Bottled Up Feelings
8 The Curse I Sent You
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Bottled Up Feelings
Author :CreativeStory
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8 The Curse I Sent You

As the evening sky approached, Khufra woke up from his slumber, gasping for air as he recalled a nightmare. Esmeralda, who stood next to him had the look of a heartless person as she bound him to the ground and tortured him.

"Let thy bones be crushed, thy be blood frozen, thy muscles be snapped and thy heart be ripped if thou tries to use the powers given to thou for evil.", she chanted in many voices.

When the stars struck him, his body felt like give up to the extreme temperatures of freezing and burning. He soon jolted up and but fell back down again, body succumbing to pain, unable to brush off the traces of tears on his face. He felt vulnerable, weak, useless at this state. But when he saw gradually began to see the figure by his side as wasn't who he thought she would be, he tried to hold back feelings but his guts twisted. Her hair was the complete opposite of Esmeralda's jet black hair, it was snow white and more so there were horns that decorated on her head. She looked like the complete denotation of evil. Though slender she was as voluptuous as her voice was.

"Finally up aren't you?", she beamed.

"Where is she?", Khufra panted between his question.

"Where is who?", she turned into a curious look.

"Never mind.", Khufra said before standing up and stumbling back down again.

"I'm fine.", he croaked.

"I'm not so sure about that."

"Seems to me, you're not.", she said leaning closer to him before he held up a hand for her to stop. "Stand back, lowlife."

The white haired enchantress stood quiet in silence of the sky as night has fell again and by the time Khufra looked at her again there was a smile of lofty disdain. Now, that smile completed her look as the detonation of evil. She was perfect, perfectly evil and as she lifted her hand, Khufra had almost pissed himself, if he hadn't known that she was asking for his hand after a few looks from her face to her hand.

As he took it power and strength surged through his limbs and he felt momentarily lifted of the curse before it came back for seconds. She hummed in curiosity then open her mouth and spoke, "Seems like I only can help you this much. This curse has been overlapped times far too many. Whenever I break one another forms. It's like trying to separate water."

Khufra stared at his hands in amazement and back to her. "No, it's enough."

"Really?", she asked as she grinned ear to ear.

"Yes.", he answered back along with the same smile.


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