False Aisle
1 Prologue: The Healer
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False Aisle
Author :Eiffel_Olympus
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1 Prologue: The Healer

I was watching my two friends kill and fight a bunch of ogres in the field of the kingdom. This was their quest that needed to be finished before sunset. I was looking at Gwendlyn who was one of my 'friends'. She was born a noble and class of Battlemage, a rare class.

''Take this!'' she shouted as she sliced in half the body of the orc while I looked at Roi killing his enemy with his big metallic hammer and creating a seismic wave as he pounded the enemies' body. It was a one-sided battle to be honest since they were born as a '2nd rate class' and their quest was for beginners only.

''Hey, Marvis!'' Gwendlyn called me because I was standing 15 meters away from them. ''How are you going to finish your quest if you just standing there like a fool'' she said then chuckled.

I saw Roi tapped her shoulder. ''Hey, don't tease him. You already know that he's a healer.'' Roi said to her with a serious look. Gwendlyn tied her blue long hair and fix her light plated armor with a crest of their family a blue lion on the right shoulder. Her white skin and oceanic eyes, She's prettier than the actual princess of the kingdom. While Roi, a 6ft tall guy wearing also a heavy armor with crest of their family which was a Big shield with a sword in the middle. His eyes were green, and he had a light brown skin.

These two were one of the prodigies in the kingdom of Aresian. While I was born with a 5th rate class in family full of recognize warrior. I was a big shame in the family that I almost become an outcast. Thankfully, my grandparent was there to save me.

The two of them started walking towards me. I was wearing a white robe and holding a brown staff. I was standing like a fool while looking at them and smiling.

''Did the two of you complete your quest?'' I asked.

''Of course, it was an easy quest. Even a single warrior class could do it!'' Gwen told me while smiling. Roi dropped his hammer on the ground and make a loud 'thud' then he looked at me.

''I was going to help both of you, but I think you don't need my healing anymore...'' I looked down. I only have two skills Healing wave and Holy light.

Healing wave was a minor heal for three to five persons, good enough to remove some small bruises and wounds on the body while the Holy light was a skill that could be used for one person only which also did the same thing on the healing wave but it dealt damage on the undead enemies.

Both Roi and Gwen sigh.

''We don't care about your healing magic, Marvis.'' Roi said.


''We have our very own skill to heal ourselves so don't worry about us, okay?'' Gwen told me then I reply with a nod. Roi have passive Regen while Gwen have her very own life steal. I know I was a hindrance; I couldn't fight monster since I don't have a skill that deal with damage. I also didn't have enough strength to fight them with a sword.

''S-sorry…'' I said with a low voice. ''D-don't worry next time… I will stop joining in your group. Since, you need to take an advance quest in order to become stronger. So, as a friend I will only support you because I'm a hindrance in your progress.'' I told them.

Roi and Gwen looked at each other. ''Thank you, Marvis. Don't worry, if both of us become a general one day. We promise the we will pick you as our right hand!!'' Gwen said while holding my hand.

Roi put his hand on Gwen shoulder. ''We need to go now since we still have important things to do.'' He told me. He grabbed his hammer on the ground and started walking towards the entrance of the kingdom. I looked at Gwen and she gave me a big hug.

''Don't worry about us. Also, that guy is quite annoyed since you didn't even try finishing your quest.'' She said. She smiled then started running towards Roi and waved at me. She even tried to convince Roi to give me a 'farewell' wave, but Roi didn't even hunch.

I also started walking towards my house that my grandparents gave to me. My father kicked me in the mansion when I was 5, when my family learned that my class was a healer. Even my mother cried in shame and started cursing at me like I was a demon. My family was known for being the best Blade Masters and Warriors in the kingdom of Aresian. Being a healer was not a problem, but the kingdom itself.

The Kingdom of Aresian was recognize because of its astonishing Military power. We always won war and the kingdom also has the perfect record for conquering and defending against Demonic Invasion. The Kingdom didn't recognize the Healer class since Mages could cast devastating spell and use healing magic too. Some warriors could do that too. While if you were a healer your only job was to heal not to fight which was not a good kind of class in the country that was always in war.

My family was recognized in the kingdom for being the descendants of a great general. Which was my father, the current general in the kingdom while my brother was next and my sister was recognize as prodigy like Roi and Gwendlyn. That's why when my grandparents saved me from them, they forbid me from using my real surname which is 'Asharion'.

