Daily Life Of A Witch
1 My Life
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Daily Life Of A Witch
Author :Srew
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1 My Life

I am happy that I serve under Sir Roland, even though I am not important and can only stay to the side and worship him, I will gladly do so.

After Sir Roland battle and won against his sibling, the Holy Church, and unknown forces, Sir Roland has brought the human and Witches to an Era of Prosperity.

As I Wendy was always by his side aiding Sir Roland in the dark helping from some of his hopeless situations. I don't have much of a presence and nobody notices me as if I am invisible, I guess this is my witch power. when I've given up on hope that I would be destine to be alone, Sir Roland appeared in my life, Sir Roland is special for some reason he can see me which saved me from the darkness, as I was ever grateful for this, I later found out that what even more special about Sir Roland is that he is kind and understanding, he doesn't discriminate against others, regardless of where they come from, or their social standing. He cares for everyone under him, no exceptions which made me served him ever since.

So now in the Era of Prosperity, it is peaceful, with the power of this so-called 'modern technology' everything became easy and better, and my job and hobby in this peaceful Era is a Chef, A cook! I am Sir Roland personal cook.

As I was didn't have much interested in cooking at first but when I tasted this food call 'Omelette Rice' that Sir Roland made I fell in love instantly and decided to become a cook for Sir Roland. Every single day I find out, new recipe from Sir Roland and tried to cook them my self, as I got better and better, and before I knew it I became the Head chef of my own restaurant, though I still cook for Sir Roland every day, I now spread the happiness of divinely tasty food. My restaurant is the number 1 in the entire kingdom with many famous people always coming to have dinner and lunch. like Lady Anna and all of Sir Roland friends and subordinates.

Though most people can't see me, only people that are strong can, the who can't see me they know my name but never seen me as I am always in the shadows. even though I still can't contol my powers, I am still happy. because I can cook delicious food and put a happy smile on their faces, knowing that I made them etch my name in their heart because of my food which gives me great satisfaction.

"Little Wendy whats the recipe you made today" Roland smiled at Wendy while looking at her in anticipation.

"Yes Sir Roland, today dish I made is 'Cod marinated in pepper and pumpkin seed salsa' this is made with all sorts of spices with many kinds of roasted vegetables with grilled chicken and tofu, the side dish I baked is 'Apricot and rosemary focaccia' very delicious, Sir Roland is the first to try these dishes before I put them on the menu at my restaurant" Wendy said all in one breath beamingly.

"hahaha is that so I am, honor to be the first one to try little Wendy's food come, come let's eat together before it gets cold." Roland happily said pulling Wendy to sit.

"Wu wu *sniff* thank you Sir Roland, thank you for everything you done for everyone and thank you for saving me all those years ago" I cried my eyes out when I head his words.

"haha don't cry, having you as my cook is one of the best things ever, I will gladly save you over and over again for your food, but this is the begin, Wendy, you have to work hard with your cooking and power one day everyone will see you and will thank you for your delicious food."

"Wu Wu YES~!"

As my daily life continued every day I experience something new and I can't wait what I learn next!
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    《Daily Life Of A Witch》