Ancient Dragon Lord
52 Buying for Ximen Bing
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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52 Buying for Ximen Bing

Lin Feng heard the details of the item and wasn't really excited about this Pellet. He already had a really pure Qi and the same was true for Bai Qian and Su Yijun. Besides, he felt as if he could better purify their Qi through his own Bloodline than this origin Pellet.

This pellet didn't bring out the amount of energy as the first item did, Mu Quan further spoke, "We are going to sell 50 Origin Pills collectively. So, the Starting price of the Origin Pills is 20,000 Gold Coins. And as before the Minimum bid must be incremented by a 1000 Gold Coins."

When everyone heard that there were 50 Origin Pills, some of them were excited as bid for the pills, "23,000 Gold Coins!"

Another person spoke, "25,000 Gold Coins!"

Slowly and slowly the amount reached up to the 35,000 Gold Coins and remained standing there for some time before they heard a powerful and old voice calling out, "90,000 Gold Coins." His voice startled everyone in the Auction hall as they turned their head and saw an old man sitting in the 3rd VIP Room.

Lin Feng also turned towards that man as he wanted to know just who this person was. From those sharp and powerful looking eyes, he wasn't able to find out anything about the man. He was curious about this mystery man that suddenly the Mu Quan spoke, " the elder of the Nature Palace wants these pills."

She raised her voice, "Please shout out if someone wants to increase the bid!" The whole Auction Hall remained silent as there were two reasons for it. One was because they didn't want to pay more than 90,000 Gold Coins for these pellets while some cheap alternatives were available in the market.

They didn't think that it was worth it to waste so much money on such an item, and the second reason was because he was from the Nature Palace. One of the strongest sects around the world… Who would want to go against this person? Well Lin feng would have gone against him but he didn't need these Origin Pellets so he skipped on it.

Mu Quan smiled as she saw the silence in the Audience Hall and shouted out, "Bid 90,000 Gold Coins! Count No. 1!"

"90,000 Gold Coins! Count No. 2!"

"And, 90,000 Gold Coins! Count No.3! Sold! We shall give these Origin Pellets after the Auction." The old man nodded as he heard her words and stayed silent. With that the people waited for the next Auction Item while Lin Feng turned towards the next item that was about to come up.

The seductive host did move her waist quite professionally and took the hearts of some virgins with her movement. Lin Feng did decide that she wouldn't be bad for a one night stand. The next item that came up was a Sword Relic of a very strong Emperor Realm expert.

It was said that the Sword was an Earth Grade Weapon with the ability to control some portion of land around the user. He would be able to reflect all the Land based attacks as long as the opponent was not too powerful than the user. Lin Feng didn't need this sword, he had his own Dark Sword that had a Dragon as it's Spiritual Intelligence.

It was young right now but he knew that it would be able to become the strongest among all the weapons. He turned towards Ximing Bing and asked her, "Did you like something from the Auction? Do you want this sword?" Ximen BIng shook her head in negative, she didn't want a sword and soon enough someone gave 1.5 Million and bought that sword.

The next item that came up was in the shape of a Ruby, it was an Energy Crystal that were used to recharge the user with the purest Energies from the heaven and earth. Ximen Bing's eyes brightened as soon as she saw that crystal, she turned towards Lin Feng and expressed her desire, "Father, it's so beautiful! I want that! Can you buy it for me?"

Even though Bai Qian and Su Yijun felt weird as they heard her calling Lin Feng as father but they decided to ignore it, after all the girl was only 5 years old. They were happy that Lin Feng seemed to like kids and wouldn't be opposed to raising them.

Lin Feng decided that he would buy that crystal just for Ximen Bing. He heard the starting price of the Energy Crystal, "10,000 Gold Coins." As soon as he heard that, he decided to bid for it with a large amount of money, he cleared his throat as he declared his bid, "1 Million Gold Coins!"

His voice turned everyone silent as they heard his words, they couldn't believe that someone was paying 1 Million Gold Coins for this Energy Crystal. Just who was this spendthrift, they saw that it was their very own Town Lord. Normal people weren't the only ones paying him attention, Ye Yan was also astonished that he bid such a large amount in one go.

The normal people were cursing him, "What the fuck? In the Auction you should wait for the price to slowly rise up before giving off such a huge bid but nooo, you actually bid 100 times the Starting amount from the start. Do you want to kill us?"

There were many other that were cursing him right now, Lin Feng didn't care for them as he turned towards Ximen Bing and smiled, "This crystal will be yours at the end of Auction. You can play with it however you like…" When people heard his words, they were astonished, "This guy didn't even buy it for himself but for that young girl to play with it. Such a spendthrift."

"Well, it's better for us, he won't have enough money to spend on real items that are going to appear next. Especially the main item being held in this auction." They were also right about such a thing since if Lin Feng continued to spend money like this then he wouldn't be able to buy the precious items being held in the auction.

Yet, there was no trace of worry on his face as he continued to watch the auction unfold, he was relaxed as he remained seated between mouth watering beauties, who had given their heart, body and soul to him. His hands gently held Ximen Bing sitting on his laps while smiling as she was delighted that she would receive the beautiful crystal as a gift from her daddy.

Meanwhile, Ximen Chen was looking at him with a slight worry visible on her pretty face, she was confused as to if she should let her daughter accept it or not. Because, it didn't look like she would be able to pay back this money in short amount of time but she hesitated as she witnessed her cheerfulness and stopped herself before she said anything.

She decided to talk to Lin Feng about this at a later moment so that he won't eat a loss or else she would feel guilty about accepting his money without helping him out or paying him back. Lin Feng didn't pay any attention to her face as he continued to looked forward and wondered what would be the next item to be displayed in the auction.


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