As soon as I entered the Town of Spada which is located near at the kingdom of Aresian. The town was crowded because is the main road heading to the kingdom and most of the merchants are located in here, as well. I started walking and covered my face with the hood of my robe. There was a lot of people shouting, buying and selling some stuff:

''Buy some fresh Cheesecake!''

''New forged item is on sale!''

''Trading house is soon to be open, please fall in line!!''

As I walked towards the house that my grandparents provide for me. It was not actually a house but an Inn, the owners were somewhat my grandparents' close friend so they bought some room that I could live in. I opened the door and I saw Old man Yop cleaning the floor, the owner of this inn and Ms. Vanis talking to some random drunk guys stealing money again. She was pretty and sexy, but her class was Thief, so I didn't somewhat trust her. Then there was Mr. Flugar a middle-aged man wearing a chef hat while delivering some foods on the dinner table. The Inn was on the upper floor since the ground floor was like a pub.

''Ah--. Marvis, I have a letter for you.'' Old Man Yop suddenly told me then suddenly a magic circle appears on his hand then a white envelope suddenly teleported on his hand… I remember that Mr. Yop was a Mage class, but his specialty was Teleportation Magic.

''Your grandma sent this to me, and she told me that give it to you.'' Old-man Yop told me.

I smiled at him ''Thanks, Mr. Yop.''

''Don't worry about it, Marvis. Tell me if you want something to eat, 'kay?'' he told me and winked at me before he started wiping the floor again. At first, I thought he was just a cleaner in this pub but when I learned that his was the owner of this place, I was quite surprised.

I started walking again towards the stairs and climbed up until I reached the third floor. As I walked, I could hear weird moans and groan in the second floor.

''I think Ms. Dansel is quite busy today, huh.'' I muttered. I opened my room and lock the door. I changed my clothes and sat on the chair. I grabbed the scroll on the table and picked some needle. I pricked my index finger with the needle enough to make it bleed. I poured the little blood on the scroll and chant 'Status Update'.

The scroll start glowing for three seconds then it stops. This is the way how we determine our strength and class. I opened the scroll:

[ Name: Marvis Asharion

Class: Healer (E)


Str: 26

Dex: 15

Int: 25

Agi: 19


Healing wave

-A light wave that can heal multiple people. It only heals bruises and light wounds.

Holy Light

-It heals one person only, but it heals s deeper wounds and remove minor negative buff on the certain body. The light also deals with damage on undead minions. ]

I remembered seeing Roi and Gwen stats. Roi's strength and Dexterity were 102 and 104. While Gwen's Int and Agility were also in 100 cap and some of their stats were above 80 as well. I wonder what happened, my stats were so low that even some beginner monster were much stronger than me.

I think this was the reason why my family was so disappointed in me because of being weak… I scratched my forehead.

''God, I'm the biggest failure in the history.'' I said to myself. I looked at the mirror and I saw my light blue eye with my dark brown hair. I almost look like my father…

I suddenly remembered the letter that my grandma gave to me. I grabbed the letter on the pocket of my robe which is hanging in the closet. I opened the envelope and I saw a white tiny stone and a letter. I grabbed the stone which is attached on the lace that I didn't notice.

''I see, It's a necklace a gift from my grandma.'' I smiled. I instantly wore it and it looked good on me.

Then I grabbed the letter.

I opened and saw my grandma's cursive writing:


I am here to say that your grandfather Arvin died. I asked your father if you can attend the funeral, but he refused. But your grandfather wants you to have his lucky necklace. He said that someday you will be a better healer. I also knew that you were a blessing from the family, me and your grandfather knew that. Do not worry. I will still be helping you and provide your basic needs. I knew that this will be hard for you but remember I will still be here, protecting and praying for your success. Take care and I will pray on the goddess for your safety.

-Grandma Ellice'

My tears wouldn't stop from falling in my eyes as soon as I read that my grandfather died. It's been a year since the last time I saw him since my family forbid me from entering their vicinity. I lay down on the bed and wiped my tears.

''How lucky am I that my grandparents still call me a 'Blessing' '' I said.

I want to be strong

I need to be strong, but it would be impossible if I do it in here. This kingdom is only for people who have a class for fighting. I need to find someone or somewhere that can help to improve my ability as a healer! I will be an adventurer and I will comeback as a better healer.

I will show them how to be a healer!


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