3 chapter 3
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Author :pretty_smart
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3 chapter 3

So as Relena and kaith pulled me back, all the teachers and my principal came, teachers were kind of shock but my principal came to me and blessed me😐( why idk). but as soon as she removed her hand, the pretty blue sky turned out all black as if there will storm or something and the next that I saw was unbelievable 😲 (trust me it was) I couldn't believe, what I saw. I saw myself, yeah my own self. my dark side! I never knew I had one. (wow). she was all black . I mean, I was all black ( what's happening) it's weird and the next what happened was boooommmmm

that was next level. I didn't use my hand (trust me I didn't) but was able to protect myself. as if I have super powers 😑. within the seconds, the sky turned out to be Normal and my bad side just said one thing " just wait and watch your end"😈 and disappeared. I was wondering what exactly Happened at the spot, seriously I was thinking if I'm dreaming or it's just one of my fantasy.

All my classmates started whispering" is she some kind of freak?

"she is a super woman"?

"she do black magic or what!?"

what a freak!! and all.

Relena and kaith came forward and said " within a minute I want everyone to be quite and let me tell you guys, what you saw was the same thing that she saw! there's no difference. stop saying things and get back to the class, PE is over now, and no one will talk about this, not even a single child or else you'll get detention not for one day or two day but for a week and trust me, you will."

I saw my principal, I was a bit amazed that she doesn't seem surprised at all and I knew that she knows something about this.

we were back to our class and everyone was shocked, no one was sitting near us( I knew this will Happen, after all it's girls school 😒. everyone is a freak here)

Relena and kaith just supported me, without saying anything. I tried explaining them but they only said " it's ok". I was glad that I have such great friends 💜.

15 min later principal called us to her office.

she showed me a picture, a picture which was

one of her ex student. she was pretty but wasn't normal. she told us about her and she was "Queen Trista". 50 years ago, she was the student just like me, she had psychic powers and she was just like me, she gave me diary and a wand of Trista( again it's not some kind of Harry potter series don't imagine me like that pls) and said " I guess it belongs to you 💜😊.!!!!!!!

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