Aria's Tales
56 3.15 - Miss Troublemaker
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Aria's Tales
Author :Adevhine
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56 3.15 - Miss Troublemaker

Lily was hyper. She hopped all over Qin Huang's mind popping confetti bombs and singing "bitch is gonna get it" repeatedly. It caused her master to feel dizzy. Thankfully, Teng Zexi was in front or he would have seen a blankly looking Qin Huang with dots for eyes and stars floating on her head.
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Qin Huang could only continue acting through sheer will power now.

Qin Huang: Lily enough T_T

Lily: Bitches gonna get it!!! *throws more bombs*

Qin Huang: *sweats*

This continued on for a solid 5 minutes until Qin Huang caught the rabbit and banned her of her cookies for a full week.

Lily was gobsmacked.

She was just hyped that Xia Xinyi and Cai De were finally getting their ass whooped. How did her cookies become victimized??

She then left the frozen bunny to reflect on her actions and got back to her role.

They were now walking down a long spiral staircase situated under a hidden fortress. They were under one of her brothers' secret hideouts located deep within the forest on the outskirts of the city.

It was just Qin Huang and Teng Zexi now. Teng Zexi was leading the way, and her four brothers had closed themselves in the executives' room above ground.

"Ya~ Zexi gege~ Are you taking me to where I'm thinking?" Qin Huang's wide mischievous smile made her eyes form into slits.

Teng Zexi turned and glanced at her with confused eyes. Didn't she just say she wanted to see them? He wondered if she changed her mind.

With her pointy finger on her lips and her other hand on her hips, Qin Huang teasingly said while tilting her head.

"Are you taking me to a sex dungeon?"

Such a question startled the iceberg and their only source of light - a lamp held by Teng Zexi. What is she saying?!

His eyes couldn't help but darken, and his breathing increased. He closed his eyes for a moment to calm down, but it was only on the surface as his heart was jumping around.


He turned back and continued to walk down, but his footsteps had turned mechanical as if every step was calculated for a specific time to hit the ground. His ears were visibly red. If Qin Huang saw his face, she would have seen a blushing Teng Zexi.

Qin Huang's laugh echoed melodiously into the void of the stairs. Who could blame her? This troublemaker had been walking endlessly that she had gotten bored. Since Teng Zexi was here, she might as well tease him.

She pouted and muttered. "Aww how disappointing~ I was too expectant-"

The man in front almost stumbled and fell. If he really did, he would have probably rolled all the way to their destination.

He abruptly turned around and glared at Qin Huang who was smiling happily.



Then she gave him a 2-second long flying kiss.

Teng Zexi felt an ache coming from his forehead. He massaged his temple before continuing to walk down the stairs. If he continued to mind Qin Huang, he might really end up eating her in the middle of the spiral staircase. Is this girl asking for it?!


Well, he wasn't wrong.

Qin Huang: Who cares about those two just let me pounce on you~

Lily: *is still frozen*

As soon as Qin Huang saw the floor, she hopped from three stairs up then on to his back and successfully hitched a ride. She pressed her two mounds intentionally and circled her arms on Teng Zexi's already reddened neck. And as an added effect, she blew cold air to his red ear.

Teng Zexi suddenly became an unmovable mountain. Despite Qin Huang's pounce, he didn't stumble, but now he had to deal with the softness on his back, his wildly pumping heart, and his nearly-breaking sanity. He really wanted to punish the little demoness right then and there.

After all, something had already awakened.

Teng Zexi had to breathe in and out a couple of times, and even that didn't alleviate his suffering - at least he was able to reign in his sanity. He took a step forward and despite the bulge below his belt, acted as if nothing was wrong and continued to walk with the koala on his back. The red shade on his cheeks, however, told a different story.

"You sure love a piggyback." He said in a pained deep voice.

"Not really. I just love hugging you." And eating tofu. Qin Huang replied while playing with his hair.

Teng Zexi's heart was about to burst. What did she just say?? Such attack was too direct and it was even said so close to his ears. A foolish smile couldn't help but emerge on his face. But since he tried to suppress it, his lips couldn't decide whether to frown or to grin. He looked stupid at the moment.

A supposed cold faced man was trying to suppress his smile while a naughty lady was playing with his hair like a monkey on his back.

Who would have thought such a harmonious scene could be seen in a dungeon stench in blood?

Lily woke up from her stupor in time to see this, and she was back to her frozen state once again with her mouth hanging open. What did she missed?

Chains suddenly rattled and the sound of metal rapidly clanging unto stone echoed throughout the dark hallway.

"HELP!!!" A female cry ruined their moment.

Qin Huang's eyes dulled when she heard the familiar voice. She slumped on Teng Zexi's shoulders and hugged him tighter. She might have decided to confront them but that didn't mean she was unaffected.

"Do you want to continue?"

Teng Zexi noticed her change of mood and asked in concern. He wanted her to forget about Cai De but if that meant putting her in pain, then he'd rather suffer instead. He'll wait until time will heal her and until the day she'd let him in. Then, he'll tell her. How happy he was to find her again, how relieved he was when she was unhurt, and how lucky he was to meet her.

For all his life was spent on deceit and betrayals, Qin Huang's straightforwardness and liveliness brought him the warmth he needed. He wondered if he was becoming soft after feeling that intense obsession when he met her. But even if he tried to build defenses, something kept stopping him.

