God is a Game Designer
153 C151 Meaning Of Magic 2
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God is a Game Designer
Author :Cddizzym
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153 C151 Meaning Of Magic 2

The three students watched the man stare, mostly at Nulan with what appeared to be reflection and disgust. It made the fox girl squirm in unease. Though most assumed it was because of the nature of the magical powers they all had and not because of the stupid requests the teacher had done in his own life.

It took Nathan a few moments before finally he responded to the woman's words.

"I cant teach you magic, if that is what you are wondering."

Those words hit the poor small fox with a force that made her eyes tear up. Her entire life was based around a culture that supported and highlighted those who had magical prowess. The entire race of fox people had a natural affinity for most magic and even herself had magical prowess till around a few months ago when her magic stopped, some reason it simply ceased to continue or work as all her powers.

"I dont care about magic!"

Nulan responded as her heart simply poured out, the two other students watching with pity.

"I just want to have strength to fight those who simply disrespect me or hate me, I see so much hatred and despair that I want to fight against it with my own two hands... I may be small, worthless and just a pointless life but I want to get my revenge against this world and build a small home for myself with my own power!"

To most, these words simply sounded like desperation, fear and the cries of a child. To Nathan he felt his heart getting pulled. It was one of the few things to still get him at this point.

"Are you sure you want to gain this power, it will alienate you against this world, you knowledge will be something that pushes people away and eventually make you alone at the top."

He spoke gently as he looked at not just Nulan but at Kellan and Duston as well. He invited them all and found that all three sat down with an intense look in Nathan's direction. While this look made him simply sigh out he nodded and looked to each of them.

"Well, how about we start off with your knowledge of magic then, I've still yet to learn what the view of magic is on this side of the world."

It was a poor lie as most of the world had similar points of magic but the students seemed not to notice or atleast care as Duston began to speak.

"Well all magic is broken down into aspects. Like Fire, Water, Earth and Air. these are the four primary aspects with light and darkness being part of the core aspects but not part of the primary four aspects. It is said that these aspects are combined and make up the rest of the magic but the more pure the aspect is towards the primary four."

Nathan listened with some interest, though it was clear that he was somewhat annoyed.

"Mages are broken up into the ten tiers of power. Tier one are basic magics that are usually refereed to life magic. It's the most common and most people out of all mages can cast this tier. It's roughly around eighteen percent the population that can cast magic. It then goes up to about Tier three which all three of us could cast at. Though all three of us are no longer able to cast magic because of our bodies rejecting magic which is rather common among mages."

"If you are able to go through and keep casting magic, then you are one of the point one percent that is able to do so. The highest people have been able to reach is tier nine but it is said that once you reach tier ten you are at the same levels as gods themselves!"

As Duston finished the basic lesson, Nathan simply began to laugh, his hand pressing through his unkempt but strangely clean hair as he looked at them all.

"Well, interesting fantasy you have all learnt. Can I have a text book?"

His eyes staring at Kellan as he noticed the boy carrying around a tome.

The young man slowly handed over the expensive tome, which had cost him a small fortune as he had come from a small merchant family. This book having cost him several years worth of pocket money.

"Take all your knowledge and throw it away."

Nathan simply tossed the book off the cliff, Kellan letting out a strange cry between a walrus and a cat who had its tail stepped on.

"Why throw away years, decades of magical research. It's hard for us to trust you!"

The young fox girl spoke as her tail had become straight, hairs standing on end as a small cute hissing noise came from her young mouth.

"Tell me, how do you cast magic?" Nathan asked Duston

"Well, you first begin to pull mana into your staff or wand, then chant the words before the spell forms."

All three of them watched as Nathan simply stood up, his smile growing as he walked over to one of the few statues near the entrance back into the academy.

His hand came into contact of the metal as the entire statue began to boil, slowly turning into a mass of metal that hung in the air before splitting into two orbs.

One made of pure silver, the other made of the remaining mixed metals and impurity.

The silver ball began to expand before splitting into hundreds of smaller balls, eventually forming into chains that connected and shrank into three small necklaces that seemed to hum gently in the air as Nathan turned back to them.

"Chanting is useless, magic is not about speaking your demands. It's a give and take on the world as you are asking the world for power in exchange for respect, dedication and focus."

He slowly held out the three silver necklaces with a single intention. He was not going to turn them into Gods like he had for Auryn as it was not simply possible for them. He was going to do the next best thing.

"Will you join me?"


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