False Aisle
2 CHAPTER I: Courage
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False Aisle
Author :Eiffel_Olympus
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2 CHAPTER I: Courage

Chapter I

Chapter I

Marvis. (Town of Spada, Located in the Eastern part of territory of Kingdom Aresian) (7:00 in the morning)

*knock *knock *knock.

I squinted my eyes before opening it because of this someone who kept knocking on my door.

''ugh….'' I groaned.

*knock *knock

''Mr. Furlock! ~'' I heard the voice of Ms. Dansel shouting behind my door while knocking loudly. As I stood up, I saw the letter on the floor.

I let out a sigh before picking it up.

I put it in the closet of my table. I cannot let my sadness overtake me… I already cried for like 4 hours last night, that's enough.

''Mr. Furlock? ~Are you awake?? The breakfast is ready!'' She said with a charming voice. I opened the door and I saw her wearing a yellow new dress… She was one of the caretakers of this inn. Her cheerful eyes, bright smile, pale white skin and blonde hair made her gorgeous, but she was a prostitute.

''Thank you for reminding me again, Ms. Dansel.'' I said to her and smile.

''Don't worry sweetheart~'' she said then pinched my cheeks before start walking. She also had a weird class that lead her to become a prostitute but she's B rank. In my opinion she looks strong but in a different way. I locked the door then started walking towards the hall.

There were 10 people who lived in this Inn, but I didn't know or care about them. Most of them were just renting some rooms. I decided last night that I would train to make myself stronger but to do that I needed to leave in this town and travel to another kingdom to learn new things. It was like being an adventure I needed to learn new things from new people, a new way to gain experience.

I was lucky that my grandparents supported me financially because I didn't have to work to earn money. I needed to take some quest to earn money. It was difficult to earn money in this era since everyone was monopolizing everything even monster. That was why stronger or noble people were always the one who have the advantage of being a rich while the other low class are struggling to survive.

When I reached the ground floor where the pub located. I saw Mr. Yop carrying a tray with a bunch of foods: eggs, rice pudding, and side bread with a slime syrup.

''Did you cry all night, Kid?'' I heard vanis who was eating some bread while laughing.

''Did your lover break up with you? HAHAHA'' She said then laugh. Mr. Yop looked at me and I thought he knew why I cried last night. I sat on the nearest table with a chair and Old Man Yop bring the food and place it on my table.

''Sorry for your loss, Marvis'' He said then he tapped my head. ''Your grandfather Arvin was a good friend. It also saddened me when I heard the news.'' He said to me then he gave a little smile before leaving.

Then, I remembered something.

''Mr. Oppal!'' I called him. Old man Yop look back at me then he started walking. His real name was Yeoman Oppal a Navigator Class. His Class was focusing in Teleportation and portal magic he was also a C-rank.

''What is it?'' He asked.

''Do you know some place that where I can learn how to become a healer?'' I asked at him. He was an adventurer before opening an Inn and Pub.

So, maybe he knew something or someone that might help me.

''I see.'' He said. ''Eat your breakfast first then I will tell you something about becoming a healer.'' He said then winked at me before leaving. I smiled then started eating my breakfast.

After finishing my breakfast. I saw Mr. Yop and Ms. Dansel walking towards my direction while talking to each other.

''Ahhh…'' I hear Mr. Yop said then both him and Ms. Dansel sit.

''I heard from Yeoman that you want to travel in order to become a strong healer.'' Ms. Dansel said as she looked at me with a question on her eyes.

I nodded as an answer.

''She can help you.'' Mr. Yop said then he looked at me ''She know someone that might help you in your progress.'' He said.

To be honest, I didn't trust anyone in here except Mr. Yop.

I gulped and when I looked to Ms. Dansel, she immediately noticed that I do not trust her.

''Don't force yourself, Mr. Furlock.'' She murmured. ''If you want to go alone it's fine by me, but I don't know if it's okay to him...'' she suddenly looked at Mr. Yop.

''It is fine for me too.'' He said. ''You were like my grandson in here Marvis, but let's be honest that a healer cannot survive alone. You will die if you enter to a dungeon.'' He continued.

