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Another World Life as a Cheat Character!
Author :AsuraMonarch
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4 Teaser and notice.

As the panther pounced claudia was horrified, She couldn't bring up her staff in time. The panther brought its claw nearer and nearer to her chest. She would've been struck with a grievous wound was it not for a sudden thin barrier appearing infront of her. Despite not being struck directly. the momentum threw her into a tree causing her to faint due to the blunt force of the impact.

"CLAUDIA!" Karui screamed in worry. By now even yoshino readied her staff.

Karui responded quickly by shooting 2 arrows in quick succession towards the panther. The panther dodged one but couldn't avoid the other.


With the arrow piercing inside it, the panther momentarily stiffened for a fraction of a second.

The pain made it enraged and enchanced it's killing intent. With adrenaline in its veins it charged forward with more momentum than before.

Karui faced a dilemma she was faster than this panther in burst movements. Does she escape or does she stay. Without a front line she knew winning was almost impossible. Yoshino was more of a burden. healing and binding are her strong points. Yet against a nimble opponent she can't bind it. and against strong opponents one hit is dangerous.

As if timed plants sprouted and attempted to bind the panther. Yet it merely dodged it the plants were slow and the use was amateurish.

Seeing that Karui really considered running. But unfortunately the panther locked sight onto her. Distortion doesn't make her completely invisible. With strong light and a opponent with keen senses it is useless. Unfortunately she hesitated too long and the opportunity to retreat the shades then using it is gone.

With the beast almost upon her she took an arrow and plunged it into its shoulder.

"GrrRAAH!" With a enraged roar the beast disregarded the pain and successful pounced on the woman as it was about to bite into her a feeling of death enroached upon it. It quickly pounced away from the woman leaving her bewildered yet glad.

Well that's a look into the original I've been working on.

Ah right so im gonna go on a trip soon so I've been preparing so either when i come back mass updates. Or got too busy having fun i didn't write a single thing


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