Another World Life as a Cheat Character!
1 Ch:1 - Transmigration!
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Another World Life as a Cheat Character!
Author :AsuraMonarch
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1 Ch:1 - Transmigration!

High above the skies is a plane. Not just any plane but one for sky divers.

A few hundred meters down from that plane is a figure free falling whilst laughing.


The daredevil who said that is a teenager known as Aello Rai Zephyr.

A half japanese half caucasian from florida.

The wind heavy name stems from the fact his parents thought of it to be funny. Despite that Aello loves his name. In his own words "It fits me perfectly! The wind is free! coming and going as it pleases! The wind accompanies the storm as a fierce gale but can be as gentle as a breeze!"

Indeed his name is from Aello meaning whirlwind. Rai meaning storm and Zephyr meaning west wind.

The fact that his personality can be a whirlwind capable of being a violent storm and a gentle breeze is a plus as well. He preferred getting called Rai or even Kaze. His most common IGN 'In Game Name' as he calls it.

Now Rai went sky diving because his hobbies usually involve wind in one way or another. Kites when he was a child and bungee jumping Face first mind you, Due to the fact "The thrill when the wind hits my face is exhilarating!" In his own words. Then Gliding and finally Skydiving.

Yet this day spelt the doom for him just for the fact a naration of his life is going on

[" DoN't BrEAk! ThƏ ÞhıRĐ WÆŁŁ! "]

Hmm that demonic voice? Is your voice hoarse due to the often breaking of third walls now Ryuuki? Well i don't care shut your mouth you are a failed project.

Anyways. As i said as he got within 5 kilometers of the ground he deployed his parachute in order to savor being so high up in the air.


"Is that a commercial Airplane?"

An airplane appeared. yet this one is.

"It's turbine is fucking smoking!"

Yes, Yes indeed.

The turbine on one of the wings isn't working causing its wobbly flight and rapit descent.

The captain probably thought crashing it into dirt fields would be the best case scenario.

Yet this spelt the doom of Rai. As it neared Rai become more panicked.

"What the hell man?! I'm not the fucking twin towers don't crash into me!"

He can still make offensive jokes about the situation...

As it neared it seemed inevitable. He was destined to crash into it. This was the first time Rai skydived. so he couldn't manipulate his parachute effectively anf even somehow jammed it making moving impossible.

"Just open the fucking chute he said, Even if you don't land near the landing point he said."

Complained Rai.

Alas Rai became mere splat on the plane ending his life and tale on earth.

Yet all hope wasn't lost for!



A kind grandpa looking person clad in a white robe and with a beard longer than gandalf's that is all white to it's root as well.

"Really? What happened? sneezed? or something fell into the turbine and my death caused the pilot to become even more resolute leading to them miraculously surviving leading to me getting loads of karma points because the people changed and became selfless people knowing their life can end at any moment. And a child grew up to make transportation even safer leading to fewer deaths thus more karma for me?" I spouted some bullshit not even sure if this is a dream or not. The adrenaline felt so real. but this situation isn't exactly normal.

"I-indeed young man! How impressive for someone so young having such foresight! Indeed so due to that i will send you into another world with these so called cheats." Stated the oldman in a matter of fact tone after getting over the shock of my insight.

"So with my death benefiting humanity for how many even countless generations it means i have alot of privileges right?" Asked Rai.

Without waiting for a reply.

"I wish to be able to see and configure my stats now and give me exceptional affinities to all elements but give me peak or otherwise godlike affinity to Lightning and Wind. After that give me godly genius intelligence and comprehension along with Eidetic Memory and allow me to configure my appearance as well as i choose transmigration." I said in one go. I've read webnovels and I've already planned out most of my actions and choices at the start.

"Oh right before i forget give me exp boost proportional to 80 percent of my karma left as well as the capability to share it with others. the remaining 20 shall be converted into stat points."

My wishes are really demanding so i don't know how he'll react.

"Consider it done." With a casual face he said that.

"Wait what?!" I said in shock. I expected having to compromise.

"I am one of the strongest Omnipotent Gods! This is but a trifling matter." He said matter of factly.

"Young man the stats is available you can pick a class to start out balancing your stats then distribute the rest. The appearance can be done later." As he said that a transparent screen appeared infront of me.

[Swordsman- Further divided into subclasses this class is a jack in all trades ready to focus into one direction.]

[Priest- Capable of using powers holy in nature to smite enemies or to heal the wounded.]

[Magician- Generally internal mana users to manifest phenomenon such as blasts of fire.]

[Sorcerer- A combination of usage of both internal and external mana to supercharg the elements. Sorcerers are seen as prestigious people influential beyond all belief.]

[Druid- Utilising nature to brew potions of to heal and request the help of nature in battle.]

[Paladin- A knight who has learned holy magic. Seen as elite forces paladins usually are around the age of atleast 20.]

And many many more.

At the sight of practically infinite classes my mind blanked a little.

The God snapped his fingers and i felt... smarter? more comprehending and all.

