Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons
498 CDXCVIII. Penta-kill
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Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons
Author :Immanioripse
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498 CDXCVIII. Penta-kill

"Stop! Stop everyone, please!" he yelled, getting in the way of enemy warriors and Kranus, ready to face them without fear of what would happen next.

During those seconds, Dag stood still and silent, knowing he had to say something to stop those gold-thirsty men, but not finding the words to begin with.

Before he started talking, he got off the horse and handed the reins to Kranus, to have both hands free.

The magician, not knowing what Dag had in mind, merely held his horse still and observed.

"And you? What the fuck do you want? No one asked you to get off the horse! Go back to your place!" the bully warrior continued, looking at Dag and gesticulating rudely.

"If you approach, I'll show you something that might change your mind. It's a kind of particular gem, it can't be exposed to the daylight, you have to help me create some darkness..." he said, taking his leather bag and moving it forward, ready to open it.

"What? What gem is it? This is a joke as old as the world, we're not going to get in our way, kid! I told you I want that horse!" 

"It's a gem I personally stole from one of the Lies Of Loki and it seems to have magical powers... I believe that if used correctly, it allows those who own it to become invisible for a limited time!" Dag continued, who was inventing that story out of nowhere only to bring all 5 warriors closer to him simultaneously.

"Invisible? Fuck yes!" 

"Let's go take a look!" 

As the warriors walked forward towards Dag, curious what he would show them, the bully grabbed one of his comrades by the shoulder, trying to pull him back and prevent him from continuing.

"Fuck, leave me! Who fucking cares about that stupid horse! Imagine how many things we could steal with a gem that makes us invisible!" his companion replied, freeing himself from the grip and continuing to walk towards the young Master.

When 4 of the 5 warriors were all around Dag, he looked slightly up at their leader, who looked at them from a suspicious distance.

"I told you I need your help to cover the light! Otherwise, I can't show you this relic! If it is exposed to sunlight it will risk breaking! If you let us through, I'll deliver it to you! Come on, come closer!" Dag exclaimed, making a gesture with his hand and waiting for him to fall for it.

Meanwhile, Atran and Kron looked at each other and then looked at Freydis, as if they wanted to know from her what her boyfriend had in mind.

The Shieldmaiden, looking at the sneaky way Dag was attracting everyone's attention, sensed that he was going to get rid of them somehow, and tried to communicate it to her comrades with impassive hand gestures.

While Kranus was focused on holding Dag's horse still and witnessing the scene, Atran and Kron remained turned to the nearest camp, as if they were lookouts, ready to warn Dag in case of other imminent dangers.

Okay! That's fine, that's fine! I liked that fucking horse, you're the usual idiots! You convinced me!" the warrior who had just tried to make the boaster with Kranus answered, not imagining that if he wanted to, he could kill him instantly.

When he also joined his four companions, all of them formed a circle including Dag, who placed the bag in the center.

"So? What are you waiting for? Show us this fucking gem, I'm starting to get bored!" the enemy warrior continued, to remain in the spotlight.

"Closer, come closer... too much light still passes" Dag replied, forcing all his unsuspecting interlocutors to approach their heads and shoulders to create a kind of human dome above the bag.

At the exact moment that everyone was in position, Dag closed his eyes for an instant and concentrated silently, keeping his hands still on the bag: his fur coat, which was so long that it crawled on the ground, suddenly began to sway abnormally at its back. 

"Oh, fuck! Dag, what are you doing?!" Freydis thought, who kept looking around, anxious that someone might see what was about to happen.

While each of the men had both arms on the companion next to him, two dark arms splashed out of Dag's cloak, piercing in less than a second all five necks of the enemy warriors, who could not move or understand where the blow came from.

"Fuck!" Atran exclaimed, frightening himself along with Kron of that sudden noise.


All the enemy warriors began to gurgle and at the same time, the two mirrored blades that pierced their throats at the height of the trachea, preventing them from speaking or emitting any kind of sound with vocal cords, turned on themselves: with that quick and precise movement, the necks of the enemies turned simultaneously and their bones broke, killing them instantly.

"They're dead! Fuck, you killed all five of them in one fell swoop!" Atran exclaimed again, who, having never witnessed a demonstration of Dag's dark powers, did not know what to expect from him and failed to hold back his amazement.

After those words, the two blade-shaped arms that had sprung from Dag's back slowly crawled in the opposite direction, retracing the same trajectory backward and exiting the shoved and bled-out necks of enemy soldiers, who made a terrible noise of blood and bones.

When enemies fell one at a time like inanimate objects, they formed a pile of bodies in a large pool of blood, which due to that snow could be visible from miles away.

The dark blades crawled again under Dag's cloak, returning back to his body and he approached Kranus, who handed him the horse's bridles with his mouth open, not knowing what to say.

"Now it's your turn. We can't leave these men here, you have to cover the bodies somehow, or they'll find out in a few minutes" Dag said, nimbly climbing on the back of his horse as if he had done nothing exceptional. 


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