Being Hitler's friend
2 Hand Gestures Can Kill
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Being Hitler's friend
Author :RegisteredUser45
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2 Hand Gestures Can Kill

As mentioned earlier. Hitler joined the DAP as a spy, hit his head falling down stairs, and became an active member of the DAP in early 1919 due to him becoming crazy... from hitting his head... from falling down stairs.

the DAP is the German acronym for "Deutsche Arbeiterpartei", which is "German Workers' Party" in english. but in mid to late 1920 the name was changed to "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei", or NSDAP the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or the Nazi party.

The party was anti-Marxist, which is basically another word for anti-communist. and it was also against the democratic government, which was put in to place after the defeat of Germany in WWI.

In 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. In other countries, this position would be the equivalent of prime minister. The Reichstag was Germany's central government, and in mid to late 1933 they adopted the Enabling act which allowed the chancellor of Germany, Hitler, to pass laws without going through the Reichstag. And Hitler used this appointed act to strip the Reichstag of democracy and in turn fill it with fascism.

a whole bunch of details later, in 1934 Hitler was facing some pressure from other political parties. In a fit of rage Hitler called for the death of His opponents, in a metaphorical sense of hand gestures. he gave off a throat slitting gesture out of habit from his public speeches, what i mean is Hitler always practiced his hand gestures for his speeches more than he practiced his speeches. but the other leaders rallied on his anger taking him literally, which led to the Night of the Long Knives.

From June 30th to July 2nd, 1934 unbeknownst to Hitler at first, a political purge swept through Germany, but it changed quick from a purge to a Coup d'état, also known as a governmental overthrow.

Hitler had learned of the events taking place and almost had a seizure from the mental shock and his previous physical damage combined. Remember the physical damage, when he hit his head... from when he fell... down some stairs. though he did have convulsions. it was a funny sight to watch him convulsing face first in soup and sauerkraut.

Wait a second, aren't seizures and convolutions the same thing, you ask. the answer is no they are completely different. seizures happen when the brain short circuits. which is most of the time caused by some from of injury or defect of the brain, and convulsions are caused by short circuit of the brain mostly by extreme emotions, shock, or electrical shock. one is caused by internal influence. the other is caused by external influence. Anyways this has been RegisteredUs... I mean Hitler's Friend's medical corner for the day.

Continuing onward. After Hitler was done swimming in soup and sauerkraut he took advantage of the Coup d'état, also known as a governmental overthrow. and skipping all the details I don't care about, Hitler became Germany's Fascist dictator.
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    《Being Hitler's friend》