cultivation Manual that is famous around the world with a very familiar name… Heavenly Fire Dragon Cultivation Manual."

Suddenly, huge amount of shouting started to occur in the whole Auction Room. Many people were shocked as they heard the name, they didn't think that they would find such a valuable cultivation Manual in this Auction, it was definitely a shocking news for them.

This Heavenly Fire Dragon Cultivation Manual was very famous in the world, it was because an Expert had written it with all the profound truths that he knew about Fire and wrote it with his full devotion. A very weak and talentless person acquired this book and it was as if a Fish and gone through the gate and became a Dragon.

That person was later known as the Fire Emperor of the Galaellon Empire, the 91st Emperor of the Galaellon Empire. Every single person was ecstatic to know that they could have a chance to acquire this legendary cultivation manual. There were some people that were suspicious if it was a genuine item but didn't voice out any questions.

Mu Quan gave out a signal and one of her men hit a bell which gave out a loud noise and caused everyone to shut up. They once again started to stare towards Mu Quan and saw her shaking her foot. Mu Quan expressed what she wanted to say, "Please do not make noise. We wanted to tell another information that this Cultivation Manual is incomplete, we only have the 1st part while the 2nd Part is with the Royal Family of the Galaellon Empire. It wasn't possible for us to obtain it and we deeply apologize for our failure."

When they heard her words, many people lost their interest in this incomplete technique while many still remained excited, they knew that even if the Technique was incomplete, they could still cultivate it until the incomplete version could be used. It was because the Incomplete Version alone, allowed someone to have a chance to become King Realm Expert…

Besides, the way of the Martial Path was long, who knows if they could get an opportunity to have the 2nd Part of the Cultivation Manual of the Heavenly Fire Dragon Cultivation Manual. They remained in hope and were waiting for Mu Quan to say the starting price; it was as if their thoughts were answered and Mu Quan declared, "50,000 Gold Coins is the starting price and every increment can't be less than 1,000 Gold Coins. Start!!!"

"51,000! I am Gao Bo, I hope everyone would be kind en-"

"55,000! Shut it old man, the time for your cultivation has ended, you can let us have it..."

"57,000! Hmph...Taking such a technique for such a low price."

"80,000! Poor person talking about low price"

Many people started to bid excitedly. Some increased the amount by 1,000 Gold Coins while some increased it by 10,000 or 20,000 Gold Coins. Lin Feng didn't join in this idiotic bidding war. For any items that takes his interest, he will bid once and take the item. He felt too lazy to spend his energy in this idiotic war!

The price seemed to become stagnant after reaching 93,000 Gold Coins. No one really wanted to buy some incomplete technique for such high price. In the first place if this was some other technique in the place of Heavenly Fire Dragon Cultivation Manual, the max price might not even go to 80,000 Gold Coins!

"95,000!" suddenly Ye Yan bidded for the cultivation manual. Her voice seemed to echo in room and everyone raised their head and saw that it was Ye Yan. Some gave up right away as they didn't think that it was worth it to compete with Ye Yan for this incomplete cultivation Manual...

"So, miss Ye Yan of the Mirage Clan holds interest towards the Heavenly Fire Dragon Cultivation Manual. If we knew about it before, we would have gifted it to you. Please take it, I don't think anyone would mind it." Mu Quan expressed her generosity by actually gifting this technique to Ye Yan.

She knew that the maximum price that it could reach was the 150,000 Gold Coins and this amount of Gold Coins wasn't worth it to make an ally out of the Mirage Clan from the Illusion Mirage Town. Well nobody had any issue except for Lin Feng.

His eyebrows twitched as he heard that Mu Quan wanted to gift that technique to Ye Yan. He didn't want to do anything underhand in this Auction Hall and had thought of going through the rules of the Auction Hall but here he was watching the Auction Hall itself gifting it's item…

He looked towards Shao Dong and inquired, "Tell me how many gold coins do I have?"Shao Dong was surprised by his question and could guess where it was going, he replied with a slight pause, "I believe that Lord has at least 10 Million Gold Coins that he can use right now."

"Heh...Alright then, pay the Auction afterwards!" He ordered Shao Dong as he raised his voice and declared, "I bid 120,000 Gold Coins!" His strong and masculine voice further shocked everyone sitting in the seats. They raised their heads and noticed him sitting on an even higher room than Ye Yan.


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