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Another World Life as a Cheat Character!
Author :AsuraMonarch
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2 Ch:2- Set Out. P.1

Tidbit at the start.

So i meant to use 5 stat points right? somehow ended up using 6. This is what happens when you don't check your work i guess.


I suddenly appeared in a forest yet on a dirt road. Curiously looking around i saw that the trees look absolutely humongous. Well not all, Just trees that look somewhat special.

"Well Country roads take me home i guess." I said to myself lamely.

As i was about to start i felt something like a prick. Frowning for a second i suddenly have memories previously not there.

The contents are simple.

Status to see personal status and say create party to make a party. I get a special feature where i can modify the exp rates of party members at the cost of my own 20x multiplier. the exp is defaulted on even exp sharing.

With that out of the way i went ahead and walked and opened up my status.


[Aellon Rai Zephyr] [Saint of Sword & Magic]

[Half High Human and Half Asura] [16]

[HP:60/60] [MP:130/130]

[Lvl: 1] [Exp:0/100]

Str - 6

Dex - 15

Wis - 17

Int - 13

Vit - 6


Sword of the Saint- possessing skill in the sword approaching the gods. Your swordsmanship is unmatched by mortals.

The Paragon- Able to use magic as if one is an elemental.

Exp Boost 20x- Buffs the exp gains of user by 20x


"Hmm, I see no activated skills just knowledge. Yet the fact is i can create psuedo skills by myself with this knowledge. hmm, a single fireball will take 10 mana a decent ammount seeing as it is the lowest tier fire spell." I muttered to myself. I eventually started jogging but after a few minuted came across a bunny.

"Nah, There is this one novel where a bunny literally recked a beginner MC." I said to myself.

I manipulated the elements to form a small arrow made out of rock, adding rotation using wind i shot it towards the bunny.

Poor bunny didn't stand a chance. It literally has a hole in the middle of his chest. Despite not consuming much mana the speed was high due to my imagery and the skill (Magic theory) granted by The Paragon.


*You've killed a harmless rabit!*

*1xp X 20 = 20*

...Huh, Well damn. Did look pretty damn normal.

Pretending that didn't happen i proceeded down the road, Idly thinking of possible spells while doing so.

Almost half an hour passed before i reached the gate of a town. It was pretty basic if i say so myself. large wooden staked arranged in a wall like fashion with a relatively large gate made out of wood. I can even make out two men wearing fairly worn leather armor and a spear.

Jogging closer to the gate they've seen to have taken notice of me. While one guard looked pretty inexperienced the other had a gruffer look with similar facial features just older.

'hmm, my new spell could be used to escape incase they turn hostile, I don't think lying is the best option atleast about my 'origins' I thought to myself.

"Halt! State your business here!" Shouted the younger one in a shaky voice.


"Ita! Ossan the heck was that for?!" Said the younger one who just got smacked indignantly.

"You idiot, We aren't city guards or gatekeepers of nobles." Said the gruff looking man.

"Stop." As the young one was about to reply the gruff man stopped him.

"Now then young man mind telling us what you need? I doubt that someone like you is an adventurer with your silk clothes and all."

At those words Silk Clothes i blanked.

'Am i such an idiot that i didn't think about that?' Quickly looking over myself i am indeed wearing something highclass looking. Especially in an era where production of silks and clothes are as backwater as this.

I'm wearing something akin to a white buttonless jacket hugging my arms and stretching towards my back with a slight tail coat look. Underneath is a blue buttoned up? tucked under some black pants of unknown fabric and fastened with a leather belt, finishing it off is leather shoes over my pants.

"Well would you believe me if i told you i woke up in the forest with no recollection of where I'm from who am i exactly and resetting to level one?" As i said that an odd look passed through the duos face.

"Sorry but that is a hard story to swallow. Said the older man.

"Yeah that just sounds crazy, besides if you've been reset to level 1 then a monster could've easily killed you." Bluntly said the younger. The earlier nervousness gone.

As response i swung my hand to the side as i made a crescent wave of flames.

The flames burned bright yet the ground remained unscorched. At the display the two men gawked.

'God that took all my regenerated mana. 50 mana gone just to impress' I said in my mind while keeping a calm face as if that wasn't impressive.


"...Impressive control, But i doubt a level one could do that. without a staff or wand nonetheless."

Indeed along with the basic information other weapons were also revealed. Staffs and wands are basically a battery. Atleast most are... Basically magicians use the mana in them to conserve mana. Orbs also exist and grimoires.

"Again if i had a status card of an adventurer i can prove it." I replied nonchalantly.

"Well... *sigh* well my name is rhodes this is don" Said the gruff one then pointed to the younger.

"He is my dad just to let you know" Said Don.

"Well you can proceed but if you've truly woken up with only the clothed on yout back then i recommend you head out to hunt a few animals to sell. With your strength it should be easy enough."

Nodding in thanks to rhodes i walked back into the dirt roads. After a few minutes i turned right and kept on walking eventually finding bunnies similar to the one i killed.

Forming a plan to easily kill them i glanced at my mana bar. '81 huh?'

Thinking of an efficient and cheap solution to kill 5 rabbits in one go i manipulated the wind and slashed my arm out. Doing so helped a little in making a crescent blade out of wind that is deadly. Firing it out and making it extend i cut off the heads of 4 and the last one i nicked in the shoulder.

It quickly ran while it squeaks in terror.


*You've killed 4 harmless rabits!*


*Level Up!*

Str +1

Dex +5

Wis +4

Int +3

Vit +2

[Aellon Rai Zephyr] [Saint of Sword & Magic]

[Half High Human and Half Asura] [16]

[HP:80/80] [MP:160/160]

[Lvl: 2] [Exp:0/200]

Str - 7

Dex - 20

Wis - 21

Int - 16

Vit - 8


"Easy enough i guess..." I muttered.

Quickly collecting the corpses i first use drained all the blood and then quickly made a make shift basket using clay from earth magic which i fired with fire magic.

My liberal use of magic left me at 20 mp. I quickly picked it up and ran back towards the town.

Spotting rhodes and don i asked if i could sell this somewhere. Pointing me at the necessary direction i quickly got it exchanged. Asking for directions for an inn i followed it and found a slightly run down looking inn. Entering i booked a room for a night spending 10 coppers out of my 125.

Coming to a close i glanced outside the window and saw it was almost night time around 6 pm. Deciding to leave during early morning to encounter more dangerous animals i tucked in early and slept.


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