God of destruction
3 Growing up
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God of destruction
Author :Teraphoenix
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3 Growing up

After a short time, Richard started walking saying his first-word (which was mama if you wanna know) he had as a goal to make his mother happy.

That old man Qian Daoliu started to teach him about his god but Richard wasn't interested so he mostly ignored him or mocked his god which angered him and hit him.

His mother became from day to day more fond of Richard and loved him dearly because he had a very similar way through as her that she realized after only a year what she didn't know was that her son was a 24-year-old sociopath who enjoys seeing others in pain.

Richard tried entering the pagoda every night in his mindscape to get the manuals, to get stronger as he knew that he wasn't strong enough to survive on his own he also wants to reign over the world and the other realms, he might not be able to get into the Pagoda now but he didn't let go and tried every second he had time.

At the same time, he tried to persuade his mother to train him using weapons and combat training, to hide that he already knew many material arts styles as it would be suspicious that a two-year-old kid knows of highly advanced material arts moves.

She was unwilling and told him that she will once he turns 4 because she still wanted her little boy to stay with her and enjoy the time with his as she was highly fond of him as he rejected the teachings of the old man or ask questions that he can't answer without defining his god. Bibi was also very proud of him as he seemed to be highly intelligent and talented. But Richard had other plans he just wanted to get stronger at the moment so he trained by himself in different combat arts he learned in his past life but focused more on training his flexibility as it would help him a great deal in the future.


After two years on his 4th birthday his mother finally willingly started training him his father as always didn't care for him well I hope dies a painful death. First raping my mother and then not even caring for the child I wish could get a chance to make his death as pitiful as possible too sad I'm only a child well at least I get the chance to kill that bastard of an old man.

The next year Richard trained with his mother and made rapid progress in both hand to hand combat and fighting with a sword.

Bibi Dong was amazed at his talent he was learning stuff she needed years in just a few months nearly a year, to that came that one could already see that he is a very handsome young man (imagine a young boy with blonde hair and mesmerizing azure blue eyes).

Shortly after his fifth birthday, he was shadow boxing as his mother suddenly rushed up to him with a bright smile and grabbed Richard from behind to hug and laughed

"He is finally dead that damn bastard!"

"Mother why are you so happy and who is dead ?" Richard asked as he was quite curious that she was so happy as she was always a bit down and focused mostly on training.

"Qian Xunji is dead that bastard of a father"

Once he heard it he stood there for a second before he as well hugged her and yelled

"finally we are free!"

He had suppressed his growth and was a very aggressive person especially towards Richard.

So he was actually quite happy at the same time something broke inside of him but he didn't fell it.

They kept going for a few minutes but then they calmed down and Richard said in a serious tone

"Mother this is our chance once you become the supreme pontiff you need to take control over the whole spirit hall that even that old devil won't be able to do anything against us."

Bibi was shocked at those words and then looked at her son as she didn't expect this but she knew what he meant, she also had the feeling that the old man was always very wary of Richard and disliked her.

Shortly after she left, did Richard also go to his room and got back to his daily routine in the evening when shortly before he went to sleep he went inside his mindscape where was shocked by the sight the gates of the Pagoda had opened he didn't know why and how but he was happy as this should enable him to acquire the manuals faster.


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