Being Hitler's friend
1 Was it the mustard gas?
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Being Hitler's friend
Author :RegisteredUser45
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1 Was it the mustard gas?

During WWI on October 14, 1918, or somewhere around there, Adolf Hitler was exposed to mustard gas. I know he was, I was there and i was exposed too, and sent to the same hospital where we became friends.

Historians think it was the mustard gas that turned Hitler crazy, the true story is quite humorous. After he was hospitalized Germany lost the war, this gave him motivation to become the savior of the people of germany and liberate the country, or atleast he said that on his hospital bed which brought historians to the conclusion that it was the gas that drove him crazy. I thought it was crazy talk aswell so I dont Blame them for their thoughts.

after he left the hospital Hitler tried to stay in the military but due to demilitarization he was removed from the military in early 1919.

afterwards Hitler and I became an inteligence agent of a reconasince commando unit organized to infiltrate and observe the DAP (( German Workers' Party ) Translated from german to english is why the accronym is off ).

The incident that drove Hitler crazy was a meeting of the party leaders on the second floor of a restaurant that Hitler was tasked with eaves dropping on. I was tasked with observing the restaurants main floor and stairs, to see who went up and down.

After the leaders went upstairs to their private room he followed to the neighboring room, where he eavesdroped till the end of their meeting, on his way out of the room the leaders were walking past him. Hitler closed his room door and turned to walk down the stairs which were right in front of his room, when he was triped by on of the leaders foot and fell down the stairs. hitting his head three to four times. this was the actual incident that drove hitler crazy, and it was pretty funny to watch him tumble all the way down.

afterwards he became fully dilusioned with the thought of liberating Germany and activley became involved in the DAP and that marked the begining to his political carrer.

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    《Being Hitler's friend》