False Aisle
3 Chapter II: Unexpected Feeling
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False Aisle
Author :Eiffel_Olympus
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3 Chapter II: Unexpected Feeling

I have this eerie feeling that someone was watching me, as I keep walking in the middle of the forest. I'm following the tracks of the two orcs and the other troll. It was big enough to see in the ground.

I'm following this track for two hours and I never thought that the orcs would walk this fast. I never fought one of them or hunt one of them I usually hide if I saw one. I already thought that if I walk balk towards to the Gate of Talem the knights wouldn't believe me because they knew that the kingdom doesn't raised a weakling mage.

As I followed the tracks of the orc, I can feel that someone is following me and hiding from the bushes. I tightened my grip on my wooden staff.

''I need to be brave.'' I looked at the tracks for a moment my eyes widen when I realized that the footprints of that small troll suddenly disappeared.

A rustling sound from the bushes behind me but when I looked back the sound was instantly gone.

''Human…'' I heard the voice of that little troll, but I couldn't find it.

I readied my staff. ''Come out you little troll…'' Maybe I can fight this monster. Blue trolls are mostly called forest troll they're E rank monster, maybe I have a chance to kill it.

''Huwaahh!!'' The blue troll suddenly leaped at me with a knife from his hand. I took a step back to avoid its attack then I swing my wooden staff to hit that monster.

''Acckkk!!'' it shouted from pain when I successfully hit the troll abdomen.

The monster gazed at me I saw the troll hand started gripping the knife then a loud noised he suddenly released ''Eccccckk!!!'' The troll was enraged.

The monster lunged at me. Trying to dodge the blow that I sidestepped but it was for naught the knife still struck me fortunately it was only the edge that grazed the right side of my body

"Shit..." if i only knew this would happen i would had ran away. The wound was not critical but if this battle goes on i might as well die on blood loss I want to cast my healing spell, but It would take some time to cast it. The blue troll lunged at me again, but I blocked it with my attack then I pushed it using my staff and hit its head.

The troll tumbled on the ground when my staff hit its head. He dropped his weapon, but I immediately kick it away from that monster and start hitting him again with my wooden staff.

''Take this!!'' I hit it with the staff repeatedly. This staff is made from the natural wood of aresian, it had a good durability.

''uraghhhhh…s-stop….'' I heard the monster, but I still hit it as hard as I can until I can feel the blood splashing into my hand.

''Take this!! Take this you stupid monster!!'' I can feel that I'm smiling like a maniac as a I killed the troll with my staff.

Is this the feeling of killing and destroying your opponent? Because I really loved what I'm feeling right now.

''Hiyah!! Hiyah!!'' I continuously hit the monster face until the bone from the monster skull started breaking.

''I kill a monster…'' I babbled. My hands are trembling with excitement because I made my first achievement of killing a Monster as a healer!!

''Now, I should be going to follow the track again.'' I said to myself. I looked at the track of the orc then I saw the knife that I kick, and I picked it immediately then put it in my sling bag.

I followed the trailed again and leave the dead body of that troll. I still cannot believe that I already killed a monster. It was a first-time experience and I want to do it again, but I need to be strong.

I suddenly remembered those two orcs. Orc are considered as D to C-rank monster depend on their races but those two orcs that I saw are called Forest orc they are very aggressive, but they are the weaker type of orcs. I'm an E-rank so fighting them would be hard and I might die too.

''I need a plan…'' I whispered as I keep walking. After saving that girl I need an escape plan so both of us survived.

''I never saw that girl face.'' I remembered that she was wearing a hooded robe before getting abducted.

''AHHHHH HELPP MEE!!!'' I heard a loud cried and that was the voice of the girl. I hid on the trees as a I keep moving forward to that noise. While I'm getting close to that noise I crawled and peeked. My eyes widen when I saw that girl was getting burned alive.

''Holy sh---'' I covered myself and hid again behind the trees. I peeked again then I saw the girl she was already dead while her body was burned into crisp and of course she was naked!

There are three forest orcs sharpening their knifes because they knew that the girl was going to be their lunch.


I looked to another person who shouted. The person was women she looks like in mid-thirties she got a very short haired and she was wearing a leather-amor and she had a metallic knuckle both on her hands.

'For fuck sake, what are you doing…' I whispered. The three orcs charged at her, but she also dashed towards to the orc and start punching them with her metallic knuckle.

The first orc who attacked her get punched on the gut and the face. The second orc was going to slam her with the club, but she avoided it with a simple sidestepping.

''Devastating slam.'' I heard women said then her right hand was glowing in red when she punched the second orc using the right hand the orc body flew and the body hit on the tree.

''Serves you right.'' She said. The third orc roared in anger and start attacking her with an axe, but she easily dodged it. The first orc who got up grab his weapon which also a club.

The women didn't notice the first orc because she was occupied dodging and attacking the third orc. I need to help her or else she's going to die. This is the chance to help someone as a healer.

''Look back!'' I shouted. The women looked at me with shock in her eyes, but it was too late the first orc smash her body using the club she stumbled on the ground.

''Urghhh…'' She groaned in pain. I need to helped her casting healing spell is a good idea because the orcs wouldn't attacked me since i'm on the high ground.

The third orc who's using the axe looked at me then he snorted. I raised my right hand pointed my staff on the women body.

''Holy light!!'' I shouted.

A white beam from the sky suddenly struck on the women body. Her body was healed, and the bruised was also healed. She looked at me and nodded as thanks for helping her.

She only took five minutes to kill those two orcs. I only casted holy light two times to help her I let out a sigh. But this time I didn't get those feeling when I killed the troll. The women looked at the girl burned and dead body.

''I didn't run fast enough to save this girl.'' She said with a low voice. I also cannot save her since I arrived too late, she was already cooked. The women looked at me with her bright green eyes.

''Name, Class and rank.'' She commanded to me.

''M-marvis, Healer and E- E rank…'' I stuttered.

''I see.'' She replied. ''That's the reason you were too afraid to fight this forest orcs.'' She said then looked on the dead bodies of the orcs.

''Are you from the town of storm?'' she asked. I shake my head as an answer.

''Then where?'' she asked again.

''Town of Spada from the kingdom of Aresian.'' I answered then I heard her say 'impossible'.

''are you saying to me that you a healer survived in the kingdom of Aresian?!'' she asked then laughed.

''Stop fooling around. Come, follow me I knew a shortcut towards to the town.'' She told me then started walking and I rushed on her side to follow her.

''So, what are you going to do in the Town of Storms?''

''I want to learn how become healer to gained experience and to changed class too.'' I replied.

''Change class huh.'' She said as we keep walking. ''I think you already knew that knowledge is enough to changed class, you need a real experience.'' She told me.

Changing class is automatic that was why people were constantly checking their stats. Our body wouldn't know if we changed class is just automatically and randomly distributed by the gods. It was true that real experience is needed to change class but that was what I lacked. I couldn't use my ability in the field of the kingdom. They always thought that I'm a mage who know nothing about offensive type of magic. I never fought a monster I just always watched my friends Roi and Gwen when they do their daily quest.

I always lacked in real experience but not in observation because that's what I only do.

I didn't replied when she said those thing we just walked in silence, I just wanted to experience that feeling when I killed that troll.

Because that feeling was very common in my family's blood.



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