God of destruction
1 Prologue
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God of destruction
Author :Teraphoenix
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1 Prologue

Richard a young German university student running home to watch the newly arrived Tokyo ghoul manga which should have been delivered till today so he was hyped but as he ran over a street he got driven over by a car.

Once he opened his eyes again he didn't fell the pain anymore and just thought "am I now dead? well shit, I didn't think I do die this way so what now shouldn't I get reincarnated? well, I would also be fine with an eternal slumber, after all, I never had any real friend and I never really liked being around others I mean they were so boring I had to get myself some fun to my own home. "

*sigh* As he looked around he saw nothing except for darkness.

Richard tried to move but couldn't and as he looked down on himself again he couldn't see his body but he stayed calm,

As he waited for something to happen he started to lock at his own memories.

He started to smirk as he saw himself killing a person which was something like a rival to him which Richard didn't like or as he gave a homeless guy some money and always makes one of the nice guy but behind everyone's back he started torturing people or killing them as he saw the last part he started to laugh but he slowly grew numb to it.

But he didn't realize that someone has been watching him for a while in amusement and after a while, that someone called out

"So how long do you plan to let me wait for a young man?"

Richard was shocked and then saw who called out for him as he saw the one before him he asked respectfully.

"Who are you? I mean I can guess who you are but still and what do I do here? "

"Well I have been bored for ages and I thought that I what to relive some so I decided to reincarnate someone with a few wishes. So You get 5 wishes so what do you want?"

"Well, I want to be reincarnated in the world of Douluo Dalu A few months before Tang San is born as the son of Bibi Dong,

I want twin spirits based on death, chaos, destruction, and darkness."

"You know, spirit beasts with such affinities are quite rare."

"Yea I kinda expected it so, so I also want a spirit Pagoda with fitting spirit beasts for my spirits and inside the best-cultivating manuals you have I mean body tempering and cultivation, well as for the last I will keep it for now. So where do we start?"

"You are a funny one but well you know these manuals will be very painful so you will feel a constant pain once you start using them well it was your decision, just so you know you can't wish for it to not hurt anymore So enjoy your stay."

"I didn't expect this but well I guess I will have to deal with this I was already expecting something like this I mean the more pain I fell the more I can grow and now I realize in a way they can thank me for torturing them. But now this word will have to deal with me and if it needs a few thousand deaths to make me stronger then so be it."

After he said this he was thrown into the abyss while laughing hysterical.


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