I already knew that… That I couldn't be strong without someone helping me but I was ready to do anything in order to be strong.

I was willing to sacrifice anything even myself.

''That face is enough to show me your determination.'' He said stood up then he started walking towards his office then he looked back at me. ''What are you waiting for? '' He asked me before entering to the room.

I got up quickly and I saw Ms. Dansel grinning at me the she spanked my butt. I ran to the room when I entered.

''Woah...'' I exclaimed when I saw Mr. Yop hand glowing in blue.

''Mark One to Mark three…'' He drew a big circle in the air using his palm then a blue portal suddenly appeared. I couldn't see what was on the other side of the portal.

''This is one of the Skill of being a Navigator Class.'' He said.

''I still need to prepare my things before going.'' I said then chuckled.

''No worries. I let Ms. Dansel prepare your things.'' He said to me then he grabbed something on the floor then I saw a sling bag.

''Money and water and a little bit of food is in here.''

''How about the clothes---- Woahh...!'' he suddenly throws the bag to me, but I caught it.

''Adventurer don't need clothes they always buy a new one.''

He gestured at me to come I walked slowly to feel the moment until I reached the front of the portal. I could feel the mana coming from the portal I also smelled something…

''The portal… It smells like a tree.'' I said. I heard Mr. Yop laugh.

''Of course, Mark three will lead you in the forest of Talem.''

Forest of Talem was located at the nearest border to another kingdom which is the Poseidous. It would take me two days if I started travelling starting in the town of spada towards to the border. Luckily, he could teleport me to the border without wasting anytime.

I looked at Mr. Yop ''Thank you so much for everything.''

''I will be promised that one day I will be a successful healer'' I continued while looking at him. He just smiled at me.

''Go, I'm going to missed you too. Mr. Asharion. Good luck on your journey may the gods bless you.'' He said. I bowed down before stepping forward but--.

''--I almost forgot…'' when I looked back Mr. Yop give me a wooden staff.

''Thank you!'' I said. I bowed my head again then took a step forward to the portal.

When I entered through the portal, I could feel that my body was being absorb but in a second, I saw myself in the middle of the woods of Talem. I looked back but the portal was already gone.

''Fall in line!!'' I ran towards that voice then I saw a line full of peoples. Some of them were adventurers, merchants or just a commoner who wanted to visit. The line was not that long it consisted of eight people. Then I saw a big gate made from a titanium alloy. Guarded by a knight from the palace.

''Hey-!'' one of the knights of Aresian saw me behind the trees. They wearing a light plated crimson armored even their helm. Their armor has the crest of the Kingdom. Which is a Claw of the dragons with two spears crossed in the middle.

I walked towards the end of the line then the knight who called me approached at me.

''Are you hiding behind that tree?'' The knight asked.

''N-no sir… I was lost in the forest of Talem.''

''State your purpose before leaving in the kingdom.'' The knight asked again.

''I'm going to an adventure and learning something new?'' I answered then gulped. He looked at me with his sharp eye he suddenly looked at my staff.

''I see you were a mage, Approved.'' He suddenly said.

''LET THEM THROUGH!!'' He shouted then line started moving forward.

The knights from the Kingdom of Aresian were strong mostly of them are C and B ranks. This six people in that guarding the Border could kill multiple monster without sweating. Thanks to the staff they thought that I was a mage. I would be humiliated when they learned I'm a healer.

I let out a small sigh.

When I got through the gate the people started grouping themselves. Five of them were adventurers While the other three were just a full of merchant and one commoner.

''Hey! You said that you were a mage?'' One of the adventurers asked me. He was a wearing a chain mail with a round metallic shield and a silver sword. The other two adventurer were wearing the same as him, but their weapons were different. One was a flail and the other one is double-handed axe. The other two were archers, they both used longbow.

'''Y-yes…'' I answered. A big smiled suddenly appeared on his face.

''That's great! Can you join in my group?'' He said then pointed to his friends. ''We were going to a dungeon a shortcut towards to the nearest town but were lacking some magic and healing since you were mage you can help us!'' He said.