I understood he did this so i can be quick and smart about it.

Magic users are generally stronger but eventually even warriors can reach a level similar to a sorcerer. As i was pondering the god once again snapped his finger.

"Consider this as well as comprehension of all human and some more language as a freebie." He said casually.

Of course i chose races in case i wanted to get something there to help me pick.

[Elemental- A mysterious race capable of commanding the elements]

[Dragons- Divided into two the race of dragons is a proud one. Capable of destroying mountains with physical strength alone! Most of the race have atleast some magical capabilities.]

[Dwarves- Short and stout but not to be underestimated. They are master crafters and talented in rune graving unfortunately rarely do dwarves who can utilise magic get born.]

[Oni- A medium to high level race in the underworld most Oni are fierce warriors with honor. Their strong eats weak mentality leads to magic focused Oni to gdt discriminated. All Oni have some fire magic.]

[Incubus- A sex demon capable of bewitching most women. Unfortunately a strong woman isn't safe. Will is the most important to resists the demon's charm.]

And many many more.

Once again i formulated a plan. Yet a new one immediately popped into existence when i noticed a certain race.

[High Human- Humans so intune with Mana that elementals and spirits flocked to them. With talent in all sorts of craft and capable of being as strong as demons in physical strength the race was a well respected one during the early times of the world. Yet now pure high-humans Don't exist. Only extremely diluted blood remains.]

By itself it is already perfect. Yet if i pick another it will be truly perfect.

[??Asura??- Only known as Asura this warrior race consists of Godly warriors capable of bringing bloodshed wherever they go. Despite rarely utilising mana the gods themselves felt threatened and sealed them away. Yet whenever a stray asura pops out it is a sign of impending bloodshed.]

Combining it i can get magical talent and a body capable of reaching godly levels. The latent potential of these two races are so immense that i almost got a Nerdgasm!

Aside from that my choice for class is costly. All together these cost me 400X of the exp boost. God lied! The rare classes and races cost something! Now im down to 20X exp boost.

My class is basically two combined into one.

[Sword Saint- Reaching a realm of skill unachievable even by the most talented of races Sword Saints are capable of movements as quick as the blink of an eye.]

Unfortunately 'God' Classes isn't part of the ones i can choose.

[Paragon- Referring to those who have 'Mastered' the elements (Fire and such) Paragons are thought to be a long lost class and is infact seen as a legend.]

Combined into one.

[Saint of Sword & Magic- An existence more than mortal yet less than a god. One who has mastered the elements and a weapon of war!]

Though the innate skills shall eat alot of mana and my experience requirements are higher than the norm. Whereas a common warrior needs 10 exp at level one I will need 100. But in the same level i am unbeatable and can even surpass levels! I am someone not bound by the concept of levels!

My stats are.

Str- 6





Though seemingly weak 1 is the norm for a absolutely normal human. My sword path is focused on speed and a strong body is needed to withstand the speed and not breakdown.

Strength is Physical strength.

Dex is speed and control over ones body and weapons.

Wisdom is not in the traditional sense, This is more control over magical related skills.

Intelligence is the same though it may be more appropriate to call it Soul, But the stronger ones soul is the more intelligent one becomes... Someway or another...

Vitality is the toughness of ones body. This is important for physical stats because one can't have more stats in Str or Dex if the Vit is incapable of reaching it when multiplied by 3.


If my Dex is 16 and my Vit is 5 which is now x3 is now 15. and if i use my Dex to its full potential it will cause me to get injured.

I still have 5 leftover points which i am gonna put 2 into Dex and 1 into Vit and 3 into Int.

My Stat growth is.

Str +1

Dex +5

Wis +4

Int + 3

Vit + 2

Some classes needs levels to get even one up! Well of course i meant secondary stats. Because to level up means to better ones very existence. Even a warrior if high level enough can level his Int.

For example a level 10 Warrior is.

Str 14

Dex 5

Int 1

Wis 1

Vit 10

Granted it is a lowest tier class.


On to the final stretch i needed to customise my appearance.

I kept my height of 6'1 but made some changes.

Silver hair in a fairly messy pony tail with bangs falling over to my face covering a fair bit of my right eye. With a longer strip of hair framing my left face reaching up to my neck. The pony tail itself is slightly on the right side and is situated on my left shoulder. it is long enough to reach just below my shoulder blades when letting it fall straight down.

I changed my eyes to be of a golden color a little similar to the eye of Ichigo during half mask possession.

My build was adjusted automatically for a Strength but mainly Dexterity based build of body. With a strong core and all. My muscles look compacted and firm visible even if relaxing as if carved from marble. I changed my features to have some more of those Xianxia Handsome MC face. Sword like browd and all. But made sure to keep it masculine.

As for my little bro? Didn't adjust it. Still proudly standing at 9 inches! (AN: Did some searching largest or deepest i guess. is 9 inches)

"Ja~Ne!" The god said to me.

And in a bright flash i was gone.


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