God of destruction
2 Reincarnation
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God of destruction
Author :Teraphoenix
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2 Reincarnation


As he Richard regained consciousness he saw only darkness and guessed that he wasn't born yet, so he tried to enter his mindscape to go to the pagoda.

As he went Inside he saw a huge black Chinese style tower which seemed to be surrounded by I dark aura.

As Richard got near it he felt a huge amount of pain surging through his body but he kept going as he knew that this would be the way to power and godhood.

Once he reached the huge doors he tried to open the door but could barely move his arms and legs but as he touched the door he felt another wave of pain which knocked him unconscious.

After a few months, Bibi Dong was bearing a child as she screamed in pain an old man was standing by her side to see the little baby as it came out it started to scream.

"You fucking old man where is that shitty rapist of a father couldn't even get himself to come for my birth?!"

But everything that could be heard by them was a baby wine and thought that it was healthy, once Qian Daoliu saw this he went away without saying anything and left Bibi Dong alone.

She took him in her arms and said

"My little Richard I hope you won't go the wrong path as your bastard father and will be a good boy."

As she said this Richard already started making plans.

[First I will start training my body and will try to leave home as soon as possible as my spirits will be the cream de la cream so I will need space to expand, maybe I will also create an Organization?

What would be the name? well questions for the future I should focus on the Pagoda as I at the moment can't enter it seems that I will have to gain resistance against pain I can also imagine that the body tempering manual will be very painful]

But then he remembered that he laid in the arms of his mother and also swore that he will protect her with his life as she only shows pure love. @@


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