It was the fear of losing Qin Huang.

Qin Huang's eyes glazed as she stared at the seemingly endless darkness, then back to Teng Zexi's left profile. Such a cold demeanour, but the warmth coming from him was so gentle. Qin Huang's hug loosened and she dove her head to his neck. Her lips slightly grazed his skin causing the already hungry wolf to feel thirsty.

"Mmn it's fine~ Continue~"

It should have been a confirmation for him to walk, but Teng Zexi was thinking of dirty thoughts. His nose started to bleed as he swiftly took out his handkerchief to catch it. He had on a rigid face as he wiped the blood away.

Qin Huang didn't notice his movements. She was too preoccupied with something else.

Qin Huang: Zexi gege smells really good~

Lily: Master, you perv

Qin Huang: *shocked* No, I'm not! I'm just appreciating the wonderful scent of the Teng Zexi perfume!

Lily: -_-

Before long, they reached a cellar.

Cai De was sitting on the ground with his arms limply hanging on his knees. His head dipped low as if all of his life had been sapped out of him. There was no longer a trace of his previous confidence. What Qin Huang saw was a man who looked like he was about to be sentenced to death.

Xia Xinyi looked more lively. She was the one who had been banging on the metal bars of the cellar and refused to just sit around. Despite that, her hair was a mess, her clothes were everywhere and smudged with dirt, and her face was worn out. Her rage-filled eyes were the only sign of life.

Qin Huang wondered at first why her brothers would send them here instead of their heavily guarded and more technological prison. But now she understood. Any sane person would have long lost a part of themselves - if not their sanity - when they are locked in a place with no windows, no utilities, and no human contact. Plus the dungeon stinks of the smell of blood and death.

She was actually quite surprise that Xia Xinyi retained her sanity. But this just proved that she wasn't as innocent as she portrayed herself to be. It may have just been 24hrs, but that was 24hrs of being stuck in a god-awful prison.

Qin Huang was kept hidden with the help of Teng Zexi's broad back and the darkness as the lamp's flame was starting to burn out. Xia Xinyi only saw Teng Zexi's face and her face lightened.

"HELP ME! Please! I've been wronged! I have done nothing to deserve this! My father is Lieutenant Xia - he's sure to reward you handsomely!"

Xia Xinyi screamed and it reverberated on the walls causing Cai De and Qin Huang to quickly shield their ears. Teng Zexi frowned.

"Shut up."

His voice held daggers that seemed to cut through Xia Xinyi's heart, and her blood turned cold at the sight of his murderous eyes. She lost balance and hit her bottom on the rough ground. The pain couldn't register as her focus were all drained by fear. She panicked. This man is too overbearing!

She had already forgotten their encounter at the restaurant so she didn't realize it was Teng Zexi. Her business side had forced her to expend all her attention to the Qin brothers and forgot to check on Qin Huang's side at that moment - but all of that went for nought.

Why must she, a high born daughter of the aristocracy, have to sleep in a dungeon and suffer grievances?! And why are the Qin brothers acting so stupid - kidnapping her of all people?! Are they not afraid of death?!

She promised when she got out, she'll make sure that death would be their only saving grace.

Teng Zexi's eyes flashed with disgust at her scaredy-cat reaction. He turned his head to Qin Huang and his deep warning voice drastically turned gentle.

"How's your ears? It must have hurt."

He said, implying that Xia Xinyi's scream was that loud that it could pierce through people's eardrums.

Xia Xinyi's face turned from shock to green.

Qin Huang let out a muffled laugh before quickly turning away. When she calmed down, she turned back with glistening tears on the corner of her eyes. It was threatening to fall.

"I can't hear you! Oh no, I must have gone deaf! Zexi gege~!!!"

She then proceeded to bury her face on his neck while sobbing with an obviously fake voice.

Xia Xinyi's face contorted in anger. She abruptly stood up and gripped the cellar's bars.

"Feng Huang!"

She couldn't believe who she was seeing. Why was she here?! How audacious was she to come here just to see here in this state? Her heart stung with embarrassment that her contorted face turned uglier as a deep shade of red was painted on her face due to her shame.

Xia Xinyi had also forgotten the revelation at the restaurant that Feng Huang was Qin Huang.

Don't blame this slowpoke for not remembering such important facts. Because when you're narrow minded, your filter can only take in so much.

Qin Huang looked up just to see her transformation and couldn't match the previous benevolent Xia Xinyi that society described her to be. Her face was blank. This is the person that I was replaced with?

The last thread of hope that she was hanging on was finally torn apart.

How much weight did she ever had on Cai De's heart for him to replace him with this person? If that sounded narcissistic, then she'll accept it and identify as one. She'd rather be labelled a narcissist than be grouped together with Xia Xinyi.

No matter how much Qin Huang played with various organizations by disguising herself, she never fooled society with who she really was. Identity has a different meaning with personality. She might have kept her status a secret, but she faced everyone openly with her real personality.

Such a deceitful person, Qin Huang was disgusted.

Lily: *clap clap clap* Master, you're not really disgusted

Qin Huang: Shhh~ don't break my train of thought. How are you going to repay me if I break out of character? A century of no cookies?

Lily: *zips her mouth*
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    《Aria's Tales》