I scratch my cheeks. ''I-im sorry… I cannot join since I need to do something before going to town…'' I rejected his offer since I was not a mage. He tapped my shoulder.

''I see. You are a weakling.'' He said while looking disgusted at me. He walked back to his group.

The merchants might know someone or somewhere I looked at them, but they were quite far already. They were riding on the carriage. I dashed towards to them.

''H-hey...!!'' I yelled.

One of the merchants heard me then he stopped then the other one stop as well. When I reached them the merchant suddenly asked me?

''Need a ride? It only cost 5 silver.''

''Y-yes.'' I grab some money in the bag then It was exactly 5 silver then I give it to the merchant.

He grabbed the money then he looked at me. ''I'm David. By the way I thought you were mage? You should go with those adventurers. It is really a good shortcut and it would only take you two hours.'' He said. I climbed to his carriage then I sat near at him.

'Giddy yup!' he said then the horse start walking.

''I'm not actually a mage…'' I said. When I looked at the bag then I saw a robe then I wear it.

''I see. What's your class anyway?'' he asked.

''I'm actually a healer class.'' I said but he suddenly laughed even the other merchant laugh too.

I rolled my eyes. ''I'm serious.'' They stopped laughing.

''How did you even survive at the kingdom?!'' David ask me.

''That would be hard since the Kingdome of Aresian, Dislike the healer class.'' The other merchant said. ''By the way, I'm Gissum.'' He said then I smiled at him.

''You're a very lucky person when you survived as a healer in that kingdom… Good lord.'' David said.

''As far as I remember they always tortured if someone was a healer class… That kingdom really hates the healer class, don't they?'' Gissum said. David agreed with him

One of the main reasons why they hate the healer class because on the 4th war the Aresian Kingdom almost lost at the Holy empire of Exodus. The king of Aresian that time was publicly executed by the hand of the Saints. Even the Aresian won at the war the king was dead and publicly humiliated. That was why when they heard or learn people in their kingdom was a healer, they also doing the same thing. They tortured them and publicly humiliated them most of them died.

Suddenly the horses stopped.

''What's wrong?'' I asked. I saw David looking intensely at the road. My eyes widen when I saw two big and brawny orcs. Their green skins and bulky body wearing a plated armor they are 6ft tall and their weapons was on the ground because their eating something in the middle of the road.

''We might have a chance running back to the border…'' David whispered at me. I saw Gissum then the other person which is a girl they were trying to walked back slowly.

''ACchkk!!!'' We saw a blue troll at the side of the forest shouting while pointing at us.

''Run!!!'' Gissum shouted.

Me and David jumped on the carriage but suddenly a small axe pierced on his head. The blood splashes into my face. But I'm still running towards the woods.

I saw the two orcs run towards Gissum and the other girl.

''HELPP MEE!!! Ughhck!'' I heard Gissum voice. I quickly hide on the rock I peeked at them then I saw that they are smashing gissum head into a pile of meat.

''Where's the other girl?'' I looked around but I couldn't see her. I only see the dead bodies of David and Gissum and that blue troll who's hoarding the item inside of the carriage.

My heart was beating so fast that they might hear it… When they're done smashing David and Gissum body I saw one of them grabbed someone on the ground.

''That's the girl--!'' I whispered then covered my mouth. The blue troll who's collecting the item from the carriage suddenly looked at my direction, but I hid myself again.

I hear the steps of that troll slowly walking towards to my place.

''Vu'in!'' The orc shouted. ''Carry this loot.'' It said. I heard their footstep fading when I looked again, they were gone.

''God help me…'' my body is trembling from fear of getting killed by those monsters.

Am I going to save that girl?? I slap myself because I need to realize that I couldn't kill those monsters I'm just going to die.

I stood up slowly and I can feel both of my feet still trembling.

''I'm not going to save that girl…'' I said to myself. I already knew that I was going to die if I tried to help her.

I looked again to that direction where the orcs taken.

''for god sake…'' I sighed then started walking towards that direction I avoided the dead bodies of these two merchants.


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