Being Hitler's friend
3 Loud Mouth
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Being Hitler's friend
Author :RegisteredUser45
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3 Loud Mouth

Honestly everyone was always taking what Hitler did, and said, in a different manner than what he actually meant. Hitler was actually very timid but not vocally. he spoke loudly and authoritatively but if one tried they could push Hitler around all they wanted. but due to his timidness all misunderstandings and misinterpret context went by uncorrected as he didn't want to correct anyone. He has the aura of a ruler bet he would bend under pressure easily. but no one dared to try due to his authoritative, and loud voice gave him a sense of superiority and he had the aura of a ruler. And also probably because they would be shot by Hitlers' fanatical fans/guards. which led to his superiority and self implied rigidness to go rampant in the eyes of onlookers without hinder, making him a man no one was to question.

On the afternoon of June 5, 1944 Hitler decided to turn in for the night requesting nobody disturb him during his rest. during the night a cooperative invasion force between the United States and Great Britain and other countries was preparing to land on the beach of Normandy in the morning.

the invasion officially started at 6:30 in the morning. German generals wanted to move the 21st pander division to Normandy in an attempt to push the allies back into the ocean but they couldn't without the approval of Hitler. so although the 21st was close to Normandy they couldn't go to Normandy until Hitler woke and gave the go ahead. bot nobody dared to.

when Hitler woke I hadn't known of the invasion either, it wasn't till somebody finally worked up the courage to tell him what had happened. hearing the news hearing the news that allied forces already had a foothold in Normandy and nobody told him about earlier it he started convulsing and face-planted in to his potato cakes and jam.

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    《Being Hitler's friend》