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Another World Life as a Cheat Character!
Author :AsuraMonarch
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3 Ch:2- Set Out. P.2

Waking up at around twilight i stretched my sore back.

'God the beds suck, This is gonna take a while to get used to.' While thinking that i came to a sudden realisation.

No not that I've become an ikemen even more so than before. It's the fact i have muscle memory... Despite it being a new body. The movements in sword play is also natural. With almost any 'sword' i can effectively display martial prowess out of reach for even the most talented mortals.

Cutting off my line of thought i quickly smoothen some creases in my clothing and proceeded to head to the exit of the inn.

Remembering something i called out to the owner.

"Excuse me but do you know a nearby town with a guild?" I asked politely.

"Aye head towards the eastern exit 'n follow the dirt roads, gonn' be a 2 day trip sonnie, But if you fancy a shortcut then cut through the forest, A path should be seen. Careful though sonnie rumours are monsters frequent the bloody path." The owner said weirdly.

My smile strained and i said a thank you. heading towards the said exit i thought. 'The hell was that speech pattern?!'

While being confused i already exited the gate. How do i know? There's a frickin sign.

I decided to warm up doing some stretches.

A couple of sets later i proceeded to jog.

Looking at the path there is mainly a 'path' where something akin to wheels seems to pass through frequently.

After maybe an hour i still felt fine if not then a little winded. But quickly felt the protest of my stomach.

My stomach rumbled signifying my hunger.

'Oh, Forgot to eat...' ...

Thankfully the split off path was seen. Deciding to hunt a monster then eat it i made way towards it.

Still jogging it wasn't till 40 minutes later that i felt a presence. Not just one actually multiple presences seemed to be stalking me.

I slowly stopped to a halt and subtly took a stance.

Despite primarily being a sword saint it doesn't mean it has zero other martial art knowledge. And add to it my limited muay thai and boxing knowledge, I can make use of the footwork and theoretical knowledge of muay thai and boxing.

A few minutes seem to have passed when in reality it has only been seconds. Suddenly a wolf jumped out from a shrub.

Quickly assuming a defensive stance i prepared to counter. Wanting to conserve mana.

But to my confusion it didn't attack me, It instead took a stance a few steps away from me and assumed a prepared stance. My confusion didn't end there. Since multiple wolves jumped out as well. Ranging in colors from brown to dark brown to almost black a total of 8 jumped out.

Deciding i needed to atleast try my physical prowess i attacked the nearest one.

With speed no doubt beyond a human i kneed it in the head while it was still in the air. Quickly landing i prepared to axe kick it as it landed. But sensing danger i quickly rolled to the left. a few moments later another wolf clawed at the area where i was before.

Proceeding to do a quick check of the battlefield the weird wolf which I've now noted being a majestic silver in color was easily fighting 3 of the wolves. I myself was fighting 4. and a bigger wolf stood watching.

'Why'd it pounce if it won't attack anyway?'

My distracted state served as a mistake since i barely dodged a claw strike. Panick quickly settling in i fired wind blades into my attackers and killed them.

Hearing dings i didn't pay attention to it and fired a Blue flame towards the supposed leader.

As i regained control over myself i wanted to smack myself.

'Damnit! This was so i could get used to fighting up close! Despite getting the skill i didn't get the experience of a saint level swordsman' I thought sadly and a little disappointed in myself.

Quickly disregarding it and putting it aside i ignored the dings and fired off a rip off byakurai and pierced the head of the 3 remaining wolves who attempted to run away.

"Awoo?" The earlier wolf that wanted to help looked at me and tilted it's head. Thinking it was cute i decided to pet it.

It let out sounds of pleasure from being pet i continued to do so while i looked i willed the notifications to appear.


*You've killed forest wolf for 5 exp! x7 forest wolf alpha for 10 exp!*

*5x7×20= 700exp 10x20=200exp*


*You've leveled up 3x!*

Str +3

Dex +15

Wis +12

Int +9

Vit +6

[Aellon Rai Zephyr] [Saint of Sword & Magic]

[Half High Human and Half Asura] [16]

[HP:140/140] [MP:250/250]

[Lvl: 5] [Exp:300/800]

Str - 10

Dex - 35

Wis - 33

Int - 25

Vit - 14


Admiring the power up i received and feel i was broken from my stupor by a sudden pain.

Yanking my arm i noticed a shallow bite. Angrily looking at the wolf i got dazed seeing as it was glowing.

Infront of me was text saying.

*Moon Wolf has requested a partner contract. Accept? Y/N*

After thinking of it for a few minutes i pressed yes. Anything named after a celestial body is either important or strong. Or both.

As i pressed yes i felt a part? of me? getting stretched. Then it suddenly connected to something. feeling a connection i looked to where it originated. Seeing as it was the now named Moom Wolf happy looking with its tail swinging around i patted its head.

New information came out. I can look at the stats of my partner.

[No Name]

[Moon Fox & ????] [3]

[HP:230/230 ] [MP:60/60 ]

[Lvl:8] [Exp:150/9,600]







Moon's Blessing- When the moon is out become 30% Stronger and 5%Faster


Hmm thinking back it did not have problems in dodging but dealing significant damage was something it couldn't. I guess it couldn't unleash a flurry of strikes because it would leave him open.

It's only skill as well only really compensates for the damage. So it is more of a night hunter.

"Well buddy lemme think of your name okay?"

I said to it.

In response it licked me happily.

Laughing i compared it to a siberian husky.

Hmm, so what do i name it?


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